144. The Wasting Of Energy Is Harmful To One’s Body

Cooperation in creation is of different levels. The greater the creature’s experience the deeper his devotion to the business of the Father, and to the enlightenment of the whole of creation and service to the Father. Therefore, this cooperation can be only of one’s free will. You must know that in this very creation there are many different beings who have no free will and that is why they cannot choose that which would equal your choice between good and evil, between doing and not doing the Father’s will, because they have been created particularly such in order to perform only these definite functions. It is particularly associated energy manipulation in different units of creation. Energy does not change automatically by itself once it is emitted from the Father through Paradise. Energy takes different forms of transformation in the cosmos due to the living beings who operate as energy manipulators. That includes both Paradise Force Organizers, Energy Transformers, Energy Centers, Energy Regulators, Physical Controllers, and some other beings whose only operation throughout the whole of creation is to adequately modulate energy vibrations so that they could be applied for the needs of a corresponding segment of creation or even for the needs of an individual in a particular ambience. And their activity, all the time, every second, is related exclusively to passing energy which corresponds to the needs of this part of creation in which they operate. And this activity in no way exhausts them. They always perform it perfectly for it is for this purpose that they have been created. 

You must realize that in the course of the existence of creation there has never been a disruption of either the supply or manipulation of energy for at least a second. And this activity shall also be perfect and undisrupted in eternity of the future, and while creation expands further on.

However, the only thing which is perfect, even in the remotest parts of the cosmos from Paradise, is the manipulation of energy. Therefore, you must be certain that there shall never be a shortage of either energy or patience and endurance of the beings manipulating energy to manipulate it according to the needs, since this operation has been designed by the Father’s plan of evolutionary expansion, by employing all the means created for energy manipulation. You must also realize that such energy centers have no staff for they are themselves this very staff and they are intelligent of themselves. Their minds cannot be surpassed as regards their activity. Therefore, activity of these centers, and the very centers as beings are beyond your understanding. But you must know that the Father has provided such a model of the organization of the whole of creation which embraces everything, even the slightest element, so that creation activity would not lack anything in order that its free will creatures might develop from the very bottom, from the lowest stage of energy, from material mortals, upwards to perfected spirits after having reached eternity on Paradise, while on their path they would be able to ever more devote themselves to doing the Father’s will without deviating to side ways which would distract their attention from the main goal.

As you start your progress to the Source and Center of Eternity – the Father – you act in your material form, or in your body, in such a way as you just begin to discern that which is the will of the Father and in what way it must be done. And the more you begin to feel this within yourself, not in a material energy vehicle, but rather in your own thinking, that there is an inner power which helps you make a decision of your own free will rather than forcefully, that the Father’s will is always related to love, truth, and goodness, the stronger your decision becomes, and you begin to discern ever better, even in complicated circumstances, as to which is and which is not the doing of the Father’s will. However, even while doing the Father’s will, doing good to others, you must take care of your material body, you must take care of its energy recharge, or its energy recuperation.

While acting in daytime in the service of creation you must consume energy. If you act against the will of the Father your energy discharge gets still greater. Therefore, you have to replenish your energy with both food and sleep, and even with the worship of the Father and the petition-prayer. And for this purpose you must devote not only your time, and effort, but actually your entire life, because without such recuperation of energy you would not be able to exist any longer. Therefore, your entire effort is actually directed only to the means of energy recuperation, while you absolutely forget the very Source of Energy – the Father. Your entire energy is consumed by you to earn as much money as possible in order to spend it on tastier food, a better dwelling place, greater comfort for your body while asleep, a richer variety of the equipment for food preparation, different parties to remove your stress, traveling during the vacation period, medication in case of illness, and health rehabilitation institutions in case of your exhaustion. You devote your life to all of this. And this is what makes up the means of replenishing energy that is wasted by you. And you focus your living on all this, and you also teach your children, and the entire generation, to do these very same things.

And when do you live? You are acting all the time under the conditions of stress which exhausts your vital energy even more. Under these conditions it is impossible not only to live but even to keep up the balance of this vital energy which is supplied to you from on high. However much money, time, and effort you will devote to it, all the same, you will not restore the balance of energy, since you just do not know how to do it, and you believe that well-furnished houses standing in the cities, your sleep in the beds which are comfortable for your body, rich and expensive foods, grand parties, and far off travels will do it for you. It is this sort of pressure that your body needs as little as possible in order to recuperate its energy balance, and with which you provide it while making an attempt to replenish your wasted energy. You cannot perpetually constrain your body without ever feeling side effects. Your present way and rhythm of living are not the restoration of the balance of the vital energy which is given to you but rather an additional consumption of it, and even wasting it. And with your own eyes you see these bitter consequences – hospitals are full, people are upset because of their life environment, for there are so many unsolved problems around you such as crime, corruption, violence, exploitation of people, a miserable ecological situation, the crisis of the youth, family, and humanity. But there is not a single model which would truly suggest how all this evil must be tackled. No models fit – be it Swedish socialism, American capitalism, Russian communism, globalization, unions, empires, or individual isolation. Everything is built as a house of cards without any foundation. Therefore it breaks down since your current entire life does not provide you with methods to restore the balance of the energy wasted by your material body.