78. The Limitedness Of The Present-day Economy

It is even worse in economy since you look upon it only from the vantage point of material wellbeing. If a profitable and huge company pays a lot of money in taxes to the state budget, you highly value that company, and its workers are happy they can earn more than their other brethren in other companies that are not that big and profitable. But even here you miss from your view the crucial aspect – what is the motive of the company, any company? To strive for the good results of its operation – the wellbeing to all humanity or a profit to only those who are in control of and who own the company?  

It is only the motive that determines the meaning of every action. And it either matches or disregards the Father’s will by its motive. The Father’s will is one and changeless – to serve all rather than exclusive and supposedly chosen groups, nations, or states.

Economic, political, or family freedom can be had, only when each of you discovers the Father of all within your own self. It is only then that you begin to experience what it means to strive for the benefit of the whole rather than to strive for meeting your own and very narrow interests. 
If you are the owner or the head of an economic institution you do everything possible to contribute to the wellbeing of the whole, to the wellbeing of all, rather than attempt to satisfy only your own selfish interests at the cost of the wellbeing and welfare of others.

Will you jubilate, being the head of the family, if you, only by yourself, enjoy the accumulated wellbeing and welfare? If you have a rich table with different foods on it, even such an abundance of food that you are unable to consume and much of it you just throw out since the products begin to spoil and stink? If you have a wonderful home, a nice automobile, and you go in it wherever you desire and you are leading, according to your understanding, a nice life, and this sort of living you emphasize to the other members of your family who cannot come up to the rich table for you have forbidden them to taste your best dishes, you do not allow them to enter the house and live in it, and you leave them outside to freeze or to get wet in the rain. You do not let them in your luxurious car and never take them for a drive that they would also enjoy new trips that lure their souls so much. Could you, being a loving father, behave this way with your family members whom you love so much and for whom you also desire wellbeing and welfare in no way less than for yourself? Would you strive for wellbeing for yourself only at this cost and would you feel happy while seeing their misery and sorrow in your joy? But the Father of all takes care of all to the same degree, even as you personally, being the owners of the company, take care of your own personal interests. Only the Father always takes care of the wellbeing of all, without singling out anyone, and He is teaching all and each, through His spirit, indwelling the mind of each of you, indwelling your own selves, teaching you to behave this way.   

Therefore you must open up to the Father with all your soul to feel His love within your own selves, and you will begin to behave the way He does. It is only then that you will feel that you will not be able to meet your interests at the expense of your other brethren whom you love and who love you. And it is just then that you will stop devoting all your business to satisfying your selfish interests and you will begin to care only for the wellbeing of the whole rather than to strive for a profit at any cost.     

You will cease stealing from your workers the wages that belong to them by underpaying them those thousands they have honestly earned and that you have put into your own pocket. That is a theft.

Once someone steals money out of one’s pocket you call that one a thief right away. But you are even worse than this thief since you are doing it in a very subtle manner claiming that you care for the standard of living of others only you cannot afford to pay them more. Could you accumulate such possessions were you not stealing from them every day?

Your riches have not been earned in a fair way, and the time has come to pay back, to return to your employees and workers who still work, or who already quit working, everything you have stolen from them.

And it is only your soul, opened up to the Father, that will tell your mind how to do it, where and how to find the people you have hurt for so long and made them suffer, and at the expense of their suffering you have been building up your own homes, sending your children to study, traveling, purchasing luxurious cars, holding parties. You have been doing all this on the money that has not been honestly earned but rather stolen; even though you have not been called a thief by anyone. And it is only the soul, opened up to the Father, that will manage to pay this price of a wonderful light and at the same time also to experience relief within itself.  

Now your soul has neither inner peace nor a chance to spread out its wings along the path of fair economic activity. Your mind is silencing your soul right away once it starts to doubt that it is embarking upon the right path, silencing it by another oppressive step once you take up a new decision in favor of your own self, completely ignoring the needs of others. 

Profit driven economy has become the biggest obstacle for the future economic development of the world.

It is being demonstrated by the whole of the economic structure of the world when companies, being unable to survive, raise prices on their services, on their products, merge into different transnational amalgamations while no product, no raw material has changed by an iota. Gold, as has been gold, still is the same gold, diamonds, as have been diamonds, still are diamonds, oil, as has been oil, still is oil. It is merely your fear and your actions, provoked by this fear, that have brought you to such chaos in the world economy that you ceased to understand what is going on within the world’s economy.

Economists, businessmen, financiers, or politicians do not have the slightest idea what is currently happening in the world economy and politics. They are as a sinking ship, tossed by the huge oceanic waves, when nobody can do anything however much the rudder might be turned. No turn of the rudder brings any desired effect – at least some stability in economy or politics, at least any minor clarity that would allow you to plan your actions. Any tension, any conflicts – military, political, economic – raise up still higher waves of the ocean and you feel absolutely helpless while even trying to speak about certain crisis cycles in economics, about its stagnation, about a chance to stabilize this situation after you will achieve a victory against terrorism that is being provoked by yourselves. No. You shall never calm down these waves by the means that you are applying now. You are just increasing the storm. And you do not even begin to ponder why?

You are trying to tackle these very issues at different international forums that by no means analyze the true causes of an impending and even greater chaos. You are totally blind not only spiritually but also politically and economically.

You speak about things you do not have any idea of, and your words are meaningless in solving the tasks that you do not comprehend. You do not know the condition of the tasks you are trying to solve. And there is only one way – faith in the Father after having discovered Him within.