49. Communion With The Father

The time has come to hear my words without any distortions and admixtures which not only distort the luminosity and peacefulness of my teachings, but even destroy them altogether. That is why I say to you that the time has come for you to start the search of the Father within your own selves rather than within the present-day dead rituals of the church.

A living spirit of a living Father lives within you. It is this spirit that leads you to church. However, He does not receive room for His live blooming out and for revealing your own self because nobody is explaining to you how He might bloom out within your soul so that your soul might feel this wonderful and living fragment of the Father. Now I am telling you that in church you must not follow the dead rituals and preach the dead dogma but rather you must begin to open up in all your sincerity, to the Father who is within you. But you will do that even better in a peaceful environment where you will not be disturbed. You may find this peaceful ambience anywhere and at any time. And then in peace, but very sincerely, pray in your own words. Have the communion with the Father as with the best friend to whom you may relate all your secrets. And then stay for a few minutes without saying a word. It is in this state of one’s opening up that one’s soul is opened up by itself to the teaching of the Father’s spirit that is being permanently provided to you. Only it is not that simple to hear this teaching. One’s soul must be very much at peace and opened up to the very depth of its sincerity. Only such a soul can hear what the Father’s fragment, Father’s spirit, is saying.

And it is this opening up and association of each of you with the Father that is the communion, a live communion. It is this gift that the Father needs, but by no means a sacrifice. And it is this gift that surpasses any sacrifice that a mortal can ever envision. It is this gift that is living, therefore it has a real impact not only on the Father but also on the man himself who is participating in this communion with the Father and who is feeling the Father in his own soul. It is this communion that I came to this world for; to show you the direction to the Father, to explain to you the reality of that path to the Father through opening up your heart by means of faith, a living faith, instead of the dead rituals and sacrifices.

My life among you was really such that I showed you the path and I became that path to you myself. Therefore, you may call me the Deliverer, but by no means a redeemer. I have delivered you from the slavery of prejudice. But it is you who have rejected the path I have shown you; even my closest apostles. And the most loyal disciple of mine, the leader of the apostles of John the Baptist, had even to leave for Philadelphia because of the quarrels with Peter and Paul. He was rejected by his brethren for remaining loyal to preaching my gospel. It is because of this that even his name has not been mentioned in the gospels. The name of that disciple of mine who while even being alone was carrying on my light undistorted. Unfortunately, the endeavors of that one were too insignificant when all the institution of the church of Rome took efforts to turn my religion into a business with grand edifices, expensive embellishments, golden articles, extravagant clothing, and, what is most upsetting, with the dead rituals without my light and life.

I have said to you two thousand years ago that I am that good shepherd who enters a sheepfold only through its unlocked door. I am that good shepherd who goes to look even for one lost sheep. I am that shepherd who will even sacrifice his life to keep his sheep safe. I am that good shepherd whose voice is recognized by my sheep. I am that shepherd who has his sheep in the other sheepfolds. Now that a material level of your civilization has marched forward beyond comparison, I may tell you that my mission in the human flesh has also been devoted to my sheep from the other sheepfolds. At that time I could not speak openly to my disciples that there were also other planets inhabited by people.

And people on those worlds were receiving information on the progress of my mission. And among the multitude of the worlds inhabited by people there are such worlds that have achieved a much higher development than that of your world – both materially and spiritually. And my mission has been understood by these worlds much better than it has been understood by the people of your world even though it has transpired among your ancestors of former generations in ancient times. If those mortals, from the more civilized planets were moved to your planet their reaction to all your daily living and your relationship with God would be very much similar to that of yours in relation to those tribes who live in the jungle and who do not keep any relations with an outside world. Even as you would see the primitivity of such tribes so your primitive bond with God would also be unacceptable to the more developed mortals and it would even cause their sympathy for you as to why you punish yourselves this way and do not desire a living relationship with the Father, replacing it by the performance of the rituals only.

There might be only two rituals in your life. And they are both live. One ritual is your living communion with the Father. The other ritual is your personal service with love and out of love for the Father. There may be no other rituals, and whatever other rituals might be invented they shall never transcend these two living, rituals. And it is the adherence to these two rituals that will give you a wonderful sensation – a living bond with the Father, and that will be your reward, a reward by the Father for your sincere and steadfast efforts. And again you will feel this reward in a similar way as you feel your love for the person who is the dearest to you. That will be your living reward through your inner sensation.