131. The Mode Of Living And The Diet

You deviate from the path of the Father’s love so much that when you again have a desire to walk on it, you will have to make changes in all the spheres of your life starting with your personal faith and ending with politics, economy, education, family, and mutual relationships. And these changes will be really shocking to many of you. However, it is only these changes that can save you from destruction which is impending over you because of your unwise actions and living against the will of the Father.

My teaching is meant for those who desire to seek changes for the benefit of the Father’s creation, for the benefit of humanity, for the benefit of the whole, and at the same time for one’s own benefit rather than for selfish purposes. Therefore, I point out to them the direction they must follow. Till now they did not know which direction to go, therefore they had walked the way they had been led by their most active brethren, and at the same time the most selfish ones. However, this direction is destructive. And it is felt by many. They just cannot understand what must be changed so that the whole system would start to live in a different way. That is why my teaching is meant particularly for those who desire to know what must be changed and how this change must be achieved.   

But I cannot make this change for you. It is you who are those omnipotent in this field and who are capable of doing it. You are the only ones of this sort. Even the Father cannot do it for you. 

The time has come for very serious decisions. The direction of the development of the whole of humanity depends upon your agreement to make a decision of your free will as soon as possible; already now. Whether you will continue to float as an inert mass, which does not have any desire to change anything, because it also sees only a similar sluggish mass around it, all this depends upon your personal and independent decision and upon the implementation of this decision. Even though the decision is made by only one human his decision shall impact all; the whole of humanity. Therefore, do not think that you are such who cannot change anything. You can. Only turn to the Father within each of you and your life will be transformed from suffering and pain to bliss and peace. And it is then that you will experience that you have become the mighty children of the Father who can overthrow mountains together with the Father.

And then your hand will not rise any longer to harm your brethren by destroying them with chemicals, which you spray into the soil or give to animals so that subsequently they would be consumed by your brethren while eating bread or meat, vegetables or fish. However, there is even a more horrible thing, when by this way of contaminating plants and animals you also contaminate yourselves. You do all this out of your covetousness. Therefore, the vibrations of your soul, being higher and shorter, cannot break through the low and long vibrations which are radiated by your selfish and animal self. It means that you go to your animals and into your field just out of selfishness rather than out of love, and while surveying the growing crops you see the growing money, and you even look at your animals without love but only with a tinge of benefit for yourselves. And the animal, even as the plant, does not receive from you the true vibrations of love which the soul desires to radiate while receiving them from the Father. And by contaminating the fields and animals with chemicals, you do not receive from them the reflection of natural vibrations of the Father’s love either when you walk in the fields or to the herds of your animals. You walk through them and these vibrations are being emitted in a distorted way. And it is you who have distorted them, and it is neither the fields nor the animals that have made them as such, but you. It resembles a dusty window through which you cannot see a clear view any longer. In addition to this, you also wear glasses which have not been cleaned well. Thus the sight is even less clear. And the only way to see this dirty sight clearly is to take off the glasses and altogether open the dirty window so that you could begin to feel a pure and living relationship with the ambience without any artificial interference.

And to achieve this, it is necessary to have a live relationship with the Father. It is only thanks to Him, thanks to His love vibrations being experienced by you that you will cure yourselves of the disease of covetousness. And you will clean yourselves of the inner pollutants, to be able to get a look with your opened soul at your wonderful fields and nice herds which will gladden your soul because all this is raised with the Father’s love and out of love for your brethren. And once you begin to feel this soul quiver, it is hardly possible that your hand will rise to take away life from these animals which will have been cared for with such love, and with such love not only for the animals but also for the whole environment. And the environment will pay you back with these same vibrations of the Father’s love as it can pay back so naturally, without any artificiality.

And you will not raise the herds to butcher them, but rather to keep them in order to gladden both you and those who will visit you, because they will grow healthy and strong. And only the old herds and those animals which will die naturally will be used for the food of those of your brethren who will not yet have given up meat. And the meat of these animals, raised in love, shall be tastier and softer than the meat of the youngest calves and lambs consumed by you now. However, with time, the number of such people who still will use meat or fish will ever go down. And the need to keep herds or other animals for food will disappear. Then they shall be kept for using them on the farm and to sustain the beauty of nature in order to gladden one’s soul.