5. Vibrations Of Reality

My beloved brother, all my beloved brothers and sisters in spirit, I am transmitting these teachings so that you can look deeper into the reality around you, into this very reality that you find yourselves in. Nobody, not even I, can escape the vibrations of this reality for it is of these vibrations emanated from the First Source and Center that reality is made up. And it is made up of the energy vibrations that are exclusively of a different frequency. Your scientists already research some of the vibrations and penetrate ever deeper into them. But they do not pose the questions, even to themselves: why and where from are these vibrations? They begin to understand that every substance, even a material one that is seen by the human eyes, is made up of adequate energy vibrations. They already speak of and research the diffusion of the nucleus of an atom during the nuclear reaction. They make attempts at the research of the structure of an atom on a theoretical level. So far they do not speak about the structure of smaller units – electrons. And these also have even greater energy vibrations than the vibrations of an atom, and the frequency of these vibrations determines the structure of an atom.

The whole environment you have named as inanimate is also animate. Only, the life of this, according to you, inanimate nature, possesses the energy vibrations of a very low and crude mode. And every single particle is in motion, in vibration, and in revolution. Every single particle, even the smallest one, of whatever solid substance seen to your material eyesight it might be, such as the rocks of the biggest mountain or the hardest steel, is also an animate substance. Only the motion – vibration – of these component particles of this animate substance is of a very low frequency. Therefore you do not see them. That is why you take such objects of the environment seen by your own eyes to be of an inanimate nature.

Neither can you see the vibrations of a very high frequency. Therefore you cannot see me in my present and real form; neither can you see angels – your guardian-seraphim – who are even by your side and do serve you; nor can you see many other spirits that are higher than the seraphim and who do really serve you with their devotion to the Creator of the Creation and the Emanator and Center of all these energy vibrations, whom you have named God.

It is both true and untrue. God is all-embracing and omnipresent. He has no definite form and appearance. He is the First Great and Eternal Emanator and Upholder of all the supreme vibrations and The Source and Center of the Universal Consciousness. He is the only One who is all-perceiving and omniscient, and who sees everywhere the whole beginning from the end throughout eternity in the past and in the future. And while being such, to you who are of the lowest mode of vibrations and who have disclosed only the very initial and the simplest understanding of His Universal Consciousness, He is still a person and personality that you can commune with even as with the most beloved person who is The Source of Love himself. He is the Source and Center of love for the whole creation.