118. The Development Of The Soul After The Resurrection

When children start attending school their teachers begin to tell them about different things they would be able to do when they grow up, when they finish school. However, after this school there follows still another school where they will learn the skills of their profession.

It is exactly the same with your present life. It is only the very primary stage of your studies, for you to begin to have faith in That who is invisible but who initiates the whole of creation and generates everything out of energy. He even generates energy which generates all the rest, while He himself is not created. He has never been created by anyone, for He has always been, is, and shall ever be. In order for you to understand Him ever better and deeper so that you would also be able to teach others about Him, with time, after prolonged, very complicated and interesting teachings, you have to finish this primary life school to be able to start attending another one, only a higher one but already on another world and in a superior form than the one you are currently in.

Therefore, you must also listen to my teachings as attentively as little children listen to their teacher who explains to them what they will be able to do when they grow up and finish this school. Thus, as those little ones who cannot understand what it means to be a grown-up and to do a grown-up’s job, say, to pilot a plane or to be a researcher looking for natural resources, you cannot understand what you will have to do after your resurrection, to know the ambience better and experience the Father’s presence everywhere.

Each new world will be such as to provide you a joy of new discoveries and even to confirm the knowledge you have received on the previous world. All knowledge will be given to you so that you would not boast of it before others, but rather you would have a better orientation on the world of a new and higher order, while cooperating with the beings who similarly to you, are progressing to the Father on Paradise along the path of perfection. And by this you would receive your additional training; how to cooperate with the inhabitants of higher worlds so that your growth could continue. And to be able to grow, you have to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. It is only in this way that you will be able to prepare the next step-stone for yourself on which you will be able to accumulate new knowledge which you will again have to apply in practice.

And this sort of path will continue from world to world all the way while in the form of the soul.

And the time will come when you appear on the same world from which I govern all my creation with the power given to me by the Father. And I govern it even as the Father would were He personally present rather than through me in this universe of mine. We, I, and each of you, shall be associating directly. You will see me and associate with me even as now you see each other and associate with each other face to face.

By that time your soul vision will be so expanded, your understanding will be so great, that you will not need any additional adjustment of my vibrations to those of yours that you could see me. Then you will become an eternal spirit.

Having reached the headquarters of my universe, you will have completed the whole training of your soul which extends for thousands of years reckoning by your time, and which makes up one part of your training. By this time you will have already seen me on certain occasions as the vibrations of my spirit form have been specially lowered for your still undeveloped soul vision to be able to see my form. Meanwhile, having become a spirit yourself you will be ready to associate with me directly as brother with brother.

And during all this long course of the soul development, you will be trained ever more how to work and cooperate with many souls from other worlds which also learn these very same things while seeking the best revelation and application of their qualities for the benefit of the whole.

You must realize the most essential thing that only the Creator and all those created by the Creators who originated from Him are perfect. Meanwhile, all the evolutionary creatures, which have been created in the time and space universes, are seeking one goal – to reveal, as best as possible, all their potential which has been bestowed by the Father upon each of them as the gift of personality. Therefore, this striving demands one’s personal efforts, studying, and a practical application of the teaching to build up one’s skills ever better. Neither would your present life be possible without practice. Such is the Father’s evolutionary plan on the development of any creature; from the very lowest to the very highest. Only those who have been created perfect develop their experience by descending to ever lower creatures to experience their association with these very least children of the creation.

And this sort of evolution through practical experience develops both the most supreme beings, for they encounter imperfect and low children of the Father whose attitudes are very selfish, and the lowest beings, for they see how they are being served with love by the most supreme children of the Father so that they would also do it with love for the benefit of all.

Life in creation is not a mad race for the only prize which can be won just by a single one, by the one who will be the first. Life in creation is the cleaning of the mirror of one’s true self, by one’s daily learning and service, so that the image of that true self in the mirror would be seen ever more distinctly, that its true shining would be seen and even felt from within by everyone. Therefore, in creation, definitely there is not that wearing tension which dominates your world where you desire to outstrip one another to present yourselves better before others and receive a greater reward in a material sense. It is your distorted understanding of the meaning of living that causes you permanent stress which is wearing you out and leading you to the illnesses of the physical body since you are convinced that living on this world without physical comfort for the body and pleasant impressions for your eyes is not worthy, that it is not employed to the very end, and therefore it brings dissatisfaction.

Meanwhile, one’s life on the higher worlds, where there is no money and payment for service, has a completely different meaning from that which you attribute to it. Would any one of you object that each of you could feel much stronger, that you would develop your abilities much better, that you would see much broader, that you would understand much deeper, that you would experience everything in a much more lively way? You will not find any man who would be at the same time sincere and who would not desire to live this way. And it is not because man himself just desires this. This is exclusively due to the fact that the Father has designed such a plan on perfecting mortals that embraces his striving for more and better. However, because of man’s unbalanced material and spiritual development he has paid all his attention to the development of meeting only the needs of his lower and animal self. And it is just due to this that even after the resurrection you will have to make plenty of efforts to be able to transform your current vices to your service full of the Father’s love for others, without absolutely expecting praises for this service; even though you shall receive them. However, not because you will expect them but rather because you will serve with love, and your teachers and guides will motivate you by commending you to more steadfastly walk along this path which helps you disclose your true self with all its good qualities within. They are just hidden under the dusty, unclean surface of the mirror of your self. Many layers still cover your true self, yet a more real sight of your self is being ever more disclosed even to you. And this sight also provides you with pleasure because you feel the true value of your self which has already been revealed to you, but you feel even more within yourself what a powerful force of the Father’s love is within you which is still to reveal in the future, after many thousand years of teachings and experiences, even such traits and capabilities of your self which at present are beyond your thinking.