103. Women Must Become Clergywomen As Men

As long as the church does not allow women to become religious leaders on an equal basis, such a church shall be dark and keep all its believers in captivity. In your sermons you often say that I did not abhor to associate with publicans and women of liberal behavior, and even one of them, Mary Magdalene, became famous among you as my follower whom I did not reject as an unworthy woman who was fallen for good.

Yes, it is really so that I gave her the same rights, even as I gave to any of my other most sincere followers among women. But I did not give any higher rights to any man than to a woman. And you came to know about Mary Magdalene not because she turned into my chaste follower out of a fallen woman of free-behavior, for she was not the only one of this sort. You learnt about her because I accepted her into the corps of the twelve women evangelists that preached my gospel together with my apostles, and with more than fifty other men, evangelists. At that time it was unheard that a woman would accost a man in public while I invited them to become religious teachers. The Jews had never heard or seen it before. It was Mary Magdalene who was appointed to keep contacts of the women evangelists with the believers once there was a need to tell them something on behalf of this group of women. It is due to this fact that she became better known to people rather than due to the fact that while being a woman of free behavior, she believed in the Father’s heavenly kingdom and was saved. That was just coincidental. These twelve women, themselves, assigned her that role of expressing their common opinion. And the fact that you do not know anything about the other women, also testifies to the fact that those human religious leaders pursued their own selfish goals, for they absolutely kept silent about this marvelous liberation of women from the then-rigid and tightly wound grasp of the priests as far back as two thousand years ago.

The time has come for you to liberate women in the religious sphere as well. You speak about equal rights for women within society, and you defend their rights in the family, industry, politics, and science. And these are righteous steps. The community cannot develop if one part of it cannot enjoy these very same rights that the other part does. This applies to discrimination on the grounds of sex. Do you still desire, even in this century, to further remain as have been your savage ancestors, rejecting one part of their people and closing them into a spiritual and social cage? This is why you must see to it that women might also lead prayer services even the way men do.

Do you, present day religious Pharisees, still desire to continue to treat yourselves as wiser and superior to women, your inseparable part? How come you, as the sons, true and loving sons of the Father, do not take into account the desires of the daughters of the Father also to preach the word of the Father from the pulpit, and carry the Father’s love and light to their brethren, in the same houses of the Father in which now you have forbidden them to do so. Not I. Those of you, who so scrupulously protect rituals and dogmas, do not see that you humiliate me who is resurrected and alive, by elevating yourselves even above the Father who loves all equally, both his sons and daughters. Therefore, love them even as I loved them while in the human flesh.

I also encountered a fierce resistance on the part of Pharisees when I appointed the twelve women as religious teachers. They never reconciled themselves with it. They crucified me because of their exclusive rights to explain about God that I also shared with women. Thus, why those of you who so zealously claim to others in words to follow me, do not you follow me yourselves, why do you not want to share your self-ascribed rights to govern the church with your sisters in spirit even as I shared this very right with them?

I am teaching you that which you are capable of doing yourselves. Who stops you, even today, from announcing from your high positions and pulpits: “Our sisters in spirit have exactly the very same rights and privileges to become priests even as we, men, who have already become such.” Who stops you from pronouncing the following: “We desire to share the Father’s houses with the believers of the other churches that bear my name, and even with the believers of other religions.” Your fear? Fear for your position, for your name, for your influence on others, for your future? However, I say to you all where there is fear there is the lack of love. This is a response to you whether you believe in me, whether you believe in the Father. Each one who has faith in me, in the Father, that one already has no fear for oneself. That child of the Father is motivated by that very love experienced within. And then an inner enlightenment comes; that no woman can be lower than man anywhere including religion. The Father has bestowed this very same free will upon all. And nobody can restrain it. Even you, the present-day Pharisees, by self-ascribing to yourselves the right to control believers, including women, and without providing them equal rights to become priests even as you are.

You took away free will from women while it had been given back to them much earlier, by politicians who do not consider themselves to be servants of God or my disciples the way you do. And they, not being that pious, as you regard yourselves, have given women more. They returned to them that which had been taken away from them – the right to vote and participate in politics on equal grounds. Now, just look how many women already win even the top state positions when they participate in open elections.

However, those of you who consider yourselves to be the servants of the Lord of mercy and justice behave in a much more unjust and unmerciful way than the ones who, in their direct occupation, have no connection with the Lord

Moreover, politicians in their daily activity, fairly often turn away from, and even betray the Father himself. Thus, why do those of you who must carry the Father’s light and spread mercy and love trample these very most essential foundations of the vitality of all creation, and at the same time self-assign to yourselves the right to violate the free will bestowed by the Father upon all the family of creation and upon each of its members?

By this you raise yourselves even above the Father.

My teachings are light even for those of you who now just cling to the dead rituals and profess dogmas, if only you sincerely desire to change yourselves for the better. It is this very desire to become better that is the very first, though very weak, pure desire of the Father, deeply and silently uttered by the voice of the soul – “Be perfect even as I am perfect.” And this voice of the soul will feel, ever more, that these teachings of mine start to move the soul ever more strongly. It will see an ever greater depth of the very same truth of the Father, and the soul itself will begin to think ever more freely. And due to this, my teachings will start penetrating the soul ever deeper. And the soul will enjoy this penetration of my teachings within it. It will experience an ever weaker desire to oppose them but rather it will desire to share them with other brethren. And then the soul will start thinking in a wiser and freer way. And it will arrive at comprehending one more significant aspect of the restraint of free will, even for men.