47. Slavery Of The Soul

The distortion of my teaching – the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man – and now by some of my brethren it is being preached even as the brotherhood of all creation, not only of man, and that is true – has been caused by too-big an ego of some of you that did not allow the ego of their soul to manifest. That inner voice of man that wants everything for itself ever more, at any cost, enslaves its real self that the Father has bestowed upon each of you as the gift of personality.

And this gift can develop on, ever becoming more, even as the one the Father has supplied with all its potential of eternity, provided that its development is not impeded. However those who persecuted and killed me had their souls taken by their ego, not only in captivity, from which it was still possible to get liberated, but they were completely enslaved by their egos. One’s soul enslaved by one’s own animal self has no chance of escaping to freedom once it is kept enslaved all the time by the human mind that establishes the dead rituals and abides by the dead dogmas. These are the additional factors from without that strengthen the straying of this type of mind and take away the chance for delivery of the soul.

And this path is more comfortable to one’s mind but very dangerous to one‘s soul. One’s mind is glad to have scrupulously performed one more religious ritual and by this to have even earned more of God’s favor. And it falls asleep peacefully. Meanwhile the soul is crying for freedom. It is seeking a living manifestation that would not be restricted by any ritual. It desires a live communion with the Father, to be able to ever more replenish itself with His love vibrations, and while gliding in a free flight, to glorify the Father by good deeds and carry beauty to all.

And this conflicting situation is inescapable within those mortals who begin, at least to a little extent, to feel that merely the ritual itself is not enough for them. They feel emptiness and fear, they feel a lack of something within themselves. They cannot name that feeling precisely, they cannot describe it, but they know they feel it. Then to some of them a desire arises, even though weak, to commune with God even in that very church, synagogue, or mosque when there is no service in it, when there is tranquility in it. He goes there to be alone, by himself. And even without realizing it himself, he is communing with God. He is not praying in these ordinary prayers, he is not performing any rituals visual to one’s eyes. Just in a state of tranquility he is sitting or standing there and that is the environment in which the soul itself is talking with God. It can open up to God only when there is a peaceful environment, when a dead ritual does not disrupt that tranquility in which the soul can talk to God. The human mind might not even realize this. Most often this is exactly the case. However, after having been in this tranquility, man begins to sense the state of a deeper peace within. Even the most acute problems appear to be less painful. Insurmountable obstacles are not that big any more.

This is the way it is in reality. The soul receives this comfort and guidance from the Father so that even the problems are less painful and the obstacles do not look that big any more. But the human mind since one’s childhood has been unable to grasp this for it has not been accustomed to commune with the Father through one’s sincere opening up and conversations with Him in its peaceful state. Therefore, as the child grows he begins to turn away ever more from the dead rituals and dogmas of the church, since among the multitude his soul cannot experience peace and feel the joy of a free flight. It cannot relish in joy after the prayer service as having been more replenished with spiritual energy for such a free flight of the soul, to have felt in reality that it has turned into a more loving and more merciful soul who is more eager to live in truth.