110. Low Vibrations Of The Present Television, Radio, Press, And Online Do Harm To Humanity

You are constantly offered information that, actually, incites only low vibrations. You do not receive anything positive since those who promote such programs and articles to you live within these low vibrations themselves. They are even unable to understand that by this activity of theirs they are ruining the genetic fund of all of you. They are weakening the immune system of all of you, they are exciting only low desires – anger, jealousy, revenge, striving for popularity, striving for wealth, striving for power, demonstration of violence, crime, drug addiction, and distancing from the Father.   

I have already explained to you about a harmful influence of bribery for the one who gives a bribe and for the one who receives it, as well as about the harm they produce by radiating their low vibrations on those who are around them, especially on those who associate with them most of all – their family members and colleagues – and even on the whole of community. The spreading of bribery is detrimental to even society’s immunity to different diseases.

The same applies to any information presented by the mass media which incites and strengthens low vibrations of the human animal ego. If you watch such programs or read such articles which deal with crime, episodes of war, any actions of violence, grand parties and receptions, mean behavior of politicians, material wealth or with any other issues that are not related to the development of your real spiritual self, then these low vibrations are activated in your sub-consciousness even stronger, which do not yet reach the level of your consciousness, if you are not interested in these things permanently. However, if you watch such programs regularly or read such articles often, thus, if you feel, at least for a moment, an impulse of jealousy for the living of the rich people described or an irritation because of the dishonesty of a politician it already means that these low vibrations have broken through from your sub-consciousness to the level of your consciousness. And if you do not stop watching such programs or reading such articles these low vibrations will drag you in and you will lose peace and even experience health disorders of your physical body. Now you are being sucked in by an awful swamp of low vibrations that you become like a briber or a drug-addict – you are unable to turn away from the TV set just to hear some flat jokes and banal reports, or read such vulgar articles which are killing you from within. You become an information-addict exactly like a drug-addict.    

The current situation of television, radio, the press, and online in the world is disastrous to the whole of humanity just because they have been turned into a business for profit rather than a means of light for the association and a better knowledge of the world. And that is not determined by humanity as the whole but rather by those rich who are imposing this rhythm and quality of living on all others who, so far, do not enjoy a similar choice of greater knowledge of the world and its people. They have just a free will bestowed by the Father – to stop watching such programs at all, to stop listening to such radio programs, to stop browsing for the websites online provoking these low vibrations, to stop reading such articles and to stop subscribing to such newspapers and journals.    

This is the only way to be protected from illnesses. Moreover, this is the only way to save society because this negative influence has a very strong impact on children.. And the younger the children when they get accustomed to these programs or computer games, provoking low vibrations, the easier and sooner they lose their immunity to diseases. You do not even understand that it is namely by allowing your children to watch the films of violence and to play similar computer games that you are already now laying the foundation for their painful living with illnesses and despair and a very early physical death.

Therefore, the failure to comprehend by the present owners and workers of television, radio, press, and online websites that profit at any cost at the same time is the destruction of this very profit because if you do not change your present views to your vantage-point that you must serve others for the benefit of all, very soon there will be no one left to use your distorted, selfish, and destructive services.   

When you see the mass of deaths of young people and of children around you ever more, then no one will ever show any interest in the things which enslave and suck all of you in like a bog today. You will also begin to panic when even your own child will be begging you in despair for help, while it will be already too late to render assistance for the child since you will have also made your own contribution to the death of your child by this harmful activity which now seems to you to be yielding you a good profit. This is a deceptive illusion. And the sooner those who today, form up the ideals, the material ideals of the young generation – to be like your own invented idols; rich music stars or athletes, influential politicians or businessmen – deliver themselves from this illusion, the better for the youth, and for the whole of society, whose foundations for the future you are laying now.  

Attempts to live this day without insight into the future are destructive to the whole of society; if everything is directed to the pleasures of the moment without relating the consequences of these very pleasures to the future – it is equal to signing the death verdict to oneself and to making the community life more difficult. Now your motto – “Life is one, let us make use of it to the very end!” – which you are fond of so much, does not correspond to reality if this very motto is not made meaningful and if it is looked upon only from a quantitative vantage-point.

Therefore, it would be more truthful to replace it by the following: “Life is one and it is eternal only with the Father within, let us discover Him within!”   

And if only you started following the motto I have proposed very soon you would notice that which prevents you from making this motto your life’s aspiration. And you would notice that the greatest obstacle is your own mind which is unprepared and very egocentric. It sees the interest of its own self everywhere, and measures everything by it only. Therefore, it is trying to get satiated with everything, and as much as possible, and during the shortest time possible. As many impressions as possible while traveling, as much money as possible at work, as many friends as possible in the environment, as much wealth as possible at home, as much comfort to one’s body as possible. And all these are just the quantitative aspects of one’s living. Not a single one of them is a qualitative aspect. Why do you not replace these very aspirations with qualitative ones – as many spiritual experiences as possible while traveling, a job done as good as possible, one’s own revealing to one’s brethren and sharing one’s experiences with them as much as possible, as much of a spiritual love within a family and in the environment as possible, as much of service as possible?           

And when you begin to think this way, when you begin to teach your children this, and the teachers teach their pupils these things as well, then all your daily aspirations which are today overshadowed by the desire of satisfying only your quantitative needs will turn into meaningful every day aspirations, always – today to make more perfect that which has been done yesterday. And then you will start to notice that the qualitative aspirations give you greater satisfaction than the quantitative ones, for it is they that help you develop your insight into your every day actions and provide a more attentive look into the future. Then you will notice that there is somebody who helps you in this activity, who strengthens you, as if some invisible hand is raising you when there is a need to get over some obstacle which has seemed to be insurmountable. Your qualitative insight starts assessing the future perspectives for yourself and the members of your family in a different way because within this assessment there is room for the future of the whole of community which actually did not exist for you previously when you strived just for the quantitative pleasures.       

A quantitative life of man is full of tension and anxiety to the end that it has not yet done everything to experience ever more pleasures. Everything that man’s selfish ego desires for himself, the full satisfaction he desires to achieve and receive, is nothing but a mere illusion.