44. There Are No Miracles

All these teachings of mine are devoted to you so that you would realize at least to a certain extent that I, even though being the Creator and Ruler of the Universe, together with my partner Mother Spirit of the Universe, while incarnated in the human flesh I was growing up as a human in an ordinary and average family, that had been carefully selected out of the multitude of the other families. Eventually, out of the final three families the choice of the young family of Joseph and Mary was personally made by Gabriel. During his appearance to Mary he made his first open announcement about the coming of greater light on this world. However, everything, and always, during various periods of my life transpired in a natural way. Even the fact that my life was accompanied by the episodes called by you as “miraculous healings” or any other supernatural things, were nothing else but a natural process in the developments, shortening the element of time, which is inherent to you. It is merely due to the fact that you are not aware of the causes of these actions or of the very process of the actions, even though you see the ultimate effect of that action process occurring within a moment, you call it a miracle. There are no miracles throughout the creation, and there cannot be any. There is just your ignorance as to how these things can happen. Therefore, my current presentation about myself might disillusion many of you, for you do desire to continue under the influence of the illusionary stories about me that have nothing in common with reality. To live on without thinking about anything deeper, for it has been written that way in the so-called Holy Scriptures and that it must be this way only and no other way. And it must be as much as it has been written there. It cannot be more.

To follow your distorted common sense I should have never been a little child, I should have never associated with the friends of my age, I should have never derived greater wisdom and knowledge from my association with my parents, my friends, with my teachers, for your New Testament does not write anything about it. And it is not allowed to add a word to it. Then you can arrive at the only conclusion that, from the born baby, I should have grown up miraculously without my childhood, without my meditations about God and about the environment. But I have already mentioned that I have arrived on this world for the purpose of experiencing all of a man’s life – from one’s birth to one’s death. I had to experience both my birth and my death; only not necessarily such a violent death.

I have a power to lay down my life and bring it back again. And this power has been granted to me by the Father of All. Therefore, had I chosen a human experience on some other world of my universe with a much higher level of civilization and spiritual development than yours, I would have experienced my death, the death of the material body, by merely passing through such a transformation when from my material human vehicle I get back, again, to my ordinary spiritual form that I am in at the moment while transmitting these teachings to you.

A violent death, in any manner, is evidence of a very low level of the spiritual vibrating in the soul of that individual, or of those mortals. Any spiritual development, even the slightest one, always, raises up these very lowest energy vibrations that are the cause of any act of violence to the higher frequency vibrations, and then it becomes merely impossible for that same man to perform an act of violence. Every spiritual vibration is generating an adequate effect. But it is only the low and very much material vibrations that completely dominate the human mind ego that produce the cause for the animal mind to resort to a violent action in relation to another person or even to one’s own person.

Throughout all creation there are no miracles. God is not a wonder-maker. He pours out His love throughout the creation, and uniformly to all.

And love, by manifesting itself, produces the principle of the cause, action, and consequence. Apart from love there is nothing else in creation. It is real and certain and you can also sense it, even now, while reading these teachings of mine. However, to sense it you also have to grow spiritually to reach these very vibrations of the Father’s love being radiated to you while their frequency is very high. And then you shall notice that this wonderful and new sensation produces within you a cause for an action of goodness and love for the benefit of all creation, for the benefit of all the people. And this will be evidence of the manifestation, action, and implementation of the principle of the cause-action-consequence of the law of love by a free will personal decision and action. And those who do not feel these high vibrations of the Father’s love being sent by Him cannot follow that very law of love, but the principle of the cause-action-consequence has its effect upon them all the same.

Therefore, the causation of their actions is the vibrations of a much lower frequency. Thus, the consequences of their actions also have the vibrations of a low frequency. They are painful. Only by raising your spiritual level, and by raising your own spiritual vibrations, you will also start looking upon all of creation with your spiritual eyesight. And then you shall really begin to comprehend that the principle of creation is inviolate.

Therefore, there are no miracles in it. There is only your poor understanding that you must expand.