45. Take Me Off The Cross And Worship The Father

Therefore, I am presenting you with these explanations to assist you in taking a deeper look upon your environment, upon creation, and upon my person, as well as upon the place of your own selves. Without these explanations of mine, you would carry on along the course of living that is painful and tormenting to your soul from within. I have told you, and now I repeat it again: “I am that path.” But rather than walking on my path you still exalt my death on the cross. I do desire to deliver you from death so that you boldly, without the slightest shade of fear, would tread along my living path together with me who is resurrected and is alive.

I do desire that the Father‘s love and peace would rule rather than the vision of my death. You must create life in love rather than in pain and anguish around yourselves.

Can you explain to your little children about the Father’s love, and experience it by yourselves while you are depicting me as suffering on the cross? Then a feeling of fear is creeping into the little heart of a little child. He does not see love where somebody is suffering and shedding their blood. He notices love only where there is a hug by one’s mother or father out of pure feeling and tenderness, where there is encouragement and support.

Can a little dear one, seeing me on the cross, bleeding and exhausted, sense within his little heart that the Father loves me and gives me a hug, warms me up and comforts me, helps me and strengthens me?

How many questions pop up in the head of that little one when you are explaining to him about me that I have died for the sins of the people also to save even sinful children since they are born already having a sin. Can such a little dear one understand where he has committed a sin that I had to die even for him? Where was my loving Father that He allowed me to suffer so much?

It is true that my hanging on the cross produces fear within the little one. And already, from the early and first days of his life, he is tending to hide from such a God so that he would not suffer the way I did. The child begins to fear God ever more.

I have brought the concept of a loving Father to humanity, and to my entire universe. Not the concept of an intimidating and chastising Father. Only you have failed to understand me and you have distorted all of my teachings by turning me into the symbol of suffering to all humanity. I did not teach you that. Would you find at least one hint even in the so-called Holy Scriptures about putting me in public places hanging on the cross and showing me suffering. Did I teach you that? No, I did not teach you that.

Then why do you do what I have not taught you to do?

Did I teach you that God is the Father and one to all, and that all the people are brethren? Yes, I did. But you have distorted my teaching and you glorify me instead of the Father. 

I did not teach you to glorify and worship me. Then why do you always glorify me, and not the Father? I worship the Father even now.

And now I am addressing you so that you would start glorifying the Father, and only Him. He is the only God the Father. And it is He who is glorified by all of creation, and by me as well. I am not God the Father. God the Father and I are one in spirit. And despite this spiritual unity of ours we are two separate persons.

The time shall come when after your resurrection you will become the manifestation of your spiritual vibrations that will be much higher, or the soul form, possessing your present self that is eternal, since it has been bestowed upon you by the Father. You shall stand in my presence after having covered the whole stage of your soul development, and having become an eternal spirit with a still higher manifestation of your spiritual vibration, or in the form of a spirit, then we bid you farewell and you shall proceed further on, out of our universe, and closer to the Father until you find yourselves in the presence of the Father himself in the very eternal center, on Paradise. And even then you shall glorify the Father. And throughout eternity you shall glorify only Him; and even then you shall glorify the Father. And throughout eternity you shall glorify only Him, the only person to be worshipped.

Thus, even now I am explaining to you so that you would hear my good tidings that I pronounced two thousand years ago; my gospel to your whole world, and to all my universe – the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man – and now by my present-day disciples and apostles expanded to include the brotherhood of all creation; so that after having heard it you would begin to follow it and live every day comprehending ever more deeply that we all are brothers and sisters; all of us. The Father of us all is one. He is the Universal Father, The First Source and Center. Therefore, I am also your senior brother. I am teaching you and helping you proceed on to our Father. Thus, the time has come to tell you frankly that I do desire that all of you would experience the depth of my words together with the Father, sensing it within yourselves. I am together with you. With all of you, through my Spirit of Truth poured out upon you. But the Father is always within you, each of you; all the time.

And He is inside you for He has sent to you, to each of you, His spirit, Thought Adjuster. And it is His spirit that is leading you all the time unwittingly from within. And I am always knocking from without. I am knocking and I enter the heart of each whoever opens it. And then, together with the Father, I begin to influence you from within. And our joint operation has one more helper – the Holy Spirit. I have already explained to you that this spirit is the spirit of my Partner – Mother Spirit of the Universe. And we, in harmony, even in a perfect concord, are leading you all, but each one individually, to the Father. We are leading you along the only path – the path of your inner faith. It is only faith that is the way to the Father. And it is through me. In no way shall you ever escape my path until you stand in my presence having become an eternal spirit. Even though there are countless roads of experience leading to the Father, the main and the only path that saves everyone is one’s living faith; not a ritualistic belief but the living faith.