36. Why Do I Address You Myself?

My mission among you, as a man among men, and my teachings, have been distorted so much, even by the very people that I had a close association with, that I made a decision to address you directly, my dear brethren, so that you might receive my original teachings without any human distortion. The receiver of my teachings and explanations does not add anything on his own part. He is ready to take down only what I am transmitting through his mind, by means of his super-consciousness. He starts taking down the text at six o’clock every morning.

He has read my teaching transmitted in English through a sister of mine in Africa who has been prepared for this by me. He desired to translate these messages of mine into Lithuanian so that the brethren of his nation might also get acquainted with them. However, after his communion with the Father and with me it was decided that my letters would not be translated from English but rather my teachings would be received by him directly from me, the way my sister from Africa had received them. My brother in spirit who is taking down my teachings is an experienced mortal who has already been on the path of his spiritual development for fifteen years. During this term he has become a spiritual teacher and is in communion with me and the Father the way I was in communion with the Father when I was on your planet as Jesus of Nazareth two thousand years ago. Therefore, my teaching being taken down by him is not distorted and is as reliable as is this brother in spirit of yours, doing the Father’s will, and being about the Father’s business on your world, even as I was doing it while in the human flesh. Thus, I have tested him many times, and I trust him, even as the Father trusts him. These were the reasons that we had agreed upon my teachings to be transmitted through your brother in spirit directly, so he would not have to translate them from English into Lithuanian and you would have my teachings in your native tongue, as transmitted in your native tongue.