132. The Knowledge Of The Environment

The present time on your planet, even though it is very tough for you, and fairly wearing and full of anxiety for many of you, is so wonderful for us, your spiritual helpers, because we watch the effort being taken by you while making a choice between good and evil, between truth and lies.

We see your inner anguish while you are doing something wrong and sensing that which you call remorse. And this testifies to your awakening relationship with your higher self, with your soul which sends you the impulses that your living must not be of the sort that you lead now.

However, the most remarkable thing is that it is particularly at this time that you can feel, and even see with your material eyes, like in a movie, the changing sights of such life which immediately surrounds you. The current time provides you with so many changes on the scale of the whole of humanity, in traveling from one land to another, in possibilities of rendering these impressions from your travels to your other brethren by different means, in applying an expanded variety of communication and different means of travel. And all this is happening at this particular time rather than at some time in the past or in a distant future; and it is unfolding before your eyes.     

And you know how to make use of these things very well, and you employ them. And you must only be commended for it and even more encouraged to strive to implement still bolder ideas. Therefore, this time provides you with many pleasant experiences and conveniences which will remain in this form indelibly imprinted in the memory of many of you. 

Therefore you must look upon the environment with gratitude for it provides you with such wonderful chances to know a much broader environment than ever before as well as to tell about yourselves in these lands which have no idea about your land. This present time does not generate such fear and anxiety any longer the way the ancient times did when a traveler set off on a journey, which was rare, and not that far off as it is today. And it means that you know the environment much better than your most prominent brethren who devoted all their lives to traveling and whose courageous effort in carrying out their journeys crowned them with fame, while for you they provided a possibility to travel so widely without fear and anxiety.   

However, since those times, the planet has neither increased nor decreased in size. Man has not grown up to double his height or the size of his brain. It is exclusively your own experience that enables you to know the environment better, while this knowledge of the environment allows you to understand what and where might pose you a danger, even a threat to your life, and how to avoid these dangers. Your better knowledge of the environment enables you to acquire peace, and to stop fearing the environment to the extent that your brethren who lived before you feared it, and who were not in possession of such means for investigating the ambience.  

This enables you to comprehend much more as to what is real and what is not, what is eternal and what is temporal. And you, possessing the means for the research of the present time environment, must accordingly, wisely make use of everything that has been created in the material sphere, so that in a similar, enthusiastic and efficient way, you would create your true selves while investigating a spiritual sphere.  

Now, in the spiritual sphere, you are in a similar position as the first investigators of your material world once were. They sailed off to uncertainty. They discovered new shores ever farther away from their native port, until eventually they sailed around the whole planet and proved that the planet was not flat; that it was possible to sail around it; for after having left a port it was possible to get back by sailing ever farther away rather than returning by the same route. Even though in reality each-mile-ever-farther-away, was ever closer to that very same native port from which the ship had departed.

And your spiritual journey must be ever deeper into your own inner self to discover the Father within it, and then you would begin to feel that all fear has vanished, the fear of other brethren, for they might be of a different belief, of a different face color, of a different culture. This fear is particularly due to your lack of inner experience with the Father. As a traveler sailing on the ocean reaches the shores, islands, and countries, so will you, while traveling in the Father’s spiritual ocean of love, reach the shores, islands, and countries where you will discover your brethren who are also, in a similar way, sailing in this very same ocean of the spirit and searching for the shores, islands, and countries. And then you will notice that you posses a common link, the Father, who enabled each of you to experience Him in your own way, by your own personal experience. But each of you will know that this experience unites you, for very soon you will experience in your soul the vibrations of the Father’s love which are radiated by another soul, as this other soul begins to feel the vibrations of the Father’s love being emanated from your soul, and you will realize that you discovered a common island in this ocean of the Father’s love. And this discovery will provide you with a deeper knowledge and greater self-confidence as well as greater trust in the discovered brother or sister in spirit, since this trust will be coming out of the Father’s love.