26. The Vision Of The Creation Shown To Me

On the mountain I was shown even a more remarkable vision. I saw that the whole creation was enveloped in the marvelous love vibrations emanating from the center of the very Absolute Consciousness. I saw them all in the beautiful colorful shades that my material eyes had never seen before anywhere. That was such a vision of joy and bliss that my soul was moved from within. I started weeping. I was sensing not only the state of bliss but also an incredible gratitude to My Father, and the Father of all. Gratitude for being able, thanks to the Father, to descend to the form I was in, to experience such wonderful joys and pains that the creature of that lower consciousness experienced. It was such an outstanding experience, such a marvelous expression of the Father‘s love, that I fell down on the ground and burst into tears. I was weeping out of my gratitude to the Father for those experiences that no other spirit could experience had they not been incarnated in the human flesh.

And in what way then could I relate this state of mine even to the high-ranking spirits who had not experienced it by themselves? I kept repeating: “My most beloved Father, thank you for all these unique and dear to me experiences, I love you so much that I desire to submit myself to you out of love, and serve you. I am ready to continue to reveal you to my creatures, my brothers and sisters in spirit, up to the very last moment in this form.“

Soon I was shown even a more majestic vision. I saw that the whole environment, all of nature, everything in existence, was in a wonderful state of motion. And that state, invisible, imperceptible to material eyes, was the expression of the information vibrations of the lower level consciousness that was actually providing forms and states to the things of the so-called animate and inanimate nature. And all this was in motion. And it was moving, not chaotically, but in a certain order. It was due to this that different forms and states were in existence. Even seemingly a chaotic movement to our eyes abided by certain laws, and by this made up a certain order. And all those forms and states, per se, were maintained by the energy information vibrations of the consciousness level rather than by the attraction and movement of the particles. And it is only these vibrations that the forms, visible to the material human eyes, obey. The lower the vibrations, the slower is the movement, the lower is the consciousness information.

What I was shown surpassed my human level of consciousness as that of the receiver and transmitter of these vibrations. But my level of divine consciousness clearly perceived that and everywhere it did see an order and a marvelous Mind operating through those invisible consciousness vibrations. I merely needed to ponder how I could manage to mutually relate those two levels of consciousness vibrations – the divine and the human.