112. What Is One’s Learning And Its Meaning?

Only two thousand years have passed since my sojourn among you in the human flesh. What progress you have made during these two thousand years in the quantitative spheres of your living. If the then-brethren of mine found themselves in your contemporary ambience they would completely lose their orientation. They would not be able to believe they are among people rather than among gods. However you might try explaining to them that you are people similar to them, yet no explanation would convince them. Such enormous and obvious progress has been made. However, all the progress embraces exclusively a quantitative side of your life. Meanwhile a qualitative side of your living has remained in stasis of the past moment of these two thousand years. During this course of time you have not even approached my spiritual concepts which I taught both my apostles and all my disciples. And some of them assimilated my living teaching. Meanwhile, you must do it now.

You must start right with what my apostles and all of my disciples started. It means that your qualitative life must return as if to a two-thousand-year past, and you must ponder my live good tidings – the Fatherhood of God, the brotherhood of man – and to expand it to the present day knowledge and level, even as it has also been expanded by this apostle of mine to the brotherhood of the whole of creation. Since now you are already seeking to set up your communication with mind from other planets, you have already stopped so categorically denying the existence of life on other planets. Therefore, life on other planets also includes your brethren who have one Father – the Universal Father. And it is only in such a family of the Father that you can have both eternity and the quality of  living which also embraces all quantity. For however many new experiences you might undergo during the whole of eternity, they are all colored with the Father’s love, warmed up by your heart and service for the benefit of all.       

Very often you perceive your learning only as a hard and wearing duty that is imposed upon you by your parents or already by your own mature, adult mind. You must perceive your learning as your growth, the growth of your own self, when you can live ever easier since you know the causes of the phenomena operating in the ambience and therefore you can foresee the consequences of their operation in relation to both the whole and an individual or a separate area. And the knowledge which you accumulated you can apply in practice while keeping contacts with the environment and with your own brethren.    

Your learning is nothing but your living. You must change your attitude which has emphasized to date that your learning is necessary for you only as much as it helps you find a better job, that you could earn more money. This is no more than a barbarian approach which has nothing in common with the attitudes to the learning entertained by a worthy son or daughter of the Father. The attitudes of a son and a daughter are absolutely unlike your current poor approach which wears you down, who do not know the Father, and who are His orphan children. Their approach to their learning is based on a living relationship with the Father that enables them to perceive that all their existence and activity would lose their meaning, that even the very real existence of one’s own self, as an individual, would cease, if due to their unwise attitudes, suddenly, at some moment of their living they stopped, or altogether ceased their learning. They well know that they can exist in creation only while learning.    

All creation is permanently changing. There is nothing within it which would not change. And if only a creature stopped seeking a greater knowledge of it, he would be doomed to discontinuing his progress. The whole of creation could not lure this type of a creature by its new discoveries and by the application of these discoveries in revealing his self in ever new colors while keeping relations with other creatures.

Creation is such a changing and ever expanding ocean of love rays and operation of the Father, so that all those who are traveling to the Father within it, and by this, becoming ever better children of the Father, will never be able to experience a moment when they might be told: “Enough, you have achieved everything that was possible of achieving, therefore now have only rest and entertainment and do not learn anything any more since you have a command of everything.” You shall never and nowhere hear this type of an attitude throughout eternity. And therefore your growth through learning and teaching others will never end. Thus you may already now assume such a disposition to this type of eternal life which will always be full of new and interesting teachings and their application in an every day environment, which will always expand for you until ultimately it will embrace the whole of cosmic space. But it is greater beyond comparison, millions of times greater than that which you see today when you look up at the sky.    

Therefore think, already now, in what way you will be able to serve, to do good deeds in that cosmic space which houses an incredibly great multitude of worlds with different orders of life if, today, you cannot do good deeds to your brethren, and even do not desire to. You cannot do good deeds to them, and even do not desire to, since you have not been taught this by either your parents or teachers or even by your own mind which is governed by low and selfish interests, which are truly unworthy of the shining of your true self which is impossible of achieving without perpetual learning and service. 

Therefore I present to you these current teachings of mine that you would begin to feel their significance in the lives of each of you. These teachings are my assistance to my brethren of the present generation. Other generations due to the fact that you will assimilate them and begin to apply them in practice would possess a deeper and higher thinking. And it will be you who will contribute to the achievement of their higher level, for you will become their teachers by the way of your living, that in their turn they might pass even a higher spiritual way of living to their children and grandchildren. While learning yourselves, you also teach others once you begin to lead your daily life based on my teachings. A creature at the same time is both a student and a teacher.       

Therefore, you must start looking upon your learning as an inseparable part of your living which never ends. 

Some of you will become my apostles and ambassadors of the Father and completely consecrate yourselves to preaching my teachings and the living word of the Father. This living word is very important and necessary to those brethren of yours who cannot yet assimilate my teaching so soon, and who do not even dare to choose which way to walk in their lives. They are in doubt and searching. They are at a loss and worried. It is for such orphan children of the Father that this help and support are necessary so that they would hear a living and strengthening word from their brethren which is tinged with a living experience of that person who teaches rather than with a theory of the teaching. And it is the experience rather than a theoretical narrative that is the most effective means and part of the teaching. Therefore, it is the application of my teachings in one’s personal and daily living, and a sharing of these experiences with other brethren, that makes up part and parcel of my teaching.  

My teaching, even like a living word of the Father, shall never stop moving you, or the inhabitants of other worlds, for it is living and experiential. You, each of you, can both test and experience this teaching ever more. There is nothing that could be insurmountable for you already today.

Each of you can apply my teachings already now and gradually start feeling an enormous difference between your life which you have led prior to the application of the teachings and the life you led while applying them.