56. What Is Inanimate Turn Into The Animate Within Yourselves

As soon as the soul starts breathing freely and manifests itself in goodness, your body shall regain its health without any chemical drugs. But for your soul to take off into free flight within your own selves, and thus resolutely call you to manifest yourselves without, in love and mercy for your brethren, you must make permanent and steadfast efforts by turning to the Father indwelling each of you. And this stage of your inner turning, to many is tedious and difficult. Therefore, you cling to the dead rituals and dogmas that you have been erroneously taught for more than two thousand years by the top leaders of the church who have not discovered the Father within and thus they cannot lead you to the Father‘s love and truth. 

It is to help you find your way and stop remaining in the skin of a lost sheep that I, whom you call Christ, am giving you these teachings to liberate you from an erroneous path that has been and still is being imposed on you by the church.

All of you must know that by walking on my living path, by walking through me, you may find the Father within your own selves. By saying, “I am that path, I am that living water, I am that living bread,“ I did not mean that you must believe in me by performing rituals and professing me, but I meant that you must vigorously and in faith, live my good news that I brought to you – the Father is one to all and each, and, among yourselves, you are all brothers and sisters in spirit. 

And now this live teaching of mine has been distorted and imposed on you by the church hierarchy that do not know themselves what they are teaching you since they are teaching a dead, and therefore non-existent truth, they profess that I have set up the church and that I am the head of the church, and that you have to support the church and devote yourselves to your service to the church.

No, it is not true.

I have never provided such untrue teachings to anyone. I always taught only – the faith in the heavenly kingdom is in one‘s own heart. And at the head of that kingdom is the Source of All Sources – the Father. All the time I tried to strengthen and comfort you so that you would merely have the experience of a living faith in the Father within yourselves. Therefore now I frankly and resolutely repeat it with this teaching that I present to you through my apostle of the present times and the Father‘s ambassador, since he has devoted himself to preaching my gospel. And this authorization has been conferred on him by me; and it has been confirmed by the Father. My gospel is equally valid today even as it was valid at the time while I had been in the human flesh and walked on this wonderful planet among you. And today, I support in the very same manner, my gospel, even as it has been expanded by my apostle – The Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man, and even of all creation.    

It means that all creation, all the universes, all the personalities inhabiting them are friendly disposed toward and in love with you, for they have one and the only, Father who is also my Father. I also do urge you to bravely turn to the Father who has sent His own fragment, His own living spirit, to indwell you, each of you. And it is only this message that is my living path. It is only this path that I am because the Father and I are one in spirit even though we are two separate personalities. My personality order has originated from the Father himself and The Second Person of the Paradise Trinity – the Eternal Son, who has been presented by your church authorities as my person. I am a separate and different Son of God. But with the Father and with the Eternal Son we are one in spirit. Therefore, you must separate my person from the person of the Eternal Son even though in my universe I do represent both of them.

Therefore, by walking on the living path, walking through me, through your living faith in my gospel, you are also walking to the Father. And this is the only path leading to the Father – one‘s living faith. But there are many smaller paths to walk on to one‘s living faith, yet at the same time they are more erroneous.