72. Democracy Is The Grave-digger Of Your Future

The model of democracy being promoted by your politicians is leading to suppressing your initiative and to elevating mediocrity. It is under these conditions that the whole is being split so that any of the divided groups would impose its decisions on the whole, and which definitely does not conform to the law of the Father’s love. And that is felt by the major part of your brethren who have a deeper insight. You begin to realize that political parties are seeking their own group interests, that they are corrupted, that power has sucked in all the possible mud of humanity which is nothing else but corruption and has become the main engine of democracy. 

Human mind, unthinking and failing to comprehend the cause-action-consequence principle of the Universe of the whole of Creation, also fails to realize how to get out of this situation. 

Democracy is the grave-digger of your society, while you are holding the shovel in your own hands, each of you who refuses to think in the love vibrations of the Father. Therefore, politicians are making use of you as a cover to expand corruption throughout the world.

A democratic society had a progressive goal at its initial stage, when slavery did not allow man to speak out his mind and to have his own say while making a decision. When slavery was abolished, with time, democracy started blocking the community’s spiritual and even moral, economic, and political development. 

Take a simplest example: If you have attracted a substantial number of those in support of your idea to have a one-vote majority in voting, your idea wins, and it has to be accepted even by those who see its erroneousness, and even its harm.

You are capable of perceiving that the right idea might be voiced even by one man, while all others might err. And in no way shall he implement it into deeds by means of a democratic way. However, if he manages to convince others, one by one or in groups, and even worse to reward them for the future support of his idea, then his idea will be accepted by winning the vote. But the idea has not in the least changed. Merely those who make decisions by voting, influenced by different means, have achieved the majority and allowed this idea to spread out its wings.  

That is why democracy is the seat of corruption, or its instigator. And the old saying that democracy is being cursed by many but nobody has invented anything better very soon must be replaced by the autocracy of spiritual leaders, if you desire to survive as the society, as humanity.