96. The Father’s Love Is The Universal Medicine For Vices

Love, only vibrations of the Father’s love and your complete devotion to Him, is the only means of healing your physical ailments, spiritual diseases, mental dysfunction, harmful vices that have over flooded your world, such as corruption, bribery, desire for power, greediness, violence, drug addiction, alcoholism, crime, family conflicts and divorce, degrading of education, alienation of society, wars, suffering and pains of humanity, fear, anxiety, depression seeming to you without any cause, lack of love, marriages out of calculation, abortion, single mothers, abandoned children, hiding parents, debauchery, prostitution, homosexuality, poverty, famine, a deceptive dictatorship, a gray and faceless democracy which is slowly ruining humanity, gambling, commercialized sports, a dead ritualistic religion, confusion and crisis of the youth, one’s absolute failure to comprehend the meaning of one‘s life as well as of one’s each hour, and similar things.

It is sufficient for you to discover a living presence of the Father within you and all these negative vices will be eliminated; and you will not be able to believe by yourselves that just by one single action – by discovering the Father – you have conquered so many negative influences, vices, and the phenomena which made you suffer so much and which really operated within. You did not do anything special to liberate yourselves from all these negative influences, neither did you study anything special, nor did you look for anything special. You just discovered the Father within your own selves. And just this effort but only a sincere and steadfast effort, daily, was enough that the Father, particularly He, would reward you with this liberation.      

In order for you to understand your own situation better, I shall provide you with a greater impact of your environment on you and all others when you make any decisions which play down your honor or, on the contrary, elevate you to the heights of the sons or daughters of the Father.
You are so steadfastly fighting against corruption, against bribery, yet the situation is not improving but rather it is getting ever worse. And that is happening throughout the world, even in the states that some of you consider to be very transparent, such as the Scandinavian states or Switzerland. Corruption is also ever more entangling man’s soul which, cannot take off to its free flight of love, even in these countries.