119. Give Up Avoiding Decisions

And all this is done throughout creation under conditions of sincere and loving cooperation rather than under conditions of tension and stress.

Since mistakes are inevitable, thus after having made them, you do not get upset the way you do on this world, but rather you make the second, or the third, or even the fourth attempt at solving that task. You stop avoiding to solve a task if you have failed to tackle it right away. You do not put off the implementation of the hard decisions which you are constantly doing today.  

Your avoidance of tackling ordinary daily tasks wears you out and degrades you and at the same time even leads you to irresolution, diffidence in your own power, and to the strengthening of a bad habit – to put everything off for the future. However, you must realize that the future has new decisions in store for you which must be based on the implementation of the decisions of today. Just by constantly putting decisions off, you delay your own personal development.

Envision what would happen, if at least for a moment, the Father would decide to put off sending His love to you and to the whole of creation.

Creation would cease to exist at that very moment since it all is grounded exclusively on the energy of love vibrations emitted by the Father. And if only for a moment its flow were stopped, even though this is a crude example, it will give you a fairly good example: If in the space which you see above, you were to watch a countless number of aircraft flying in a file at a supersonic speed and suddenly, the very first aircraft stops just for a moment. What would happen with all the countless aircraft in the file? Even the very last plane which will be thousands of miles away from the first one shall experience the same tragic fate of the second aircraft which inevitably shall crash into the first one standing still. Of course, this example is evidently not the one which you would be able to imagine because the aircraft being drawn by the earth’s gravity shall plummet down to earth. But I give you this example so that you might try to perceive such a file of the aircraft where the first one stops and does not fall down, which is a hypothetical example even as is this very assertion that the Father would cease at least for a single moment the pouring out of His love to the whole of creation.  

By this, I desire to tell you that the Father teaches us all not to put off anything for the next moment which we must do at this moment, and we teach you that you would make your decisions without postponing them just because making a decision is unpleasant for you or wearing you out. If you have some doubts about something, you may also ask the Father, counsel with Him how to make a better decision which would correspond to the Father’s will and would be for the benefit of the whole. But by no means try to avoid it. Avoidance is not a means of your growth. The means of your growth are decisions and their implementation for the benefit of the whole. Your growth is personal, your decisions are personal, their implementation is collective or personal, and the fruits are also always collective and personal.