63. Life Is A Meaningful Game Rather Than Idling Entertainment

Modern times distract man’s mind much more by various temptations. Therefore it is very difficult for it to get focused and quiet so that it can really become the one that it truly is in reality – looking into everything profoundly rather than superficially.

Now you are digging a pit for your own undoing by turning your whole life into the anguish of idle entertainment, rather than turning it into a meaningful game that is being played by all creation under the Father. You are not an exception either. All of humanity on the planet is involved in this very meaningful game of the Father’s creation – to grow in one‘s character, in His love and truth by one’s daily deeds for the benefit of all.

Those of you who have started to take a more profound look, do see very well how much the present trend of the world community development and the attitude of the meaningful game, I have just mentioned, crosses each other. You do not play it but rather entertain yourselves. Even while doing a hard and truly sophisticated job, you do not dedicate it to your service to the Father. Therefore, you get tired and cannot concentrate your efforts for long on such necessary things as generating thoughts of creating a better life, and of implementing them. At the moment, you are merely the sum total of separate individuals, alien to each other, individuals having no united and living link that would turn you among yourselves, into brothers and sisters.     

It is due to this alienation that you have turned your life into entertainment only. Each one is waging a war against each other, and against oneself, just to meet the endless desires and strivings of your ego at any cost. It is just this manner of living that is ever enveloping your soul into a web that you do not clean away, and you do not even notice altogether that it has appeared. 

Therefore you are seeking to benefit yourselves at the expense of others, irrespective of whatever the cost might be to their health or even their lives, and at the same time, at the cost of your own life. You have turned each other into slaves of the new age, and have started assessing each other only by one’s outer appearance, by whom one associates with, what one’s status is, how much one earns, what material wealth one possesses, and what an impact one has on others due to their accumulated wealth and status. You even have the saying – “the first million is always unfair.” And with this saying, you attempt to justify your own actions. But how can this million appear by a fair service? Your separate groups impose their rules of the game, even of this very entertainment that currently comprises your life that you are not leading meaningfully, and with the Father on the whole, at the cost of annihilation. You have launched a multitude of legally operated gambling and entertainment institutions – restaurants, casinos, and in some places there is even a legal operation of the public houses abasing women.

You do not understand what you are doing to yourselves. All this slavery of the passions of mind needs slaves, or else it shall go bankrupt; and those millions, that at the present time pour into the hands of a small group of people, shall also disappear. Therefore, you begin to command others, because you have more money, and you buy everything as to what and where you desire to build, and when and in what manner you want to recruit new slaves into this slavery of entertainment. And for this you have designed such lessons at school as the rudiments of economics. You start teaching your children at a young age, how to count money into their own pockets, how to accumulate and increase it so that it would be better for those little ones you teach. By stuffing their minds with these instructions unnecessary for them, on dead economic issues invented by you, while keeping silent about their living soul, you are annihilating the soul of those little ones that are at the point of blooming out. In the very same manner you are scared to open up your own eyes because the church is also playing with you speaking out the right words, just for the sake of appearances rather than believing in them.                 

Thus you do not have the spiritual leaders who would help you get on the right track while in your slavery within the present-day economy, politics, moral decadence, alienation of society, violence, and striving for the possession of the material wealth.

You all contribute to keeping up corruption since you all tacitly make use of it if it is just profitable to your own interest. If it impedes your own personal interest, you start crying out. But this makes the very roots of corruption even stronger, because it begins to mislead others, for they believe that each one crying aloud is a pure and fair champion against corruption. Your entire medical system also contributes to the strengthening of corruption, and some of you see this but nevertheless, get reconciled to it.   

Your politics is at a dead end for it does not comprehend the crucial thing – the serving, out of love for the Father, all the community rather than separate parties and economic groups.

Your system of education does not remind even remotely of that pure teaching that is necessary for the soul of a child, that would strengthen and elevate the child from within, to strive for goodness to all, rather than for the knowledge on how to adapt to these detrimental conditions that have been set up by those more active yet lacking wisdom.  

These rules of the detrimental game are being enforced upon you, and you are sticking to them even though you resist them from within and violate them when others do not see it; even these very traffic regulations which you are changing and still breaking. Do you realize that rules become meaningless if they are being broken by a larger part of your brethren? All the laws lose their meaning if they are not adhered to. And you do produce such laws that do not make your life easier but rather on the contrary, they make it ever more difficult, so that man, having a desire to make it easier, by pleasing his ego, looks for different ways of breaking them. And he does find these ways. And by this action, the whole society is degraded. It is demoralized no to mention losing its spirit, because of the fact that what has been agreed upon by the representatives you have elected and who, according to the rules designed by some of you, are empowered by you to adopt laws, is being violated every day.      

But where what has been agreed upon is being violated, the spirit cannot bloom out there, because the spirit is the gift of the Father’s love. And love does not recognize deception. Your entire so-called economy is based on what has no leading of God. This sort of economy shall not survive for long for it violates the principal law of love that is valid throughout creation. And you are also an indivisible part of creation. You are not granted any exceptions to the effect that this only law of love would cease operating on your world. 

The evidence that the law of love in creation is real and live is also provided by the living and daily acts of some of you who are devoted to the Father and who love Him and their brethren. All my brethren who fairly and honestly work even under the conditions of the slavery of this age, who keep me and the Father in mind with love, who do good to others even where others see nothing but folly, it is they who do follow the law of the Father’s love. It is the Father’s love that enables them to respond to evil with goodness and to continue growing in the Father’s love and truth. It is only these brethren of yours that are the salt of life, of the meaningful game of living. It is due to them that you feel the taste of your own life once you begin to ponder it. And it is for them that I am giving this fairly lengthy teaching of mine so that they could become stronger and continue to grow still more resolutely, and walk on this path of the Father, leading to Him more steadfastly, so that while reading it they would feel within their own soul that the Father does hear them rather than leaves them unnoticed and unseen, with their actions being unnecessary to anyone, and themselves being helpless and abandoned.