2. Why Are These Teachings Revealed?

Right from the very beginning I want to explain to you, my beloved brethren, as to why I have undertaken this task of transmitting these teachings through my beloved brother.

I have transmitted my teachings through my beloved sister who lives in Africa, and these teachings have been named Christ’s Letters. This brother in spirit, who is currently receiving these teachings of mine got acquainted with them. I am also giving them to him so that you who are not yet able to directly commune with me might also read them.

Christ’s Letters were transmitted through my beloved sister in English so that it would be easier to translate them into other world languages to spread them all over the world. Your brother in spirit who is taking down these teachings of mine, having read Christ’s Letters, felt an ever-growing desire to translate them into his native tongue. He has been directly communing with me for many a year and receiving teachings from me the way my beloved sister recorded my teachings and named them as Christ’s Letters.

Once he addressed the spirit of the Father for assistance, the spirit of the Father that also indwells each of you and which each of you can also establish a direct communion. He was asking the Father for help in translating Christ’s Letters into his native language. And then an idea struck his mind to record Christ’s Letters directly in communion with me rather than to translate them. The Father has approved of this idea and let everything proceed according to our mutual agreement.

This decision of my brother in spirit was exactly what the Father wished and I desired, and for which my brother in spirit had been prepared during many a year to take up. That is why I am happy about such a decision of my brother in spirit, and I have accepted his offer with pleasure to pass on to you, my dears, such a teaching that corresponds to the teaching transmitted through my beloved sister in spirit in Africa in English and titled Christ’s Letters. But, this is not the translation of Christ’s Letters into the Lithuanian language. Neither is it their retelling in your native language. It is my teaching to you who read it in Lithuanian. Irrespective of the mortal‘s nationality who is reading it. Irrespective of one‘s religion. Irrespective of what race one is a child of. These teachings are meant for all those who desire to grow in spirit even beyond the limit of their imagination. In reality this growth is endless.

One‘s spiritual growth is infinite. It is eternal. As equally infinite and endless is the knowing of all the creation. It is only you, each of you, making up the limitations of your own growth – if you tell your own selves that you do not want to grow any more, that it is enough for you, it is this that makes up the major obstacle and the principal limitation to your personal growth. There is no other force in all of Creation for your personal spiritual growth and to the growth of your personal knowledge of the creation apart from your personal will.