73. A Spiritual Aristocracy Is The World’s Future

The autocracy of a spiritual aristocracy shall not enter within a year or two, it shall not come even within several scores of years, but the beginning to the whole world might be given by Lithuania already in the near future. The time has come that Lithuania out of a democratic political Presidential Republic must turn into a Spiritual Presidential Republic that must be governed by the sons and daughters of the Father who are the most spiritual and most dedicated to His service. It is only these people that will be able to make such wise decisions which would primarily take care of the Father’s business in rather than of meeting the interests of their own political groups at the expense of all others.

The Father’s business is the spreading of a living love for all and to all, even the so-called enemies who, in reality, are not enemies but your own brethren possessing their consciousness of lower spiritual vibrations. They are called enemies only by those who themselves have a very similar consciousness of low spiritual vibrations. Therefore, from the vantage-point of your country, of the state of Lithuania, the greatest concentration of love vibrations must be directed to those whom you consider to be your political enemies inhabiting such states that you look upon as unfriendly such as Russia, Byelorus, Iraq, Afghanistan, the leaders of Al-Qaeda, terrorists, all those who, today, are being painted by your politicians in the darkest colors. You must send to all of them only your love vibration, only your spiritual luminosity that is truly spreading all over the universe and reaching those to whom it is meant. And you must radiate this luminosity of vibrations which is being received from the Father every day by the whole of creation, by all of you and not only by the leaders of the state. You do not even realize what a powerful force it is, and it is the mightiest weapon far transcending any nuclear weapon, even of the most powerful charge. Similar love vibrations you must send, also every day, to all the people of North Korea, to all the people of Iran, including their leaders. And that is not a decision made by a democratic poll, it is your soul’s profound and wise choice to share your love with those who cause many problems to the world. You must send your love vibrations to the people of the United Sates of America and to their leaders, to the people of Great Britain and to their political leaders so that their present-day wrong and unwise decisions would not lead to more tragic consequences for the whole planet. You must also look upon your own political leaders in love and send them the love vibrations of the Father. You must also send, with your opened up soul, these very top frequency love vibrations of the Father to each other.           

It is not democracy. This is an autocratic spiritual governing. I have just told you what you must do but I have not asked you to discuss my choice and vote for or against it. Possessing a higher and deeper cosmic insight that is far transcending that of yours and knowing the operation of the Father’s love in creation, I also know the manifestation of the principle of cause-action-consequence in every, even the smallest, corner of creation, and even within the heart-soul of the least creature. Therefore, based on my deeper wisdom and light, I present the direction of your acting, acting by each of you. But I do not interfere in your free will neither do I impose this teaching of mine upon you. I just explain in broader terms to you the Father’s love and the operation of the principle of cause-action-consequence. Meanwhile, it is your opened soul that shall dictate personally to each of you your choice and actions.

And if you send this gift of love vibrations after having gathered together in a group, the effect of this action shall increase exponentially the number of people present at the gathering. And always this action of love shall be joined by the spiritual personalities of creation, by those who, today, are invisible to you. But some of you, whose souls will be opened up more, will be able to feel their participation in this wonderful process of love. Only you must participate in it very sincerely, with your devotion, and of your own free will.

When I say that it is the time for Lithuania to change the foundations of its governing I mean not only its political governing but also that of the other fields – education, family, science, economy, sport, and of an individual. Everything must open up to the vibrations of the Father’s love present within each of you already now. It is only then that you shall begin to feel their effect in your daily living by yourselves. It is only then that your general and profound mutual relations within the family, at school, at work, in the state offices, and within the top political authorities of the state shall start changing as if by a swing of a wonder-working wand even though without any miracle. And then you shall get evidence that this law of the Father’s love and His principle of cause-action-consequence are real and operating; and absolutely in all the spheres. Now it sounds to you like a fancy and an invention. However, it is more real than your present political-economic reality that is jerking due to the discord. You do not even let yourselves think that something invisible to your eyes might have such an enormous impact on that which is seen to your eyes.   

Gradually, walking along the path pointed out by me, you shall completely change your views on both democracy, church, politics, and any other field of man’s activity. It is only then that you shall notice what sort of sons and daughters of the Father can become the leaders of your state who would show the path of the Father‘s love and truth not only to you but, together with you, to the whole planet as well. And this path is the Father’s path. And at the same time it is also my path. 

I am the Creator and Ruler of all this multitude of invisible, to you, but inhabited worlds, and visible stars-suns, together with my co-ordinate Partner, Mother Spirit of the Universe, whose spirit, the Holy Spirit, you, fairly many of you, attribute even to a higher hierarchy structure – to The Third Person of the Paradise Trinity, the Infinite Spirit – we govern them all following only the law of the Father‘s love. Therefore, if my whole universe is based on this method of governing, and as the Supreme Rulers of all the other universes also follow this very law of the Father’s love, and taking into account the principle of cause-action-consequence, neither you are an exception in this creation. And your top leaders of state must begin to follow this, very only law of the Father’s love and realize that it is operating by the manifestation of the principle of cause-action-consequence everywhere, irrespective of the place, race, nation, religion, wealth possession, level of one’s intellectual or spiritual development.       

And then you will discover that thanks to your sincere efforts you can change around yourself everything that you have considered to be impossible of changing, for you have looked upon yourself as a little man being unable to do anything that might improve your life and make it easier. Now you can start a new stage in your life – an opening up to the Father with all your heart-soul and sending love vibrations to all those who hurt you, despise you, slander you, and cause pain to you. This act of yours will be nothing but the very turning of your other cheek to the one who has already struck you. That is an active conquering of evil by goodness. And it is more effective than any other method applied by you to date. You have been voicing this method with your lips but your hearts have not been feeling these love vibrations to turn the other cheek in a painful situation. 

Now I am teaching you that the vibrations of the love that have already reached you from the Father are real and that you must direct them to all, but especially to those who cause you pain and who hurt you. Only do it with all your soul, without even thinking that you are doing it and relishing in that you are doing it. By this, right away you block the spreading of love vibrations. By this, your ego is happy about an act of goodness produced by it and is commending itself for it, and at the same time it cannot radiate a spiritual love any more, which is bathing your inner and selfish ego in its rays and making it fall asleep. Love vibrations are being emanated out provided that all your heart, all your soul is full of these very vibrations so that it is unable to contain them within any more, therefore your selfish ego has not even the smallest cleft to break through with its pride for its own goodness into such a soul that is opened up and filled up with love to its capacity. The soul radiating love is melting in these love vibrations so that it cannot think anything about itself. Even a flash of this type of thought is just impossible.