83. Heart And Mind

What I am revealing to you now shall have a big impact on the life of each of you provided that you, each, open up to me and to the Father of all with all your heart-soul.

Very often you confuse soul-heart and mind believing that man, by having abandoned the leading of his mind and having submitted himself to the leading of his heart, or soul, becomes unreasonable. You start wasting your energy in vain by trying to prove that man’s mind is the most crucial part of a normal man’s self and that without his mind he loses the daily and normal manifestation of his personality. 

You must distinguish two essential things; the loss of one’s mind in case of one’s illness or an extraordinary shock in one’s life, and the substitution of human mind by a higher leading of one’s soul-heart. Once you submit yourself to a higher leading than that of your mind of the animal and genetic inheritance, then, your mind acquires much deeper and sharper qualities that man’s animal mind lacks altogether. You become even wiser than before even though you have not read any books on how to develop your mind. Simply by having opened up to the Father and having established a still closer live relationship with a living Father who already now is indwelling each of you, you each, open up receptivity of higher vibrations of your mind that can take in an ever greater amount and ever wiser information from the deeper layers of sub-consciousness and super-consciousness passed over to you by the top frequency vibrations of the Father’s spirit, Thought Adjuster. And by making use of this information you start to lead a much more peaceful way of living and at the same time you stop rushing so fast in this life race, the tempo of which has been dictated to you up to date by your mind of the animal genetic inheritance. You begin to notice many more things around you that your eyes have failed to notice before since your mind of the animal genetic inheritance has directed its eyesight only to the future, only to the goal, only to the outer desires and dreams, neither having time or wish, nor a developed habit to submit itself to the beauty of the present moment and relish its process. How much beauty could you see if you were always only flying by plane? And how much more diversity you can notice by going in a car or by train. However, if the car is running at a very high speed, could you manage to enjoy this beauty for long when your eyes cannot watch it closely since the car has already passed this beauty at hand? And while riding a bike you can enjoy the colors even more and tinges of the manifestation of the beauty around. However, even while taking a bike ride you will always begin to feel that this speed is also too fast if you desire to feel this beauty with all its shades. Then, it is more appropriate to choose a walking pace and, in addition to relishing the beauty itself, even to feel its rhythm while from time to time making a stop and even getting involved in the creation of this beauty by strengthening and comforting some bewildered traveler with whom you have just started a conversation on this path of beauty.      

Beauty is not only an image of a landscape passing through your eyes but also of a man in this landscape as an indivisible part of it. Beauty is your personal touch with your personal action in spreading out love and goodness to all, but especially to those who do not see this beauty and who, so far, even do not desire to notice it. And it is when man’s soul opens up, when man’s heart begins to speak, that the mind of this very same man becomes so sensitive to and noticing of a disruption of the beauty so that soon he begins to see where his personal efforts are required to mend that disrupted beauty and restore it to its normal state. It would be similar to restoring a nicely painted picture with its rubbed off, worn out, and faded colors, or even completely torn off fractions, to the true state of the picture of the living beauty. If someone has offended anyone, if someone has committed an improper act, being led by his ignorant and genetically inherited animal mind, disrupting that picture of beauty, then man’s mind being spiritually awakened and led by his soul-heart and thus being more sensitive and thinking deeper, will find a way to use that episode for the benefit of all, and for the growth of his own character, if not by interfering directly, depending upon the circumstances, at least by praying for that disrupter and mangler of the living beauty, and sending his own vibrations of the Father’s love to this person.          

And it is such an action of your soul-heart that demonstrates one, and very significant, aspect; at that moment your mind of animal genetic inheritance has equaled my mind that I followed while sojourning among you two thousand years ago. And by behaving in this manner you are approaching ever more the then-level of my mind.

I shall tell you even more. If during a sincere prayer, while communing with both the Father and me, you pray for the substitution of your mind of animal genetic inheritance by the then-mind of mine, you are certain to receive this mind. Your soul will blossom and your feelings will reach the level of the spiritual vibrations that will be incredibly high while your former animal mind of genetic inheritance will be completely replaced by the then-mind of mine. And it is a real substitution. And you shall behave, in similar situations that I have found myself in, exactly the way I have behaved. You will weep, even as I have wept, being a strong and absolutely grown up and sober-minded man, while seeing the malevolence of my brethren, their spiritual darkness, and their absolute unwillingness to make at least the smallest step towards the Father by opening up their souls rather than their mouths with nice words and exposing their hands to smart and futile rituals. And your souls, the soul of each of you, shall weep seeing such a childish stubbornness and fear. It shall also weep while seeing such beauty that will have been created by a nice thought, by a nice and pure action, by a nice and virgin vibration, as that of a baby, the vibration that will have been emitted from some awakened soul.     

Bear in mind for certain, all these tears are not an evidence of one’s weakness, or one’s excitement out of sentimentality or anger, they are a process of the purification of one’s soul-heart mind. And the deeper and wider this soul purification goes the more the soul is blooming and turning ever more sensitive to beauty and its disruption. And it shall react to it with the tears of purification.

However, while acting, it shall always be wiser and foreseeing, noticing the far reaching consequences of its own action even throughout creation rather than merely within an isolated episode in which it is resolutely operating.     

For those of you who have not yet experienced it, or who have already encountered such an experience and maybe have been even scared and confused, wondering whether their mind has not gone astray for they do not know what is happening to them, I firmly state to you: Rejoice in these tears of mine that are purifying your soul. It is they that enable you to set up a relationship with the Father as firm as flint, while by its quality as soft as beeswax. Your soul becomes sensitive within and also resolute and bold while acting without. And all the time it remains wise for it is taking in wisdom from the Father, and the mind of animal genetic inheritance is being replaced ever more by the living and spiritual mind of mine.