97. The Impact Of Bribery

When any doctor or any official of a state institution takes a bribe, he believes he has not done anything bad since nobody has noticed his action. He may still remain pure and happy and wear his clean mask before his colleagues, before his children, wife or husband, before all people he encounters. He can even openly speak out against this vice which is destructive to the society. However, in reality, everything transpires in a different way.  

When a man just prepares to hint that he wants a bribe, already at that very moment, the high vibrations of peace within him, whatever confusion and worry his inner state might have been in till then, the higher vibrations turn immediately into energy vibrations of low frequency which are transmitted through the blood by a selfish human self, to each cell of the body, and these very vibrations spread out not only around this very person who has made his choice for taking a bribe, but also everywhere out into creation. And these vibrations are spread not only at the time of making the decision, but all the time, and they get-ever lower because mind is preoccupied, even on its sub-conscious level, with planning how to implement that decision so that this very person-body, who is led by this mind, would not be caught while performing this action, and it would be good if the bribe were as big as possible but not too big or else it would not be given at all. But the bigger the bribe the more pleasant it is to the selfish animal ego, to that self who is emitting these low vibrations.         

And each new step in this chain, each thought in the preparation of committing such a destructive-to-his-soul sin is lowering these vibrations ever more so that this person is incapable of normally assimilating even the food he partakes of. He feels anxiety. He desires that the designed moment of requesting the bribe would already be in the past. He begins to feel that he is scared by the thought, “and what if the one from whom he is going to request a bribe refuses to give it.” By this thinking his inner, and already unstable state is shaken up even more.    

Once these two persons meet together, the emission of low vibrations becomes more intense. And it influences both of them if the giver of the bribe agrees to give it. And his own vibrations, from previously higher, turn ever lower. And during the very transaction of giving the bribe, these low vibrations reach the lowest amplitude, top intensity, and have the greatest impact on both of them; on the one who is taking it and on the other one who is giving it. And it is absolutely irrelevant that this tension drops after the performance of the very action. The low vibrations do not disappear; they are being emitted by these two persons wherever they go; to those with whom they associate. They radiate them, from their sub-consciousness, even during their sleep. Therefore, they can also erupt in the visions of a sleeping person’s dreams. It shows that even in one’s sub-consciousness they have intensified because they might have been provoked by some thought or by some sight, or by some word.       

And this spreading of low vibrations does not cease until this person makes such decisions that correspond to higher and brighter vibrations and performs the sort of actions that match these higher vibrations. Therefore, if this person continues to walk on the path of bribery these low vibrations go down even lower and turn even more intensive, but the briber does not feel the embarrassment he was feeling at the moment of his very first bribe. He, like a drug-addict, gets accustomed to a dosage of these low vibrations and they no longer confuse his inner self. But that is an enormous mistake. The low vibrations have already started their destructive job in the brain and it stops sending the signal of anxiety to the central nerve system so that man would begin to experience embarrassment and feel anxiety over his decision. He does not receive this type of a signal unless the bribe is increased or the very circumstances change so that he would again begin to worry if it will go well this time, since everything will have to be different. 

Bribing is nothing but bribe-addiction of the mind of one’s fake self. One calms down only after having received a new dose while, one feels anxiety when nobody gives a new dose. Then, one begins to feel within, anxiety, begins to wander, to feel uncertainty for one’s future wellbeing, for one’s inability to match the material wealth standards dictated by the vibrations of one’s own mind and by other minds controlled by similar vibrations.  

And due to these ever lower vibrations within oneself which are emitted from oneself out, the human cells, that have been designed by the Father and me to act as healthy and without any conditions of stress, after some time, begin to feel the lower vibrations of anxiety of the person, even on a subconscious level, and they experience stress, a tension that makes the normal operation of each cell much more difficult. They do not know bribes. They just react to the ambience. And the briber, both the one who is permanently giving bribes and the one who is permanently taking them, cannot fully assimilate even the nutritious substances of any food which the briber eats. The cells cease to have a normal environment to operate within and they even stop receiving a normal nutrition since their performance is influenced by the conditions of stress that are produced by the central nerve system. Therefore, after some time, the cells cannot resist this stress and begin to degenerate. Their functioning gets disrupted. Illnesses begin. All the illnesses have one and the same matrix – the broken-down operation of the central nerve system that is very favorable soil for spreading even the most innocent of viruses causing a cold or the flu.     

However, it is only the top of an iceberg. This emission of low vibrations is spread by the briber everywhere, all around. And wherever he is, more often or longer, by his low electromagnetic vibrations, he can disrupt the balance of other people so that they might become more nervous, even less resistant to illnesses; especially such people who live together with him; and particularly little children who are especially opened up to the impact of any vibrations – of a high and low frequency.

Therefore, a briber, by believing that he has satisfied his interest and solved his problem at the moment of taking the bribe, does not even comprehend that he has just wound up the very initial circle of the problem while the problem itself will only have ever more intensive and growing impact on a great many people, and especially on those closest to him with whom he lives, and particularly on his little children.    

I have already told you that the whole of creation is an interrelated and well operating system which is governed by the law of the Father’s love, based on the principle of cause-action-consequence. Therefore, it is only natural that even when a person who has taken or given a bribe and has not been caught, all the same, by his low energy vibrations is breaking the law of the high vibrations of the Father’s love, the creation law which does not provide for selfishness. And because of this selfish act of a mortal, the consequences have to be borne by all the elements present in that system. The vibrations are spreading to absolutely all, even to the animals and plants. And man does not feel this impact to the measure that he might notice it and perceive its causes. It would be similar to this comparison: as you cast a pebble into a lake, has all the water of the lake moved due to the ripples produced by the pebble that fell into the water? Of course, not, but these vibrations have passed through all the volume of the lake water by a chain of ever diminishing strength. Yet every molecule of the lake water has been impacted by this strike. But neither your eye not the most sophisticated equipment of yours shall manage to register these vibrations. You well know the law of Archemedes: when an object is submerged into water it displaces the same amount of water as the volume of the thing submerged. Therefore, even the smallest pebble has its impact on the whole of the water body of the lake.          

The low vibrations of a briber also impact the whole of the environment, and even the whole of creation. And the closer and more often the briber is contacted by another man, the greater is this impact. 

Therefore, the time has come in which you must also take a more attentive look upon the mutual interrelationships within all of creation, and upon the mutual influence which you also have on both yourself, since your living body is not isolated from the whole of creation, but is exactly the same living system, and which reacts to the vibration system of the whole of creation, and on others around you, and even on the whole of creation. And once you, personally, or someone else in your family, fall ill or you have some hard, and difficult-to-explain feelings within yourself, then ponder over the impact of your life decisions, as well as upon the actions they produce, and you are just emitting low energy vibrations.    

Bribery, or any other vice, which does not fit a son or daughter of the Father, has an influence on  the condition of the physical health of society.
It is similar to this situation; if you were all the time amongst those who are shouting, swearing aloud, and fist fighting, soon you would begin to feel weakness within your own self, a physical fatigue, and you would desire to leave that venue as quickly as possible. Your whole nervous system would resist this abnormal situation that you are witnessing.

Meanwhile, low frequency vibrations, that are unseen by your eyes, but rather are felt by your soul very strongly, are even more destructive and harmful than the low vibrations produced by the episode I have just mentioned above. These invisible low vibrations are harmful to the cell activity of your physical vehicle and therefore produce disruptions and illnesses on a physical level, and they also dangerously influence even your soul. It is ever more difficult for it to stretch out for the Father’s love and light, since your own self, governed by your low vibrations, immediately suppresses any desire of the soul to see light and radiate love, because such a desire of the soul right away produces a big obstacle to implementing your selfish interests.  

Therefore, very often, man attempts to suppress the pure voice of the soul within by artificial means – alcohol, drugs, and debauchery. And he does it merely to justify his own actions, since man’s mind, having been affected from without, cannot allow his soul to knock on it by its pure voice. Thus, the soul encounters additional obstacles: not only bribery, but also an intensive drowning of the real and true self of the briber by his ever new outer actions, so that he would not have to stay alone and talk sincerely with himself. Then, he is looking for the people who pursue similar interests, who also follow the interests of their own ego. They calm themselves down by holding rich parties, by demonstrating to each other their outer shining, and the environment within which this glitter might attract the eyes of their brethren with a similar ego, and receive a pleasing assessment from them. And these brethren of mine, apart from this similar glitter from without, have one more similarity which is within – they avoid and fear a sincere conversation, not only with me or with the Father, but also with their own conscience, with their soul, with their true self, that might open up and open the eyes of their fake and animal self. And to prevent this from happening, these brethren of yours, and of mine, resort to energetic activity so that they can submerge exclusively into it and have no time to settle a score with their own self, whose true, sincere, and quiet self of the soul, filled only with the Father’s love, is not seen, due to the outer glitter of the animal and fake self.