116. The Flourishing Of The Current Vices Can Cross Out Your Survival

Even the cost of your current childish vices can be very high to you, each of you. It can make up even the cost of your survival. You risk very much. You can cross out your survival after the so-called material death. Cross it out with your own hand. It is only because you do not know what a horrible price it might cost if you continue to sleep in the bag of your childish vices.

The way a child, with his childish whims, can grow into a selfish man who can cripple by his decisions not just other people but a multitude of people if these childish whims are allowed to develop and flourish, so in a similar way your childish vices, which give evidence to nothing but your immaturity, your childishness, if you allow them to control you, they are certain to lead you further away from the Father and, by this, further away from your resurrection from your material death sleep.

The only thing that is necessary for one‘s resurrection is one’s personal decision to do the Father’s will and to have faith. In order to be resurrected, you do not have to be a good and perfect man, even as I am depicted by you when I was in the human flesh. Neither was I a perfect man however you would desire to present me as such to each other. I was led by the Father in a similar way as you, each of you, are also being led. And I was not born perfect and without vices. And the moments of anxiety and irritation governed me when something did not go my way even as they also govern you. However, I discovered a relationship with the Father, and this relationship was developing, reassuring, and strengthening me to walk particularly along this path, even though I had exactly the same number of other paths before me, even as other young people of my age had. It was only in the relationship with the Father that was ensured the choice of the path of my future life and my walk along this path to the very end. Without the Father, without my living relationship with Him, neither would have I walked along this path nor would have I been able to carry out my mission – to experience your human life in the flesh in order to know it from within and to reveal the Father to you, and to reveal you to the Father. I was doing it as a mortal, as a human who consciously gave up any support from the spiritual beings of the universe and the institutions of my jurisdiction. Do you really believe that I would not have been able to get down off the cross? If you believe this then you are absolutely wrong. I am a Co-Ruler of the Universe – the one, who, together with my Partner, who had been accompanying me since the very beginning of the creation of the universe and together with whom I had created it and all the species of life within it – and I could, at any moment, at the most tragic moment when creatures were mocking at the Creator and even torturing him to the most horrible death on the cross, have stepped down off the cross without a single bleeding wound left on the surface of my exhausted body, and could have turned the tears of pain and horror into the tears and chanting of joy and pleasure of many. However, by this action I would have crossed your future, your chance, that by merely by your faith and devotion to doing the Father’s will out of love for Him, to transcend any physical suffering and spiritual calamities so that you could really get to the Father.                      

This action, demonstrated by me, is devoted to all mortals on all planets inhabited by people who are looking for their delivery from the paths of their vices so that while talking about my death they would not think about my suffering and pain but rather would think about the Father’s love and their own devotion to Him. For it is only this that can raise man to the most supreme level – to the level of the Father’s spiritual relationship in which there is nothing else apart from love – no pain, no suffering, no anxiety, no fear, no jealousy, no anger, no desire to conquer others, no desire to push another in order to occupy the position of the humiliated one, but there is only love, love, and love within it. 

And your present vices, if you allow them to flourish freely, will cover the windows of your soul ever more so that very soon you will stop realizing that such a window can exist at all. And if you lose this perception you will stop thinking about any cleaning of it as well. You will live in a material illusion, fancied up by you, and experience much pain, suffering, and fear. And this type of living will begin to wear you out and gradually, you will also lose any joy in it even though you might own great material possessions. And still later you will begin to feel a physical pain in the body; diseases, which must not cause you any trouble.     

However, the saddest thing is that you might not turn to the Father throughout your material life span at all. And that will be the greatest danger to you. The danger that you will be precluded from progressing to the Father on Paradise if while being controlled by your present vices, which already flourish, you begin to revolt against Him, to deny Him.

Then, even the Father himself shall not be able to help you any more since He cannot change your free-will decision by His own free will. And it is the present childish vices of yours that shall have taken you to this ultimate decision on freely rejecting the Father, and it is as the whims of a little child, if not weeded out, lead him to a selfish life of the grown-up. Only here there is a difference in that the whims of a child, if they have not turned into big weeds, are still possible to weed out even while being a grown-up, meanwhile without weeding out the vices of the grown-up and ultimately turning away from the Father there is no future path at all. It ends. For such has been the choice of the human’s free will.
Therefore, it is very important to weed out both the childish whims of the little one, and the vices of a grown-up, since they are two things mutually interrelated.

Always keep in mind that your current life on this world is only the very first one. Even though many of you believe in reincarnation, which does not exist, all the same this initial world on your path to the Father’s eternity has the most significant meaning on your personal road. Even though it lasts for just a flash of several scores of years if you lead it improperly, indecently, without the Father discovered within yourself, you risk that you might reject this path of the Father’s love, truth, and eternity, and by this you might never, throughout all eternity, exist as a separate individual. It is this significance in particular that the Father placed upon your initial world and upon inhabiting you on it. Therefore, you must get a good command of my current teachings, which you read, and begin to find out within yourselves as to how much you have already traveled on this path to eternity to the Father on Paradise or, to the contrary, away from Him. And these reflections, along with my teachings that you have read, will help you make the right decision, if you have not yet made it, or change it, or in a way to specify the decision already taken, when it is not obviously one-sided – to discover the Father within yourself and do His will.