114. Verification Of Spiritual Teaching By One’s Experience

It is necessary for you to understand one of the most important things – never believe anything just because it is said by your friend or a teacher if you cannot feel this teaching with your opened soul. You must know that no spiritual teacher of yours will ever tell you that part of truth which would be unacceptable to your soul. If that part of truth which you hear from your spiritual teacher is acceptable to your opened soul, in this case this spiritual teacher is providing you with that part of the whole spiritual teaching which matches the stage of your soul development.

If your sincerely opened soul opposes something in this spiritual teaching, it means that this teaching is either too deep or already too shallow for your soul. In either case it will not feel a profound bliss because of the fact that it does experience what it hears or reads, to support this teaching, but rather it will feel anxiety and even resistance to this teaching, in one case, or it will notice that most likely it has also already experienced this part of the teaching some time before, in the other case. However, there are quite a few common spiritual points in each spiritual teaching any way. Thus, it is most valuable to mark these common points while those things which split apart in this or that spiritual teaching must be left until a new spiritual teacher appears on your path to explain them.     

Therefore never be hasty to categorically reject any spiritual teaching just because it does not correspond to your current outlook. However, in order to be able to find at least some peace within yourselves and explain the teaching to others, try to assess all teachings by one and the same measure – whether it corresponds to the law of the Father’s love which never coerces anyone, which never intimidates anyone but rather spreads goodness and urges all to make a decision of one’s own free will to march to a loving Father who does not punish or torment anyone, to eternity which is real rather than an invented illusion.    

And take into account the fact that it is possible to experience a living spiritual teaching, and by this, to verify how much it is applicable in one’s daily living. Even in your present life span you can experience, truly experience it, as to how much better your life will be after your resurrection from the sleep which you call a material death. Once you begin to keep a live communion with the Father discovered within you by ever more opening up to Him, your true self, through an ever-getting-stronger soul, begins to feel bliss and a powerful desire to fuse with the Father ever more, to submit itself to the Father in doing only good deeds to all. Thus this sensation is a foretasting of the post-mortal life, what a blissful life will be after your resurrection. And no two souls can experience this bliss in a similar way. Each of them will have a different experience because their bond with the Father is different and their sensation is different. However, even the soul cannot explain to itself how pleasant this sensation is because the present means of expression are not sufficient to render it. But experience reveals much more than any other means can convey even to this very soul.  

It is then that it is possible to experience the correctness of that very spiritual teaching which explains about the Father and one’s eternal life with Him, within Him, and experiencing Him within oneself, as much as today, man is capable of verifying it while looking even into his own future after his resurrection, not to mention those parts of the teaching which speak about the current daily life experiences which are available to each one who follows this teaching.  

I explain it to you for one more reason, namely that you might assess by yourselves what level of a spiritual teaching your soul desires, what it strives for, how much it is liberated from being controlled by the material, mortal mind, and how much influence it has, by its superior mind, on the decisions and actions of the current material mind of its lower mortal self.   

Learning and teaching are always a joyful and blissful process for the soul. It is never wearing even though it requires the use of energy and personal efforts. Teaching is always directed to enriching one’s own self for the benefit of the whole and, at the same time, for the benefit of this very individual, for it is only an individual who becomes richer that can better reveal himself or herself to the Father and commune with Him out of love rather than out of fear.  

Therefore, my teaching is also meant for you to get enriched and to begin to feel the Father’s love that pierces everything and all. And it is only while experiencing these very vibrations of the Father’s love that you, each of you, also get richer. You get enriched in His love so much that you start sharing it with others, for such is the true influence on your soul of this spiritual and eternal wealth of love – to make your other brethren also richer by sharing it; and not only around you but also throughout the whole of creation. Therefore, I teach you that this relationship of brotherhood can also be experienced. And this experience also brings you closer to each other through the Father’s love which is experienced by the opened souls.    

By my teaching I do not hide anything from you. I just call on you and urge you to taste it so that you would begin to feel the taste of that which my teaching speaks.