31. My Decision

Thus, my decision was firm and ultimate: “I must behave exactly in a similar way as all other people do without distinguishing myself from the rest of them. Only when they notice that I behave the way they do, while always remaining within the love, truth, and mercy of a higher consciousness, will they be able to follow me, and to walk together with me, because neither will I be beyond their reach nor elevating myself beyond their understanding. I must show them only what they can understand and do by themselves.“

Therefore all my decisions were to the effect that I was not to use any additional means in trying to attract them to my side. I would attract them by my living full of the Father‘s love, as one of them and among them; and not only in that generation, but throughout all the human generations; and not only on this planet but also on the millions of other planets. Thus, I would not meddle with any economic and political events but rather by my living, I would show in what manner wiser human minds by having achieved the higher consciousness vibrations, being emitted by The First Source and Center, would be able to settle economic, political, educational, family, every day life, and other affairs. It was my enlightenment that they needed; to get enlightened themselves, and while being enlightened they would know how to tackle those problems that worried them at that time. If I started counseling all of them on how to run their economic and political, financial and educational, family and community matters in every definite situation, very soon, after some change in the situation, my advice for them would not be fitting any more.

Therefore, it is more important to show to man a path to light and greater wisdom so that by using it he would be able to solve the issues that spring up in any generation and in any century.

Thus, I decided to apply no supernatural means so that it would not run against the Father‘s will that I had arrived to demonstrate to all my brethren; so that they would also know how to do the Father‘s will, daily, at every single moment.