28. A Colorful Ocean Of The Energy Vibrations Of The Creation

While on the mountain, and while all the time intensively thinking about my further activity among people, I was shown an expanded vision of the ocean of all such vibrations of the Divine and Universal Consciousness. How magnificently it was glistening in its various colors, in the colors of the light spectrum. Or as it seemed to me then that I was seeing a whole ocean of the rainbow colors in all creation. Everything was bathed in the gamut of light rays with its billions of shades and vibrating frequencies. It was similar to what you might produce with various laser beams or by computer graphic expression, trying to create such a space in which everything, absolutely everything, would be in motion and in different directions, so that at first sight it might seem to be in a chaotic motion the further away from the most brightly shining and even blinding center.

However, soon I noticed that those energy vibrations that were the most marvelous and of the brightest luminosity, embraced an ever larger part of the creation. But, the further away they were from the very center itself, the darker and more shadowed were the shades of those marvelous vibrations. And still, they were dominating and ever embracing everything. And nothing could surpass them in luminosity. Neither could anything escape beyond their boundaries. Someone could either distort those vibrations of splendidly blinding luminosity and whiteness, or even totally smear them, just like someone could spill black tar on a white shirt. But even in that case, that wonderful vibrating was beyond surpassing and it did not disappear in the general background of creation. Even though in some part of the creation there was a black patch of those low frequency vibrations of consciousness, and somewhere even changing the direction of its motion compared with those brightly shining vibrations, all the same no one could generate such vibrations that in the least could impact the luminosity of the whole that was so mighty and all-enveloping, so full of love and light that I did truly realize that everything, absolutely everything, being unable to resist them, surrendered to the influence and effect of these vibrations of the most powerful consciousness luminosity. And being unable to resist them because they had a living and invincible content of a living love rather than due to the fact they were so powerful. These vibrations contain the information of love. And it is the information of these vibrations that is capable of removing the tar patch out of the shirt of a remarkable whiteness.

Therefore the information of the energy vibrations of consciousness is changing their frequency, the quality of their vibration; their content. It is only the content that has an impact. It is only this living information that influences the color of these energy information vibrations. And all this is marvelously interwoven into the cloth of the unified system, but with such a variety of patterns of the sublime Absolute Consciousness.