137. Patience

Your knowledge of reality is just beginning. Therefore, you must be happy about the fact that your Guide and Teacher is the Father himself through His spirit, His fragment, indwelling your mind and called the Thought Adjuster, so that you could understand His operation easier. It is by this method, only in love vibrations, that the Father adjusts your thoughts, the thoughts of each of you to correspond ever more to the level designed for you, to become ever brighter and purer. Therefore, His fragment, spirit, this Mystery Monitor who is not seen by you but who can be felt and experienced in certain states of your opening up to Him in a prayer, in a living communion with the Father, helps you achieve such levels of your thought adjustment with the vibrations of the Father, which far transcend the level of your richest imagination.   

Therefore, do not hasten to call your other brethren insane or by even sharper words if they tell you about such experiences, presenting to you orally or in writing such teachings which you cannot yet fully understand. It is from their Mystery Monitors that they receive these teachings. The time will come when all people talk with the Father in their own thoughts, in their own words from a very early age. And nobody will get surprised at this communion. Therefore, have patience with your generalizations and ultimate conclusions and wait until society becomes more spiritual.    

The haste of people to experience everything as quickly and intensively as possible is the manifestation of their animal and lower selves in a material life. Spiritual life provides man with a very gradual and patient development of one’s own divine self, devoted to the Father. This is a very intensive but simultaneously very consistent and even imperceptible development of one’s self. And to turn this process into impatience or into one’s striving for sensing and experiencing everything at once is nothing but a violation of this very process.  

You, in the human flesh, while performing such a job as charging an automobile battery, know that it is charged better and more at the full once it is charged with a lower current for a longer period rather than with a higher current for a shorter time. Meanwhile, spiritual development provides one with the charge of one’s self more fully while pondering and considering that which even this very spiritual development of the creature is. And no shortcuts can be taken in this process. You are as that battery, for you can be charged as much as your capacity is. The difference between a material battery and your spiritual battery is that your battery is your living self who expands and develops its spiritual capacity during the time of its spiritual growth. It is the same self but its capacity can grow infinitely. One’s spiritual capacity has no limits.      

And the greater the impatience, the hastier the general and ultimate conclusions, the lower the spiritual capacity of this creature at any specific moment. However, it might be expanded. Therefore, any ultimate conclusion cannot be ultimate because very soon it will be just more specified, expanded, or maybe even denied. And the only way that guarantees your current conclusions, also to be corrected, is to submit yourself to the leading of your Mystery Monitor from within and do not resist him as he adjusts your thoughts while you are asleep, while your consciousness is disconnected, and the Thought Adjuster operates through your sub-consciousness when its channel is not occupied by the visions of dreams.

It is then that your conclusions will be ever more correct, even though not ultimately, but they will always be directed one way: to an ever greater tilt towards the Father, and ever greater devotion to Him, and ever deeper trust in Him. Then your conclusions and generalizations will not be a hasty fruit of your lower and impatient self, but rather an ever subtler look through the eyes of the Father, upon a wider horizon of the reality of the true soul-child, who ever more reveals and manifests himself; the horizon that is inaccessible and therefore inconceivable and imperceptible for a hasty self.       

Patience is one of the main qualities of the character of a will creature. One’s haste can never supply firm knowledge and a reliable understanding in any sphere of one’s activity.

Patience does not mean prolonging one’s activity and delaying it. Patience is one’s aspiration to know all aspects of this activity in order to make it not only understandable but also close to one’s heart, due to one’s ever deeper knowledge of it and one’s experience in it. Patience is the quality of one’s character opposite to impatience which operates as poison to any activity, because impatience focuses the creature’s entire attention to the outcome of the activity rather than to the activity itself. By aiming at the outcome, without understanding the process of the activity and without feeling the meaning of the experience of that activity, it is impossible to reach an expected result either. Therefore you must develop your own patient attitude to everything that you do. You must always and everywhere perform any job in such a way as to do it as well as your capabilities enable you to do it. You must give up the following attitude: This will be o.k. O.K. is the only way you can do it best at this specific time.   

However, to be able to do the task that you must do, you have to focus your entire attention to the performance of this very task, rather than to its outcome of any quality. Patience has a kindred feature which you call zeal. The one who performs everything diligently is also patient. Therefore, try to do all jobs zealously and your patience will also grow. Meanwhile, your diligence is developed by your interest in the task which has been given to you to be implemented. If you show no interest in the job which you must do, you will attempt at doing it as fast as possible. And it means that your diligence will have no room to blossom since your entire attention will be directed to achieve the quickest outcome rather than to do this very job which requires your zeal.         

Patience transcends zeal in that it is an all embracing quality of character which always manifests itself, even when there is no need to carry out any task. Suppose you need to wait for a bus in the station. And when it is necessary to wait longer, an impatient person might lose his good mood, begin to feel anxiety over waiting too long, or he might even generate such thoughts which might begin to irritate him. Meanwhile, a patient person while even waiting for his bus finds a meaningful occupation for himself by watching the environment, by talking with himself within his mind, and one who has faith, by talking with the Father or with me.

Patience not only soothes one’s character which tends to pulsate, boil, and to be restless all the time, but also enables this very character to become stronger and forged, so that its master, your true self, could know himself better. A patient man analyzes himself more than an impatient one. A patient man weighs his actions more than an impatient one. Therefore, a patient man might be compared with the person who takes up a task as if he were prepared for it better. And even if he fails to perform it the way he has expected, he does not get irritated.   
Patience is the main sphere of developing your character. It is only by regulating it that you can build and strengthen the character of your divine self and become more like the Father. 

Can you imagine what would become of the whole of creation, of you, each of you, if the Father were not patient? Do you think that the Father who is the Source and Center of perfection, while watching you so reluctantly doing your jobs, with such difficulty in making yourselves do anything zealously, without any reward, and seeing you perform these jobs not as perfectly as He desires you to perform them, were He not patient, would He put up with this sort of attitude and living of yours? However, since He is the Source of Perfection, He perfectly comprehends that now you take just your very first step to your own perfection, and you will achieve perfection only when you stand in His very presence on Paradise, therefore He allows you to grow by developing yourselves and by developing your patience.   

That is why you must submit yourselves to the leading of the Father’s spirit from within to be able to develop this trait of your character – patience. You must also be patient with your brethren, even as the Father is patient with you. Maybe some of their actions or attitudes might even arouse your irritation but you must remain patient with them. Even though you encounter different situations in your life, do not lose your patience in any of them. It is only by acting patiently that will bring you a wonderful reward – your firm character, which has been polished by you and which shines like a gem, and it will help you strive for your similarity to the Father during your entire and long journey-career to Paradise to the Father.     

A patient character is not only one’s diligence while performing a task but it is also one’s protection from erring. When one who is patient is lingering and thinking, one who is impatient is acting, having not yet comprehended the situation, and due to this, having not analyzed it. Without comprehending the ambience there is a very slim probability that the action performed will match in its best way the requirements of the situation. Therefore, patience protects you from additional suffering which is caused by your erring. Meanwhile, additional suffering for an impatient human reduces his patience, which is already so thin, even more, therefore his next actions will be again hasty, just to resort to any means to correct this situation as soon as possible without even pondering, that instead of being corrected it gets even more complicated. And this chain of erroneous decisions causes the chain of erroneous actions, and this one, in its turn, produces the chain of one’s life suffering which sooner or later leads this person to illness; and very often also to his premature death.          

And if one’s life pains have still pushed such an impatient human to direct his impatience against the Father, there is a high probability that this man also signs under the verdict of a painful death of his physical body. And even such a verdict which will also be confirmed by God. And after this man’s revolt against the Father and after a natural death of his body, there will be no resurrection for this mortal in a higher form – in the soul form with this very same and living self. This resurrection will not be provided to this rebelling mortal who accuses the Father of all his suffering, and therefore who made a decision not to walk on the Father’s path which is offered to him. And who has made his ultimate decision.      

Patience is such a marvelous quality of one’s character that a person possessing it will never accuse God of his own difficult condition, but rather he will pray for his still greater patience to live through this situation.

Therefore, impatience is very dangerous to anyone because it truly makes one’s material life more difficult, turns it into a perpetual running race against time while always striving for short-cutting it. However, on the path to the Father on Paradise, it is not possible to shortcut anything. You cannot get to Him while being of another sort than He has designed you to be in His presence. And being Perfection and the Source of Patience, He also develops you so that you would be patient, even on the stage of your initial step to Him while you are still just in the mortal flesh, while you have not yet stepped over the threshold of the death of your material body, while you have not yet made a single step after the resurrection in the form of the soul, while it is still a very long way for you to go until you reach the form of the spirit, and while your training, which will last for billions of years, in the form of the spirit is still ahead for you. However, the Father offers you already now to taste the fruits which are produced by the patience of your character once you begin to feel yourselves how patience is tempering and strengthening you, providing you with an ever deeper experience with the Father, and enables even your material and very vulnerable body to feel stronger and healthier.      

However, the most important thing is that patience, being one of the qualities of divine character, brings man ever closer to the Father since such a man is patiently seeking his similarity to the Father and trying to commune with Him. And even though he fails to hear the Father for a long time, all the same, he patiently strives for a living relationship with the Father within him. And patience always crowns this bond with the Father.

The building up of one’s patience can never harm anyone. It is only thanks to patience that you overcome the problems which arise on your path as tasks for you, as for a child of the Father, in the course of a testing span in this earthly life of yours.