146. The Father Provides You With Wisdom To See Further

As far back as in my adolescence, as I was in the human flesh on your world I experienced great disappointment when I was approached by a delegation of the Jews calling on me to join a nationalistic movement which was forming up at that time and which was targeting to prepare the youth for such actions which would end in liberation from the oppression of the gentile Roman empire. My disappointment was associated with a deeper vantage-point and comprehension that any movement of liberation was doomed to failure. The empire was too powerful against which the insignificant forces of the Jews might have fought. Especially this sort of empire which missed a deeper concept of God therefore the attitude of its authorities towards the Jews was even more negative than to other unbelieving outskirts of the empire.

And it was especially sad that the senselessness of this step was not perceived by the delegation which so stubbornly urged me to join them or by the people who had sent the delegation to me pursuing their own interests so that by having drawn me to their side they also would draw the youth of the whole of Nazareth and its vicinity who to a great extent associated among themselves and knew me very well. I felt inner pain that grown-up people, due to their nearsightedness, and under a cover of patriotic slogans, started to antagonize young people and set them against each other. And as I refused to join the nationalists, a split occurred even among my relatives. And it is actually due to man’s nearsightedness in politics that one relative can find himself on the opposite side of the barricades of the struggle. And my refusal to support the nationalists even divided the youth of the whole of Nazareth. I had never experienced such disappointment before. I was accustomed to provide all with free will to act, whatever might be the manifestation of another man’s free will, however I would not support this act of free will, yet I never entertained a desire to feel anger, or even irritation for this human just because of his act.

And now I sensed right away, that those whose hopes to attract me to their side were dashed, started to hate me, to call me a coward and other insulting names. The relationship, which was good just a moment ago, instantaneously broke off, cooled, and became estranged, even though I did not change, for I was the same as I had been just a moment ago. Only my refusal to obey the activists changed their attitude towards me, as well as that of some of my relatives.

I tell you this for you to know that a wiser decision, as well as its implementation, does not mean that your step will always be supported by all. You must realize that people’s understanding and the depth of their thinking are different. Therefore, those who will fail to understand your acts and who will not support them, will try to set other people from their environment against you. And they will do it by all means possible. They will defame you, slander you, and pour upon you any possible mud just to stop your stride forward. You must keep in mind that in this environment of spiritual darkness which is dominant on your planet of today, even as it was dominant in my times as I was among you, people cannot forgive each other and get offended very quickly. This is purely an animal trait – to control others by force irrespective of whether it were a physical force, a political power, or the power of money. Now you are governed by an animal instinct – to dominate others beginning with each political party, collective, or state and ending with a union of states, or any other greater structure – rather than being governed by wisdom and devotion to the Father while serving each other with love and mercy.

Therefore you must get ready, by spiritually submitting yourselves to the leading of the Father from within and to the wisdom passed over to you by Him to follow, so that you would strengthen your faith and the firmness of your stride on a spiritual path even more, rather than just to be able to withstand the future attacks against you from all sides, even from your friends.

You must know that while in the flesh, still as an adolescent, I knew that all questions and problems can be solved only by peaceful means and through one’s faith in the Father. And this path is perceived only by those who devote themselves to the Father, and by this, they receive His wise teachings. And it is due to them that I understood that a nationalistic movement was doomed to failure and that it should lead to defeat and bitter suffering. Therefore, it is a more profound comprehension that enabled me not to join the movement even though my step divided the youth of Nazareth. But I could not behave otherwise.