128. Dead Rituals And Dogmas Are The Greatest Obstacles To Your Relationship With The Father

The path of my human life that I chose two thousand years ago, corresponded to the then- conditions and I adapted myself to them. The present day conditions are greatly different from the vantage point of material development and the means of communication. However, your present conditions are much more difficult for your spiritual growth than those of my times. During the term of my incarnation, I had to struggle against the dominant and most progressive of that time, the Jewish religion which, with its dead superstitious rituals and dogmas enslaved all of Jewry, even beyond the boundaries of Palestine. 

It is extremely difficult to conquer superstitious rituals. However, it was easier to overcome them at that time than it is now. Today you have superstitious rituals and dogmas of many religions rather than just of one religion. And each of these religions keeps you spiritually enslaved, and it holds you so strongly that you do not dare to deliver yourselves from these rituals. And you do not dare to do it because you do not know what to believe without rituals, rather than because you are pleased with them. Neither at home, at school, nor in church is it explained to you by any one, about applying in your daily life a belief without superstitious rituals. Therefore, while even believing in God, you continue to cling just to the dead superstitious rituals and to profess dogmas without a living experience with the Father. It is this live experience with the Father that is faith. And it is this that the whole world is missing in particular. There are many religions but there is no faith in them. That is why you cannot experience the Father. You cannot feel His real presence around and even most importantly within your inner selves. You feel the lack of the Father’s love within yourselves. And it shows that you are still orphans, even in the presence of the living Father.      

You comfort yourselves with the fact that you do believe because you attend church. Those who lead the service in church are also the orphans of the Living Father for they lead the service by merely performing a dead ritual without having a living relationship with the Father. Therefore they neither pray out of the spirit nor allow you to feel a spiritual bond with the Father during the service for it is the performance of a dead ritual that impedes the establishment of such a living relationship with the Father as well as among all of you. And in order that the believers who come would not run away, their attention is distracted from a live communion with the Father by the colorful attire of the clergymen-priests which is ever changed depending upon the ritualistic holidays. Rituals are not only visual but also audio as well as in the form of scents. There is a different ringing of bells, the use of incenses, kneeling down and standing up, the moving of the priests from one place to another. All this has no relation whatever either with the Father or with me since both the Father and I speak only through your opened soul rather than through material actions performed by you and seen by your eyes when your soul is not yet awakened.    

All this is absolutely unrelated to your living faith relationship with the Father that must proceed through the opening up of your soul to the Father and through your live communion with Him while worshipping Him as your opened soul is speaking by its live vibrations directed to both the Father and its brethren who are present in the church, synagogue, mosque, or in nature wherever this live worship of the Father might take place, as well as to those brethren who are not present in the worship place but who live and work in other places, in other lands, on other worlds, and even on the higher worlds to which you are still to get after your resurrection. And in a similar way the love vibrations of your opened souls must also be directed to the whole of creation because not a single love flicker disappears throughout eternity. It only enlightens creation.   

And it is only when such a live opening up of your soul to its very depth is present, that you will begin to experience, within your inner selves, a live relationship with the Father, and will feel a creative power; energy of a living faith within yourselves. And after this type of the prayer service you shall never walk out in anxiety or sadness. You will always feel that you have been filled with such love and peace of the Father that you will share it with others. You will not have to wish peace to each other for all of you shall be full of it, and you shall be radiating the vibrations of the Father’s love to all, because during the service you shall also be feeling the Father’s love ever stronger.