141. My Teachings Lead To Love And Truth And Point The Direction To One’s Survival

My teaching is not being imposed on you and it is not the one that must necessarily be carried out to improve your living. My teaching is meant for you to survive altogether as your own identity after the resurrection. My teaching is related to your future life which will start after the resurrection. Your present life is so messed up and confused that you do not even realize how deeply you are submerged in the bog of materialism. Therefore, the effort by many a generation will be required that the current swamp of materialism might be consistently, generation upon generation, and with the Father’s love, cleaned up by your offspring. And it is only then that your life will improve. However, prior to this improvement an enormous shock, great physical suffering, and losses await you. But your survival depends whether or not you will start to follow my current teaching, which remains the same as it was two thousand years ago – the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of men, and even as my present apostle expanded it to the brotherhood of the whole of creation. A practical application of my teaching will not be able to change the living in the current form so much that it would become true and just for all and right away. It is only the one who will turn my teaching into the principle of one’s living and who will turn to the Father, after having discovered Him within oneself, into one’s corner stone on which one will firmly stand, it is such a son of the Father who will sense the meaning of his living and therefore will stop feeling this great pain and suffering because of the injustice which he presently feels.

However, neither pain nor harm will disappear for others. Therefore, even a man of faith will be impacted by his inner pain and torment in relation to injustice and harm which are experienced by others. Then his sensitivity will not be directed to inside of his self, and to his desire to improve only his living, but rather his view will be pointed to the outside, to his other brethren who are suffering at the moment.

And it is only then that inner comprehension will come that it is impossible to change the environment for others individually, since the whole of creation is one family of the Father. And if at least one member of this family suffers, in this case, the whole loving family also suffers.

Therefore, brotherhood embraces the spreading of mutual love and service. It is only then that you will begin to understand, once you start to apply my teaching, that you cannot stand aside from the pain and suffering of others when personally you do not feel either pain or suffering any longer, for you have discovered The Source of Peace – the Father – within your inner self. And He soothes you. But at the same time He leads you to help others, who still suffer and experience injustice, discover the Father within so that they would also begin to experience peace within themselves, that their pain and suffering would be melted in the Father’s love discovered and being experienced.

However, it is only one sphere of activity of this brother in spirit. My teaching, even though it is full of love and mercy for each of you, it also has a charge for spiritual acting which will make you resort to wise means of helping others, and by this enlightening even those who are full of injustice and deception, who harm their brethren being incapable of counteracting them in any other way but with their inner suffering, inner anxiety, inner pain, and inner shrinking, when any humaneness is missing on both sides. Brothers and sisters in spirit become enemies, hating each other. Only one side is strong with its wealth and position and therefore dictates their own conditions of how to live for the others, who are dependant upon the former ones from the material point of view, and thus they cannot live the way they desire to. The other side is made up of the brethren who are weak and poor, by their position, therefore they have to obey the will of the former ones and give up their own will altogether and they gradually forget how to live of their own free will when all decisions are made for them by those mighty ones. And the poor ones have only to perform what they are commanded to. The restraint of one’s free will starts damaging the growth of the personality character.

They begin to deviate from the path of light and fairness and even shrink still more without seeing a way out of the situation in which they are, for they notice that exactly similar things develop in another job and that they will not be provided with better conditions anywhere, and thus dejection transforms into long-term disappointment in such a way of living.

And it is only my teaching that will help all brethren straighten themselves as respectable mortals who, while even being poor, will begin to grow as straight and beautiful trees, in order to provide others with shade on a hot day and with refuge from wind and with shelter from rain on a windy or rainy day. Those who will start to follow my teachings will begin to change, for they will feel within themselves how the Father leads and strengthens them, they will feel my support, my Partner’s, Mother’s Spirit of the Universe support, they will feel the support of angels, and they also will even feel inner urging to act with love and truth. And they will start acting, each in one’s job, each in one’s life, and they will start acting in a way that even the most powerful and the richest brethren will notice their activity, and they will become speechless because of this bold activity even within their own company, even where they will have considered themselves to be the rulers to that moment.

And this activity of the elevated brethren will be not a revolt, not resistance, but love and truth. Love and truth will be planted in that environment where the awakened brethren will work. They will be implanting the Father’s love and truth, not to appear to be the champions for love and truth, but because they will not be able to live otherwise. This will be their mode of living and it will differ from their earlier life, which was full of anxiety and fear, and from that of their brethren who will not yet have awakened. It is these very love vibrations that will be emitted into the environment from such vigorous people, acting in love and truth. And other men who will work together with them and their employers will begin to feel them.

And the latter will have nothing to nag at for they also will be surprised by this change. And they will see that this change is somewhat beyond comprehension and it is not just artificial, it is such that gives them power and strength from within, to live this way and without fear. And these vibrations of higher frequency will bring peace to some while they will irritate others, yet even those irritated will be unaware of how to react to regain peace. Ever greater numbers of people will look for patronage from their brethren who will have awakened to love and truth. And they will receive their help because both the Father and I shall act through them even as now we act through your brother in spirit who is taking down these teachings of mine so that you could see light on your path to love and truth.

You must understand that we do not lead you towards ourselves by force or orders. All the time the Father and I are calling on you and urging you not to be afraid to stride towards us. We provide you with enormous support. Only do not reject it but rather accept it. Our entire activity is meant to provide you with assistance rather than to put up barriers to burden you, making your way to us more difficult for you to elbow through. We have prepared for you and provided you with everything. Only make use of all the tools. Love and truth have already been provided to you by the Father, and upheld by me, within yourselves.

It is those who will discover the Father within who will discover both love and truth. And it is only because they will see it and feel it that they will be able to give it to others, and help them see it. And this will be so obvious, so real for them, that for the others who will see neither love nor truth within themselves, it will seem very strange how they can see it, and even how they are not scared to spread it to others; and to all; and to do it only with love, and without any deception, without any selfish calculation.

They will see their awakened brethren walk without looking sideways as to where they might be putting their foot on in the darkness, but rather boldly striding straightforward, as if someone invisible were lighting the path for them. It is that firmness of pace and straightforwardness of striding that will fascinate others who will not be able to understand from whence this certainty is, for as recently as only yesterday, they were downcast and at a loss, angry and dissatisfied, while today they are full of certainty and peace, resolution and desire to walk along this very path, the existence of which, yesterday, they had no idea at all. And they will walk on this path, not for the benefit of their egoistic selves, but rather for the benefit of their higher and divine selves, by helping others. All. Even their own employers whom they disliked so much as recently as just yesterday.

This is the life in the vibrations of one’s survival, of the survival of one’s inner self in eternity. This is not the life of today but rather of tomorrow, and even of eternity. However, it is lived today. And it produces a much better life for the generations to come when the number of such awakened brethren becomes much greater. And my teaching is meant to enable you, each of you, to make a personal decision, and to start living with the Father within you, and at the same time, to discover Him sooner within your inner selves to be certain of your own survival. Already now, you would be certain of your survival. And you would not lead your life in misery and poverty any longer but rather in dignity as fits a son or daughter of the Father. It does not fit you to lead a life which is in confusion, shrunk, and incomprehensible. That is not the path of a son or daughter of the Father.

My teaching calls on you to wake up, look around, and notice the direction of the path to your personal survival through your faith, and your discovery of the Father within. However, my teaching is neither the faith nor the discovery of the Father within. This must be done by you, by each of you individually. I cannot do it for you. It is only you, each of you, who make a decision; whether you desire to experience your survival after the death of your material body, or your current life is sufficient for you.

If you are tired of and disappointed with your current life, then I do offer you the direction of a true and blissful living towards the Father who is present within you, each of you. If these horizons of bliss, starting within you, do not lure you, in this case, my teachings shall not move you and you shall not choose your survival. Therefore, the Father shall satisfy your free-will decision – to reject your own survival – however painful it might be for Him not to grant the resurrection to His son or daughter so that He would lead on His son or daughter alive, to Himself.

Try to envision yourself in the boots of the Father when your beloved children do not desire to remain alive together with you and they prefer death, due to their ignorance, of the life with which you are capable of providing them. And when the number of such sons and daughters of the Father is enormous, try to envision what an enormous suffering these children cause to Him as they consciously, and of their own free will, decide not to walk on the path of eternity.

Therefore, my teachings are meant for you, each of you, so that you would make a wise decision of your own free will. It is not an obligatory teaching, even as your decision does not have to necessarily be only in favor of your personal survival. My teaching is meant for you to find the Father within yourselves, to experience His love, and after that your decision, of your own free will, shall be firm and always, in any circumstances, only for your survival. However, this sort of decision will be due to your experiencing the bliss of the Father’s love within yourself, and you will desire to experience it ever more, rather than due to my teaching. And this bliss experience leads you, each of you, ever closer to the Father. And your blossoming soul begins to feel such an ever growing desire to fuse with the Father that there is no longer any need to even hint about the rejection of survival. Any, even the slightest doubts have melted in a deep and living relationship with the Father and in a wonderful and all-embracing experience of the Father’s love.