133. The Good Pilot And The Captain

As you recognize your brethren ever more, then you will realize that you have sailed to the other shore rather than to a separate island. And you will see a multitude of your brethren there, even though wearing different clothes, even though having different customs and a different culture and yet in a similar way being thirsty for peace, bliss, and love, even as you desire them. This desire in particular, lured you out to sail in this spiritual ocean of the Father’s love in search of new lands in which you would discover your brethren.

And the Father has seen to it that all those sailing in this ocean would certainly discover their brethren, whom neither have they known nor heard anything of their existence before, because in this spiritual journey, the Father is the pilot of your ship. But it is you personally, each of you, who remain the captain. And it is only you who decide in what port on this enormous voyage to cast anchor for your ship, in order to find your other brethren. And this port might be your neighbor or an absolute stranger on the street, or maybe your seat companion on a flight when you fly to another country to have rest or on business. Or, maybe, you fly after you have been stricken by some misfortune or illness. The Pilot shows you only a safe direction for the ship to sail while the stops are chosen by the captain. For it is only the free will of the captain that decides where and when to stop and drop anchor. The Pilot is only an adviser rather than a decision maker.   

However, on this spiritual journey, the Pilot is within your inner self and always operates perfectly and unerringly. It is only the captain who can err. Therefore, it is always worthwhile for the captain to turn ever more to his inner self to hear the counsel of the Pilot as to in what port and when to cast anchor. Moreover, this Pilot never leaves the captain, and the captain may use his services at any time, and in any circumstances. The more so, this Pilot also impacts other captains, and by this, unites them so that the captains might recognize each other and begin to feel love for each other, and by means of these love vibrations, as of the most wonderful and reliable locator, escape a collision of the ships.   

But the most magnificent thing in the ocean of the Father’s love is the fact that the Pilot is the Father Himself who leads the ships without collision so that the greater number of captains who begin to feel love vibrations from the Pilot, the closer they sail to the other ships, the safer they feel themselves. And the greater the number of ships, and the closer they are to one another the safer is the ocean to each vessel.
The spiritual ocean of the Father’s love safely accommodates all ships. And they never collide once the captains begin to sense the vibrations which are sent to them by the Pilot, and once they trust them, completely and to the end. It is only this sort of devotion to the Pilot and this trust in Him that enable the captain to feel peace and even to share this peace with others who are also sailing in their own vessels, as well as with those who do not yet dare to set off on the ocean of the Father’s love themselves because they do not even know where this ocean is.   

However, it is even more surprising that this Pilot leads the ship of the captain among other ships. And He is glad to lead an ever greater number of such vessels. And rather than receiving a high profit, He is glad that the captains are safe and the ships sail safely because the captains trust the Pilot who does not request any pay for His services. He leads the ships out of love for all the captains and the ships for he is the Good Pilot.  

Therefore, your current time is splendid, for you can discover your Good Pilot within your selves. In my times, when I lived among you, man did not yet have such a possibility. Now, after the completion of my mission, this possibility has been available to you, to each of you, for two thousand years. However, what a small number of you have set off to these vast and live waters of the spiritual ocean of the Father’s love. Even today, very few of you desire to sail out into these waters. 

You still show greater trust in the material means of traveling, and material journeys, even though they are expensive and wear you out physically. My teaching is meant for you, that you also would start your spiritual traveling and would not be afraid of setting off to the spiritual waters of the ocean of the Father’s love which are within each of you. Even though they are within you, they are all the same, the deepest waters. However, while drowning in them you will not lose your life. On the contrary, you will experience bliss and a strong desire also to show others how to sail off your shore, to this ocean of the Father’s love which is within your inner selves.