91. Send The Vibrations Of Love To The Present-day Pharisees By Your Sincere Common Prayer

I, whom you know as Jesus Christ, address all of you. Assemble together in collective prayer, open up to the Father, open up to me in your souls, and in this state of openness you will begin to feel the vibrations of the Father’s love even the way I was feeling them while being among you in the flesh. During these prayer services send these united vibrations of the Father’s love to your politicians-Pharisees, to the owners and heads of the television companies, of the newspaper companies, and of any other companies who by their actions promote war and violence, who under the camouflage of nice words and exercising their enormous influence, sending low vibrations of their consciousness, animal consciousness, unawakened consciousness, by their decisions, through the actions, performed by the soldiers and officers of the armies, through television and radio broadcasts, through newspaper articles, through information reports, are flooding your world with low vibrations that start choking and strangling any chance for your soul to spread love vibrations.  

Therefore, by means of these common prayer services, pray for the awakening of the consciousness of all, also pray for the awakening of the consciousness even of those whom your political Pharisees call terrorists. They are not terrorists the way they are being seen by your political leaders who are also imposing such descriptions upon you so that you, while absolutely unthinking, begin to look upon them as terrorists as well. They are the sons of the Father even as you are, even as all others are. Just the decisions, made by your politicians-Pharisees to meet their own selfish interests, and the very actions to implement these interests, have driven them into a dead-end, have trapped them in the corner. And they are defending themselves.     

However, in their defense, they have a much more solid ground than that of yours. They have their own righteousness – their morals and understanding of God – they are taught very intensively from a very young age. Thus, their concept of both God and their own righteousness is based on much higher values than your selfish interests that are being imposed upon you by your politicians-Pharisees. Therefore, this fight will be unbearable to you, your mind will be exhausted, and you will lose it for certain as it is not supported by your soul growing within your own self.

The soul has nothing but a desire to spread the Father’s love, being replenished with it to capacity, yet it cannot do it because your human mind that is so unwilling to renounce material wealth in order to please its animal self, has been even more oppressed by the new fears, instigated by your political leaders in relation to terrorism, and by the new obligations for implementing the concepts of justice which you misinterpret. Therefore, this very same soul that might give you wise solutions as to how to behave in order to gradually clear out all this mess so that it would really see the path of the Father’s love I have shown, now is altogether suppressed and your dark and animal mind cannot hear its desires and crying.