42. Mary And Joseph

Mary and Joseph, recently married were both very young. However, all their ancestry had been checked generation upon generation going further down through human history. And the Joseph and Mary family was chosen personally by Gabriel out of the last three selected couples whose ancestral genes had been checked in the divine data registries. And you have distorted my life story to have taken away from me even my birth in the family of Mary and Joseph by claiming all the time I was born out of the womb of a virgin. You do not know all the esteem to the family among the Jews that has been dominant during those far off times two thousand years ago and that is dominant now.

How can you say this and call it the word of God when you portray my birth as beyond the family boundaries; and my birth within the nation that so highly esteems the family itself and the role of the mother and the father within it. It is the mother who is responsible for bringing up a boy till the age of five. And, at the age of five, the up-bringing of a boy is taken over by the father. While the mother is engaged in the up-bringing of girls further on till they get married. And even a married daughter, until she gives birth to the first baby, is still considered to be a virgin. Only having given birth to a child, she enters into a full-fledged womanhood.

Therefore, until Mary gave birth to me, as I was her first child, she was not yet into her full status of womanhood and was considered to be a “virgin” even though while having her husband.

There are many more similar distortions in the scriptures you consider to be holy. But even in these Scriptures you shall find the names of my other brothers, as well as a mention that I also had other sisters. Just read these very Scriptures you call holy, attentively, and you shall come to know more about my family, the Joseph and Mary family.

And it is painful to me to see the distortions being invented about me and about our family that was large. Mary gave birth to nine children, my younger sisters and brothers whom I had also to raise after my father, Joseph, unexpectedly was killed in an accident on a construction site. After his death I became the sole support of my family providing my mother both financial and moral support.

And it was such an experience to me that no other child had throughout the planet. I was just fourteen at the time and I had to shoulder all the burden of providing food to all of us and bringing up the children. Being only fourteen years old I suddenly became the elder brother-father to all my junior brothers and sisters.

Those experiences were very hard and bitter for my young mind and soul; and for my body. Since, in my adolescence I had to give up the pleasures of the joyful adolescent period that were enjoyed by the boys of my age. I could not participate in these pleasures any more because I had to shoulder the burden that would be hard to endure even for a grown man. At that time it seemed to me that I could break down and could not hold that heavy burden on my still immature shoulders. The more so that prior to that tragic outcome with Joseph I had been known as a child who was very energetic, agile, and full of resounding laughter. My agility and speculations had caused anxiety not only to my parents but also to those whom I had associated with. They had known me as a son of Joseph the carpenter and therefore they had been looking upon me with a certain forgiving attitude for they honored my father, Joseph, very much who was a very industrious and sincere man.

My mother, Mary, was also a very devoted wife to him and the mother who loved us, all the children, very much. However, her character was not that stable as that of Joseph. The tranquility of Joseph and fluctuations of Mary had also impacted the building up of my character. Prior to my father’s death I had rather resembled my mother by my character. All the scenes were filled up with my presence. And everywhere I was feeling that other boys of my age were tending to obey my influence. Therefore it seemed to me fairly natural that my junior brothers and sisters had to obey me as well, the more so they were younger. It was only after having become the sole bread earner in the family that I did realize that I was shouldered with responsibility.