39. My Spiritual Status

I am a Spiritual Ruler of the Supreme order in all my universe. I am The One whom you have taken for the Trinity Son. I myself have originated from that Son and the Father. And it is only this Only Father’s Son, who is that one; the only Father’s Son, and who is The Second Member of the Paradise Trinity. I have never been, neither am I, nor shall ever I be That Only and Eternal Son of the Father. The Eternal Son has no beginning and no end. I do have my beginning for I have received it from this very Son and the Father. Neither this Son nor the Father operates otherwise but through such Sons as I am. And you must not get frustrated, or even irritated, that I am not that only Son of the Father because, with him, I am in spirit exactly like he is. By some qualities of mine I am even more like the only Son of the Father rather than like the Father himself. I have mentioned to you that the Eternal Son is God the Mother to all of creation. And his Motherly love is warmed up by infinite mercy. And one of my qualities, more resembling the Eternal Son, is mercy. It is this mercy that allows me to reach the hearts of people even though they seem to have been long lost to love and truth. It is love tinged with mercy that can seek till the very final moment, to open up the soul of man, even when all others might have already turned away from that man with such a hardened heart.

Thus, be certain that I am exactly as the Father, and as the Eternal Son, and I possess all the authority and power throughout my universe, even as the Universal Father and the Eternal Son possess all the authority and power throughout creation.