142. Create A New Life And Cherish It Only Together With The Father

As I sojourned on your planet two thousand years ago, by the time I set up a live relationship with the Father, I had not known anything about the resurrection. Until that time I was constantly tormented by the questions: What happens once a human dies? And why does he die? Why is this sort of end of a human life necessary? Why do our beloved ones have to die? Why cannot God, whom all called Jahve, show mercy for them to prolong their lives? What sort of life – full of riches or faith – has value?

And it was only after I had established a living communion with the spirit of the Father who also indwelt my mind that very gradually I began to realize that the Father had designed the resurrection exclusively out of love so that we would not stay here for long for it was just the very beginning of the beginnings, this flash of one’s material life. And it is fairly sufficient for everyone to decide whether one desires to go to the Father, whether one’s faith has reached the level so that one’s desire to go to the Father starts changing the living pace and decisions of this human being in such a way as to make him better, more merciful, and more just to others. And faith enables this human to start sensing greater power within him. And the operation of this inner power also expands this very human’s perception of the environment and strengthens his knowledge that this life is not the only one, that the death of his material body is certainly not the end. And this perception that after one’s death there is a life of a different sort, that there is one’s survival, ever grows and deepens.

A very significant aspect of your living is the raising of your babies and children based on vibrations of the Father’s love, rather than on your selfish and acquisitive love for your child as for a thing rather than as for a human-personality possessing his free will received from the Father.

Exactly the very same free will as you parents possess. You must not regard your baby that you hold in your arms, that you are feeding from your breast, as your property. You hold in your arms, you feed from your breast a new, just born, son or daughter of the Father. Even as you are a son or daughter of the Father. You are in no way different, apart from the intervening years between your birth and that of this child of the Father, and the experience you have already accumulated. However, it is a very short flashing moment to make you truly different. This time interval will pass very quickly and the child’s experience will exceed yours if you contribute to it with all your soul.

Therefore, you, a father and a mother, while even expecting a baby, must begin to feel your love for the Father and the whole of the environment within yourselves. And you can begin to sense it provided that you discover the Father within yourselves. Therefore, it is only after having discovered the Father that you will be expecting your baby while being yourselves already enveloped by the love vibrations of the Father and experiencing these very same vibrations from the Father within each of you. Still happier are those parents who even before encountering each other and getting married, have already discovered the Father within. In this way their mutual love, from the very beginning of their encounter, had this indissoluble link – a living love of the Father which is experienced within each of them, and for each other. And such a couple gets married while truly sensing the leading of the Father’s love, rather than out of either material calculation or sexual attraction to each other. And it is such a couple already while creating a new baby, who is creating it together with the Father, by calling in the Father with their love vibrations, to participate in this act of creation of a new child of the Father as a Co-creator. And they feel this additional vital energy, emanating from the Father during this very sexual intercourse of love, in which the Father himself is really present after having been called in with love by the future parents of the baby. And this is a guarantee that the development of a new son or daughter of the Father, from the very first moment, shall be smooth and without complications. And the baby shall be born healthy, strong, and of great vitality.

And it is determined by the love vibrations of the parents which reach them from the Father through His spirit, the Thought Adjuster, and perpetually radiated to both each other, a developing embryo in the womb of the mother, the environment, the Father himself, and the whole of creation. And all creation also protects and cares for such a new fetus so that it would be born as a new member of the entire creation. A physical member, who would subsequently, thanks to his up-bringing by the parents, will become a mature spiritual member even though still in the flesh.

After the baby’s birth, the mother must not be separated from the baby. The father, according to the conditions, must also try to be by the baby as much as possible. For you must know that the baby is nourished not only by the mother’s milk which she gives him with love but also with the love vibrations of the father which are live and real. Therefore, that which the father has to give up primarily after the birth of his baby is the consumption of any alcoholic drinks and tobacco, not to mention even much stronger narcotic drugs. All these intoxicating substances, and in reality the substances suppressing one’s brain activity, lower inner energy vibrations of the father to a very low level, and they also suppress energy vibrations of the baby, the higher vibrations by the lower ones. And this is a very important factor because the lower the vibrations in this weak body, the higher the tendency to illnesses, even to the minor ones.

Therefore, the father’s participation, starting with the birth of the baby and ending with the child’s up-bringing, is necessary so that he could pass his love vibrations to the mother and to the baby, and thus directly contribute to a healthy birth of the baby, so that it would be as painless as possible, and even altogether painless.

That depends upon the degree of faith of the mother and the father. And, already now, a mother having faith can give birth to a baby without physical pain when the vibrations of the Father’s love and her devotion to Him are imbibing and melting all physical pain. And the husband-father can also make his own contribution to it.

For the baby who has just been born the most wonderful diet is the love and warmth of the mother as well as the love vibrations of the father.

And the mother’s milk has not only nutritional substances but also a certain taste. And the more it has of the vibrations of the Father’s love, the more pleasant is the taste of the mother’s milk. However, you can destroy this taste if you do not feel the Father’s love by yourselves and if you partake of such food which claims the death of another organism. Therefore, even the love vibrations, emanating from within you, will not provide the milk of the mother with a pleasant taste if she eats animal food; the more so that this sort of food is also harmful to the body of the mother.

Therefore, one’s faith, prayer, and living relationship with the Father are very important so that you would begin to look upon everything as upon a system. Moreover, you must realize that this system does really operate, following the principle of cause-action-consequence, and neither can you change nor annul it. Nobody, apart from the Creators, can eliminate or stop its operation. But such arbitrary intervention on their part would also lead to consequences for the whole of creation. And it is only after having been born of the spirit, only after having started to feel a living love of the Father for the whole environment that you will no longer, in peace, be able to partake of the food which claims the life of another animal. Therefore, your food shall change into a vegetable diet and, by this, into a healthier one. You will eat just diverse vegetable food. It is only this way that you will be able to keep your body healthy. Therefore, try to eat raw rather than cooked vegetables, fruits, nuts, and you must soak cereals. To make them softer you may mash them in a mashing-pot and pour boiling water upon them and let them stay to soak up the water. Do not be afraid of raw and uncooked food. It is only within it that all vitamins so necessary for your body are preserved. And they all will also get into the mother’s milk so that the body of the baby would receive all of them as well; both vitamins and minerals. Use marine salt and drink plain water. And it is only with your love for the Father that you will be able to follow this diet.

Keep in mind that you have distorted your nutrition so much, expanded it so much that you are in confusion yourselves; even those who try to set directives of nutrition for others. Meanwhile you, each of you, need very little and very simple food, only live food rather than cooked, fried, or roasted.

However, the Father sustains you not only with material food. He sustains you with His love. Therefore, pray before each meal, and it is by this prayer that you will open up to Him in order to feel His sustenance by His love energy vibrations. And the baby will also feel all this from the mother’s milk and the Father’s love vibrations which are emitted from you. And you will also wonder that he grows strong and healthy. And moreover: He grows as if by himself without wearing you out by his crying for very early he will become independent and he, himself, will be able to ask in his way to be fed. You mothers shall notice his petition very soon. But that will not be his crying. That will be his reaching for your breast; that will be his reaching for you. You will associate with him all the time and you will feel his vibrations. And you will pass to him yours. And that mutual and invisible bond, but a live bond, shall allow you to understand each other very quickly and in a very subtle way.