152. Our Family And Your Assistance For Me

Our common family together with the Father can be understood and experienced by you, each of you, only when you desire with your whole heart to join our family and become a full member. However, you must know that in the Father’s family there is no room for idlers who do not desire to devote themselves to communal life which produces the whole family’s wellbeing based on service and in-depth love of the Father.

You cannot mess up this family the way you mess up your earthly family. The Father’s will is opposite to that which you can understand now.

You must not think that the Father’s tolerance and mercy are such that He puts up with your personal living in any way, as you begin to live in your earthly family. Even though the family, invented by humans, is exclusively a human institution, you must understand that in the course of the long evolution of man, it has reached such expression wherein you set up this association and cooperation between the opposite sexes grounded on love and faithfulness, which I have been, and shall be, generating with my Partner, Mother Spirit of the Universe. Yes, in this respect, your family corresponds to this principle of our divine association and cooperation. However, the way you regard your earthly family will depend upon your attitude to me and the Father. It is only with the Father in your heart, and having felt His profound and true love within, that you will acquire such an attitude to your earthly family, which I always possessed from the very first moment I had started, together with my Partner, to create the entire universe and life within it in the course of the multitude of the billions of years which is not yet completed. Therefore, I call on you, each of you, to join in the expansion of my universe family./p>

The Father has entrusted me, together with the Universe Mother Spirit, with the creation of the universe and its living family that would ever more correspond to His plan of the development of the family of His creation. Therefore, I cannot carry out the Father’s plan of perfecting the family of evolutionary creatures if you do not assist me as well, if you, each of you, personally do not contribute to the implementation of this plan.

That is the value and responsibility of your decisions.

As one of the Two Creators and Sovereigns of the universe, I call on you to my assistance to help me carry out the task entrusted to me by the Father. I cannot carry out this magnificent task without your help because one constituent segment of it is such that only my effort is not sufficient in order to perform the entire task. This segment is common to both you and me. It is only your spiritual progress that enables me to implement the task of developing the entire family of the universe entrusted to me by the Father. That is why I am addressing you not to let me down and not to betray me when you repeat my name in your daily life. When you are together with me, when your lips pronounce my name, make one more step forward and hear my knocking on your heart so that you would open its door and I would be able to come in to be felt and experienced, not only while your lips are pronouncing my name, but also when your heart is opened up and you do good deeds to others while your lips do not even utter my name.

This assistance of yours rendered to me, all the time, is a priceless help to the whole universe. And its value cannot be assessed by any material riches. This is the path of the development of the entire universe family which you choose by yourselves, of your own free will and personally. And it is only then that your earthly family’s life manifestation corresponds to the manifestation of my and my Partner’s association and cooperation on the level of the whole universe and meets our expectations in relation to the spiritual development of your families.

You can provide me with this sort of assistance, and by this you can also match me by developing yourselves out of love for the Father, and for me, and at the same time for the whole of humanity and for the entire universe which has an enormous multitude of different orders of creatures. Just your communion with me alone, out of heart, is exactly the same communion with the Father. The Father and I are one in spirit. And if only you start to associate and cooperate with the Father you also associate and cooperate with me. There is no difference to me that you pronounce the Father’s name. I know everything even as the Father knows everything which concerns your thoughts and plans, expectations and anxiety. As the Father works for your benefit and wellbeing, so do I. And the Father’s spirit, operating within you, acts in a similar way as my Spirit of Truth that is knocking on your heart all the time so that you would open its door and I would be able to enter within you. If only you discover the living Father within your inner self, by this, you also open the door of your heart, so that I would enter within you too. And then the operation by the Father and me within you, each of you who opened up, gets stronger because you do not have to overcome your unwillingness and resistance of walking on the path of your spiritual development, for you embark upon it willingly by yourselves. And you open the door to me. Unlike the Father, I cannot be within you against your will all the time. I am just knocking that you would open up your soul, meanwhile the Father is within you all the time, even when you are resisting my knocking and cursing me. However, even in this way, the Father’s spirit within you does nothing against your will.