41. My Mission In The Profound Sense

I have mentioned to you that my mission was to reveal the Father and to demonstrate His qualities by my living; but by no means to intimidate you by my death on the cross for the supposed sins of yours. However, I have come to serve not only you but also all my universe. I have bestowed myself as a greater light that has descended and incarnated in your crude material body, or in a low energy vibration. This experience in the very lowest, material form of the creature, provided me such an experience that I never had before.

I am a Creator and Sovereign of my universe. And I do govern it. And I do it not alone but together with my co-ordinate partner, Mother Spirit of the Universe, who does pour out upon the whole universe her spirit that is called the Holy Spirit. Now you must know that the Holy Spirit is the manifestation of my consort, my partner, my co-ordinate Mother Spirit of the Universe, in our universe. The Holy Spirit is not a person. Therefore it is not a member of the Paradise Trinity.

Your forerunners, those who were the first to have experienced the effect of my spirit, the Spirit of Truth, after my resurrection and ascension to the Father as I had poured it out upon the world, and as the Father, at the same time, had sent His own spirit, Thought Adjuster, to His every child, and as this spiritual elevation was experienced by my apostles and by my disciples from within, it was then that they called this spiritual enthusiasm as the Holy Spirit. And they attributed it to the status of the Third Person of the Paradise Trinity; to the status of the Infinite Spirit. It was the Infinite Spirit that supplied me with his own daughter, Mother Spirit of the Local Universe, as my co-ordinate Partner.

Therefore, after we had jointly created different orders of life in our own universe I had to experience my incarnations in these same life forms to know that life variety in the universe of my own creation not only from without but also to experience it from within; what it means to be and serve in that life form. And I also had to experience my bestowals in the form of those creatures, to demonstrate to that order of life I was incarnated in, what magnificence of the creature of that order might become, once there was a sincere and infinite desire and devotion to do the will of God.

Not only was I accumulating the experience of those creatures, of all the creatures of that order throughout my universe, but at the same time I was also demonstrating a service example of the creatures of that order. And even though my bestowal upon a certain life order on a certain planet was only once, I did accumulate the experience of all the creatures of that order on all the planets.

I say exactly the same to you about my last bestowal in the human flesh. By having lived a human life span on one planet I have a power to accumulate the experience possessed by all the people on all the planets. This ability was given to me by the Father. And I was demonstrating by my incarnation how man can live with the Father’s love for the whole; for all.  Due to this fact, I revealed greater light to people, brought a greater love to them, showed them the direction to tread, and my incarnation was a bestowal upon all the mortals.

My arrival is not the message of fear and punishment to the effect that those who will not repent and who will not allow me into one’s heart, those will not get into the Father’s kingdom. My coming is a gift of joy to all for it enlightens and warms all, yet it does not intimidate and compel anyone.

While in the human flesh I lived like any other man did. I was open to any concepts of goodness and evil that existed in the-then society I lived in. Therefore, this incarnation of the Creator and Sovereign of the universe is the most dangerous of all, for he is born of a woman, as a helpless babe, and grows up and develops exactly the way the other children of that time and generation do. I was no different either by my appearance or the structure of my body than any other child of my age. Nothing about it showed that I was the Creator and Sovereign of all the planet, of all its animal and vegetable life, and that I was governing my universe in the name of the Universal Father as His representative. And by accumulating the experience of the creatures created while incarnating in their form, I was accumulating their experiences by comprehending the meaning of that creature’s life to all the universe. And, through the experience of these incarnations, I was deservedly earning an ever greater power in the name of the Father, approaching my last bestowal when after its successful completion I received from the Father the supreme sovereignty and started governing my universe not as the Father’s representative but rather even as the Father himself would He be present in my universe personally.  And that supreme power to govern my universe is already in my own name rather than in the name of the Father. I have received it from the Father himself; having earned it by means of my bestowal experiences.

Imagine such a situation of mine, that while as an ordinary child of that generation, I am affected by all the impacts from without and I grow up into a man who would start instigating his brethren against doing the will of God. It would mean that my whole mission has failed. Therefore, in order that this could not happen so easily, the family that my birth had been designed in was very scrupulously selected under Gabriel, who prior to my birth had appeared to Mary and he had revealed to her the glad tidings about my future birth.