1. The Source Of Truth Is The Self From The Father

My beloved brother, and all other beloved brethren who are currently reading these teachings of mine, that are being transmitted to you through this, my beloved brother, even as all my other equally beloved brethren, you shall have a chance to experience greater light compared with the one you have experienced to date while reading the description of my teachings in the Scripture called by you The Holy Scriptures, or The New Testament.

The truth and light of these Scriptures had great significance two thousand years ago when humanity had different conditions of living, conditions of great danger and violence. Now the time has come when humanity has a large variety of choices of their own free will as to what they might relish and show interest in and follow.

How can a man follow something having just one source in writing, which he has named The Bible, and he lays his trust in it merely because its truth has survived for two thousand years?

The truth has no time frame and bears no meaning in time if it is felt by man’s heart. And man’s heart equals man‘s inner voice that is understood more simply as his conscience, as the voice of his soul, as the voice of God, as the true measure of his fairness and morality that, on the highest level, discerns truth even though he does not yet perceive consciously, what is the truth.

To feel your own growth as well as that of your brethren, you must have greater written papers of truth and light that you can verify with your own inner voice, with the voice of your own soul. And this verification is live. It is the voice of God from within. That is why it must not be of importance to your inner voice whether this written source has already survived for two thousand years or if it has just appeared amongst you.

It is your own inner self that gives the solid confirmation of whether you have run into a greater light, or, on the contrary, this light suppresses you and distracts you from revealing yourself and blossoming in new colors of your own self.

Now I am beginning to transmit to you my new, and closer to the concept of the present-day development of your civilization, updated teachings that will raise each of you to a higher level that you need, a level higher than the one you might have experienced while perusing the so-called Holy Scriptures – The New and Old Testaments. And this portion of truth that you will receive from my teachings that I am passing through my beloved brother to you, is meant for your own development and for the expansion of your understanding both of my own person when I lived while in the flesh as Jesus of Nazareth and of the supreme divine reality of the person of the Father that I as well as you are within.

Each of us is within Him, and we cannot transcend Him. No creature can transcend the Creator however developed that creature might be and whatever desire to grow that creature might have.