126. Once Again About Non-existent Reincarnation, Faith, And Your Experiences

Due to the fact that your wisdom has declined, or to put it better, is not risen from the level of its animal and selfish self, I had no other choice but once again to address you myself as Jesus Christ, with my teachings, and once again to awaken your souls in order to protect you from pain and tears which are frightening you so and killing you. And in order that I would wipe them off for you, and that you would do it for others; these teachings of mine are the most important, for it is due to them that you would find comfort yourselves and would comfort others since you would see the environment with a much deeper and more discerning sight rather than with your narrow view. 

Read them and pass a word to your brethren so that as many people would get acquainted with them as possible and would ponder their lives to date, and would make a free will decision on becoming from a materialist, into a son or daughter of the Father, and by this would ensure a peaceful and full-blooded life on this world and in the resurrection after material death as you call it. You shall not have the second life and you shall not experience a reincarnation. Remember this. Even the teachings I passed through other people and which make a hint about reincarnation is nothing but my condescension to the mind of men so that they, being so deeply influenced by the idea of reincarnation, would not get lost themselves and would not give up their path to the Father altogether should the foundation for their spiritual development be knocked out from under their feet. And this concession was made as a compromise to you. And I already spoke about it in these teachings of mine as well. Now I shall still add the following. The Father does not need an endless repetition of your living in the mortal flesh. However many times would you be allowed to live in the human flesh, all the same you would be unable to accumulate all human experiences, just due to the fact that human experiences in another generation are different and their solutions are also different. Therefore, your testing in relation to your experiences is meaningless.

Meanwhile there is one, and the only experience which not only denies any concept of the reality of the existence of reincarnation, but which is also your correct and righteous verification – your personal faith in the Father. And all the other personal experiences of yours, of good or bad deeds, lose their meaning if there is no faith experience. This experience is the only one and unchanging throughout all eternity not only to the man, but also to the soul and to the spirit. It is so always, and for good, that faith is such experience which cannot be either purchased or learnt. It is a living relationship with the Father; and it is personal. Even at a collective prayer, it remains a live personal relationship which transcends all the experiences previously accumulated by one’s inner self. It is one’s inner communion with That true and real Creator that has been discovered by the mortal within himself. It is this experience of yours that is the key and guarantee for us to verify your decision, rather than the fact of how good or bad you are. It is for this purpose that the Father has created me and a multitude of my Paradise Brothers and Sisters so that we would create the universes for you, and create you, and prepare the path to Him for you to walk on through your faith, and that you will walk on while even being in a material human form. And you do not have to roam, but rather to have faith. You must have just this only element of your testing: Your faith rather than your experience.        

The Father and I prepared for you a great multitude of worlds where you will accumulate your experience after your resurrection. And this accumulation of your experience will take you billions of years only on the path to the Father alone. You still will be tested as souls after your resurrection, and it is only then that you shall become the eternal spirits preserving your own same selves which start this journey to eternity today by the manifestation of the human and animal selves. 

Since you are on the very initial world no one requests great experiences from you. Even the fact that you have your animal vices such as jealousy, anger, revenge, hatred, fear, and the like, is not bad by itself because all these negative manifestations of your animal selves shall be replaced by the Father’s love on a long path to Him. Therefore, today you would also melt a great part of them just by your faith; by your faith and by your living relationship with the Father rather than by your exercises of suggestion or by your psychological training. 

I shall tell you even more. Once you pass through the stage of the soul development lasting for thousands of years, measured by your time, and once you become a spirit, then you will say farewell to my universe and you will progress to the Father in the center of creation – on Paradise. And my universe is just a little part of the whole creation which is still expanding. And beyond the boundaries of my universe, on a much higher level than my universe, you will acquire ever greater new experiences and you will grow in your spiritual development. Even though by this time, billions of years will have passed since the moment you left my universe. And you will ever be acquiring your experience.

And you will know the whole of creation ever better, and you will ever more distinguish the Father from the Son, and both of them from the Spirit, because you will know the three of them as separate persons. And that experience which you have once started accumulating at the initial stage of a mortal on this world of mortals, will not seem to you any greater than an invisible, tiny particle of dust.     

Therefore, it is only out of ignorance that you cling to the idea of reincarnation, which does not exist, just because of the fact that the Father is loving and He has prepared for you a multitude of worlds on which you accumulate your experience. And it is simply impossible to accumulate many experiences just on one world, and on the initial one at that, when you have the path of the whole of creation laid down before you.

Therefore, stop wasting your time on entertaining any ideas about a non-existing reincarnation, but rather look for a living relationship with the Father in order to have faith.      

If you cling on to the idea of reincarnation in the human life, you risk getting lost and will not find the true key of faith which unlocks the door of resurrection to a higher level of existence. And I shall not provide you with the second chance to repeat your life here again. It is for this purpose that I am presenting these teachings to you so that you might ponder and make a decision.

Life is not given to you on this world to be wasted so that you would erroneously believe that once again you will be able to lead a more pleasant life. It is given to you so that being in possession of your free will, you might turn it into a pleasant one already now, on any level of your development. Pleasure is bestowed by the Father. Therefore, you must have faith in order to feel pleasure already now, and the pleasure of the meaning of even this life. And the pleasure of the meaning of one‘s living cannot be felt by just accumulating ever greater experience if there is no faith. In one’s life which seems to be tedious, monotonous, and wearing one out, faith alone is sufficient for this life to acquire only the meaning of pleasure. It is only one’s faith that opens the door for the mortal to these inner and outer heights of which he has never even thought before. And now I tell you that this very same faith also opens the door to me. You shall not get to the Father otherwise but through me. That is why by having faith in the Father you also have faith in me as in His Son and your senior Brother. Therefore, you know that in a loving family the elder brother always takes care of his younger brothers and sisters. And this care within the Father’s divine family transcends the care by the loving brother for his younger brothers and sisters in any earthly family.     

The Father and I are one. It is because of this that by having ever greater faith in the Father, you will exercise not only an ever greater trust in the Father but also in me. You also will all begin to experience my support for you, each of you, since the Father entitled me to take care of all of you, and of each of you individually. Therefore, the Father’s and my care for you is the same care. It is not the way that the Father cares for you more than I do. I care for you even the way the Father does because He has given me the whole of the universe in order that I would rule within it the way He would, were He personally present in my universe rather than on Paradise. Therefore, the Father’s care and my care for you is the same care.