3. Episodes Of My Life In The Human Flesh

For you to feel stronger while reading these teachings that I am presenting you, as well as to feel the person of Jesus as the one who has come in the flesh amongst you, I will relate to you some things from my human life that have not been recorded in any other scripture.

Those of you who are familiar with the Revelation, called The Urantia Book, might get a deeper description of both my life and my teachings, for this portrayal of my life has been presented to you by creatures superior to man. It is due to them that you have a broader picture of my life two thousand years ago. But they did not dare to depict their Creator of the Universe as such who might also have negative traits, even though they did say that I was born exactly the way all the other babies were born both prior to and after my birth on your world. I grew up and matured exactly the way all the other children grew up and matured before me and after me on your world. However, my life has been presented exclusively as a collection of my positive qualities from my very birth up to my ascension to the Father “on the right.” It was mentioned on very rare occasions that my vigorous and inquisitive character caused problems to both my parents and my teachers at the synagogue school. But even in this case the problems I gave them have been presented as such that seemed to be very innocent and pleasant to the reader.

However, while growing and maturing, I experienced very similar problems to those of all the other children. Being vigorous at the same time I was not only inquisitive but also hot-tempered, like any other child of that age. Just because my parents were understanding and truly loving, that provided them enormous patience to deal with me so that I did not take on a path that would have led me to greater wrongdoing. I had a strong inner force and I was only able to keep from elevating my own self above the others after my childhood was already in full swing, when I reached a higher level of understanding of my environment. My contacts with Joseph and Mary were not that innocent as some of you might think. I also had moments of angry outbursts when my mind was unable to understand why my parents tried to look upon me as though I was a special member of our large family, as compared with my other brothers and sisters. All this would seem to me unfair and I would resist it. I would resist it from within and then I would start to resist from without by actions. Meanwhile I was doing it, not because this greater attention to me was disturbing or unpleasant, but rather because it would harm my other brothers and sisters. And this I was taking as my own offense, and that was being felt by my own inner self.

My parents, neither Joseph nor Mary, did not explain to me anything about my higher mission on this world that had been revealed to my mother by Gabriel who had appeared to her even before my birth. Therefore my ego would take offence if they tried to pamper me more than their other children. And the role of the mommy’s molly-coddling was absolutely unacceptable to me. Thus my inner self would flare up to reject the situation of being treated like this by my parents, especially on the part of my mother. It was obvious that it did hurt and offend them. However, at that time, I had a feeling that I had to behave exactly that way. Such was the leading of my mind by my own self that was not yet mature at all. Therefore such impulsiveness of mine would cause considerable pain and uncertainty for my parents. They were expecting from me some out-of-the-ordinary attention for them and my exceptional interest in God, since all their life was filled up with the message received by my mother from Gabriel that I would be that promised child who would reveal light to all those who would accept it. And my parents, as well as all the other Jews of that time, had a deep imprint, even in their sub-consciousness, formed up through generations, of expecting a Messiah who had to liberate their nation from the gentile oppressors.

Therefore, in any family, of any generation, having more than one child, the parents must never divide their love in different portions. It must be shared equally with all. And such a love must be always shared as if each child, even in a large family, were the only child in all the family.

All, and each, of us are being loved with this sort of love by that Great Source and Center that you call God.

And it is only after having felt His love within that it is possible to share one‘s love with one‘s children equally as if all these children, and each child taken separately, would be the only and most beloved child in all the family. And exactly the same approach must be taken towards each child within that large family.