82. Low Vibrations Are Harmful To All

Too great an expansion of the cities sets up a multitude of concentrated venues that are dominated by animal vices and even dooms all the inhabitants to live in the atmosphere of alienation, fear, and isolation rather than in the environment of a mutual association, as the cities ever more install bullet-proof windows, as the number of gambling spots ever increases so that even special cities are built up for that purpose; this merely enlarges the environment of low vibrations that do not disappear. They spread out into the environment and attract similar vibrations from other men, women, and children enslaved by their own animal ego.

Any structures of force such as the police and army as well as political parties, parliaments, governments, kings, queens, shamans, astrologers, and all those who strive for the selfish goals of an individual, or of a group, or of a state, have their own impact on spreading these low vibrations. All this is ripping up a concordant and harmonious, interrelated ornament, picture, and model of the soul vibrations being sent by the noble children of God who are colored with the Father’s love, and tinged with their own experience.

And each bad thought, however unclear, opaque, and incomprehensible it might be, makes its own contribution to ripping up this concordant and harmonious whole. All the same it has its own negative impact on the overall picture of goodness and love. Therefore, you must clearly understand that all your thoughts have an impact on all others whom you cannot even know altogether.

To make it clearer for you, envision entering a room full of light and you are enjoying this light. You are enjoying the pictures hanging on the walls and the furniture made so creatively and uniquely, and so splendidly fitting the room. But as you have not yet managed to relish the joy of the sight, someone, being physically blind, has come up close to a light switch, installed on the floor level, and stepped on it. Moreover, this person had no idea of having stepped on the light switch. And seeing no light, this person has not felt that it has gone out in the room altogether and that no one else can see anything either.

It is exactly the same with a spiritual light. If you, being completely blind spiritually, are permanently knitting such thoughts that are full of anger, bad thoughts, without even realizing that you are standing on the switch of a spiritual light by such thoughts, you are diminishing ever more the diffusion of this light even to those who are on that spiritual path and who are enjoying its beauty. You must realize that your bad inner self is spreading out not only by your thoughts but also by the deeds produced by these thoughts, and the deeds can be felt quicker by a greater number of men. Spiritual vibrations can be felt consciously, only by those who are more opened to higher vibrations. But even those who cannot feel these vibrations consciously, their sub-consciousness feels them. If two people stay in one room without talking to each other, after some time the one who is more sensitive will begin to feel within himself some hard feeling, even sickness, without understanding it, if the other man in the room has a revengeful and angry character. The vibrations of man’s thoughts spread out into the environment. And if that man begins to talk, his low vibrations will be expressed through the vibrations of his word symbols that would be the audio representation of what he thinks, what he desires, and what, and in what manner, he values. And his words will be based on elevating his own self while belittling others. You can test it by yourselves.       

That is why it is necessary, for each of you, to be born of the spirit so that these low vibrations would not have so much of an impact on you the way they have on those who are not yet born of the spirit. Therefore, being unable to explain the cause, you call such people who spread low vibrations and disrupt a normal field of energy vibrations of other people, energy vampires. The struggle against them is one’s discovery of the Father within and one’s replenishing with the Father’s love vibrations. 

Therefore, any activity leading to meeting the selfish interests, either of one person or of a group of persons, rather than merely satisfying the interests of spreading the Father’s love for the benefit of the whole, is a whimsical activity of an immature and unspiritual child that must be abandoned if there is a true desire to solve the current problems of humanity.