145. A Wise Consumption Of Energy And Restoration Of Its Balance

There is only one method to restore the balance of energy – your faith in the Father and His discovery within. In this way the relationship of each of you will harmonize not only with your higher and true self but also with the environment, with the whole of creation, and a living relationship will be set up with the Father himself. And your attitude will change from how you must restore your wasted energy to how you must use your energy meaningfully, for the benefit of the whole. Meanwhile the path of replenishing it is very simple, a peaceful sleep on a hard base and a simple food of vegetables, fruits, cereals, grain, peas, beans, nuts, plain water, and herb tea. It is very cheap food and one does not need much of it. And the most important thing is that your mode of living will change and this will really enable you to give up your harmful habits which cost you much not only from the point of view of wasting energy but also from the point of view of your funds. You will not have to pay for medicine any more since you will be delivered from illnesses. You will not have to go to health rehabilitation centers since your entire living will turn into a health rehabilitation center. You will not experience stress and depression, anxiety and tension any longer, and at the same time, you will cease to waste either energy or time completely in vain.

However, even under these conditions you will have to take care of the means of energy replenishment – your sleep and food. But for that you will devote less time and thinking. The time shall come when ever greater numbers of your brethren will keep a live communion with the Father, and with me, so that they will be able to restore their energy directly from the energy circuits without any material food. Then the lives of such brethren of yours shall be directed to doing the Father’s will through spreading love and good to the environment still more. You must realize that together with the Father, everything is possible. It is not a fancy or a dream beyond one’s reach. This is the future of many of you even while still in the flesh.

However, after your resurrection from the material death sleep when Energy Directors, Morontia Energy Supervisors, and other spiritual beings prepare your new body possessing no material flesh which caused you so much suffering, then, the means of energy replenishment will become such as to exhaust you much less than they do in your present life. You will eat such food which has no material form any longer. And the food itself you will receive completely ready-made by Morontia Energy Supervisor Assistants, who operate at the disposal of Morontia Energy Supervisors, and whose main sphere of activity is to convert the energy manipulation of Morontia Energy Supervisors into the form suitable for the replenishment of energy which is consumed by each individual soul body-form. You will not have to personally take care of this food provision any longer. All of your attention will turn to a more thorough revealing of your true self, and to your service that your true self would comprehend ever better and deeper; the relationship of this self with the Father and with the whole of His family-creation. Therefore, all secondary things, which have nothing to do with the development of one’s own self, in becoming ever more like the Father, are not laid down on the creature. For this purpose there are other creatures performing their functions.

Even on the contemporary world, you would not waste so much of your energy and endeavor if you lived as a harmonious humanity-family of the children who discovered the Father within themselves. It is merely due to the fact that you do not live in this way that you consider that each one has to take care of one’s own environment and food. That is why you start to compete with each other and then even harm each other in different ways just to outstrip each other. Your life is a distorted and wearing existence under conditions of perpetual anxiety and stress, which by themselves suck out your energy which is meant for the revelation of your true self through your service of love and goodness in truth, together with the Father. You waste your energy in vain as long as you do not use it thus. It is as if your car were spinning its wheels in one place and ran out of its entire resource of fuel, and due to a bad cooling system, even its engine would break down by overheating. There is no fuel any more, the engine overheated and broke down and you did not yet move from the place. Such is your present existence which wears you out so much and which causes so much pain for us when we see that you just need to look at your own self and discover the Father, and the car even most deeply stuck in mud and skidding shall be immediately pulled out onto a wonderful and firm highway.

Therefore for many of you who will be resurrected from a material death sleep, the means of energy recuperation and even such which require no personal effort on your part, will seem like being on Paradise, where nothing can be better, as you will be recalling ever clearer your constant struggle on this world.

Each higher step for revealing your self provides you with adequate energy adjustment of the form of your soul, and the methods of energy recuperation also will become subtler. Even though you will have to partake of morontial food in a similar way as you do it now, yet the state of your food will also be changing and will be ever approaching the point that the need for it will decrease, while the intervals between partaking of it will become longer, and the amount of energy will ever increase until eventually, after having become an eternal spirit, the entire replenishment of the energy exhausted during your service, will be carried out directly from the energy circuits rather than by means of food.

As soon as you are resurrected, morontial food will seem to you to be very refreshing, fragrant, and energetically recharging, so that you will feel within yourself an overflow of energy. However, it will not only be due to the food itself, but also due to an absolutely different leisure and sleep. Its quality will not remind you of your present sleep even as its duration will be much shorter. If presently you are accustomed to sleep for eight hours, and some of you even longer, in the soul form, already from the very beginning, half as much sleep will be sufficient for you.

Meanwhile, the depth of the sleep will provide you with such a recuperation of energy that it will surpass by many times your current energy replenishment during your restless sleep which is disturbed by dreams.

With each new stage of the morontia form, the interval between the periods of sleep gets longer until eventually after having become eternal spirits, you will not experience any need for sleep in all eternity. Now these ideas are beyond your comprehension. However, as you also will experience how refreshing are your relationships with the Father and your service, how perfect is the recuperation of energy from the energy circuits then you will realize yourselves how perfect is the Father’s design, so that out of a material creature who ceaselessly takes care of the replenishment of his wasted energy, and who does not even serve the Creator at all, and who acts only for the benefit of his selfish self, but through an inner love, this very same self, nevertheless is resurrected after he runs out of energy in his material body, experiences death, is given a form of a higher energy vibration, and is ever developed while developing the inner inhabitant of this very form and revealing this self ever more, so that he even fuses with the spirit of the Father and becomes one personality with the fragment of the Father himself, becomes an eternal spirit, even as the Father himself is eternal, then your fascination with the Father’s plan of the evolutionary development of creation will become even greater.

However, even this will be only a beginning, because the Father will be surprising you, even as the whole of creation, during your entire journey to Paradise. And therefore you will not stop admiring His fancy and originality. And this admiration with the Father will produce even a greater desire within you to devote yourself to the Father and love Him still more.

And you can make the beginning already today and while you are still on this world.