105. The Father Has No Exceptional Son Or Daughter

Priests are not exceptional people even though you consider them to be special people. Priests are exactly the same children of the Father even as you are. And they have no additional rights beyond yours. I have neither appointed any priest, any pope, nor ordained anyone to any special rank but my twelve apostles and the 70 evangelists; and the contemporary, present day apostles of mine. However, they do not have any exclusive rights, and these honorable positions, offered by me, they have taken upon themselves willingly and of their own free will. But they are no more gifted than you are, they have no more privileges than you have, by no means have they any greater guarantees that they will not turn away from me or from the Father than you have, because they also have the very same free will bestowed by the Father, even as you have. And I have never restricted, neither do I restrict now nor shall ever I restrict the free will of any of them. Therefore, they have the same choice even as you have before you – to love the Father and always stay with Him, within Him, and feel Him within yourselves or to turn away from Him and devote yourselves only to performing a dead ritual and professing a dead dogma without even allowing others to make an attempt to change some ritual or remove a dogma.     

My apostles and ambassadors of the Father have one exclusive quality – a living faith in the Father and relationship with Him, with me, and with my Partner, Mother Spirit of the Universe, as well as with other helpers of mine that are your helpers too. That is the only quality of theirs which allows them to walk on this path that you do not dare to, even though you might also become my apostles – both men and women. I do not limit anyone’s free will.   

Whenever your souls open up and submit to the leading of the living Father within with a whole heart and desire to do His will more than anything else, and if they desire it then I shall appoint such souls, all of them, as the ambassadors of the Father and my apostles, and the Father shall confirm this appointment and authorize them to preach HIS living word, teach and heal in HIS name. And I shall also confirm this authorization that my apostles and ambassadors of the Father would preach, teach, and heal in my name too, because the Father and I are one in spirit, even as the Father, I, and His ambassadors and my apostles are one in spirit.  

I do desire and urge that all the present time priests and nuns and monks open up to me that they would feel a spiritual relationship with both the Father and me and that they would also begin to petition with their open souls for this very appointment as the ambassador of the Father and as my apostle. And I shall hear them even as the Father will hear them, and the desire of their souls will be satisfied. And then they will start preaching a living word of the Father, not from the Scriptures, but the Father himself will speak through their lips even as I shall speak through their lips whenever they desire, even the way this ambassador of the Father and my apostle talks with the Father and with me, and the Father speaks through his lips and I speak through his lips even as now he is receiving this teaching of mine that is meant for all of you.  

Everything is in your own hands; in the hands of each of you. It is only you, and not I, who can decide what you want even though I know better than your mind does what your soul desires, but I cannot make a decision for you. Even the Father cannot do it for you. Free will cannot be violated even by the Father. If only the Father violated free will, bestowed by Him, all creation would break to pieces for it is developed by free will manifestations and experiencing the Father’s love.  

That is why none of you, whatever religious rank you might assign to yourselves, may take away from priests, nuns, and monks, the chance to manifest their free will in having their own families. However, whether or not to have a family, each priest must also decide freely, but he must be given the possibility for this decision. 

Meanwhile, all creatures must have equal possibilities. Possibilities are provided by your wisdom. Suppose you adopt laws which provide equal possibilities for all to enjoy them and to receive education, to receive medical care, to exercise your invented rights to work, to training, to high school education, to personal safety, to the security of society, to ensuring human rights, and some other rights designed by you such as freedom of speech, protection of  private property, the right to private property, and the like.  

In order to guarantee these very rights, equally to all, you adopt certain laws that help ensure the functioning and existence of an organized state, both within it and among other states. And as long as you abide by these very laws that you have collectively passed, all the citizens of that state are given equal possibilities to follow these laws and exercise them. However, the moment someone of you, individually or collectively, breaks any law and manages to escape punishment, the equal possibilities for exercising these very agreements which you have produced collectively and which you call laws, vanish. 

When a person, or a whole group of persons, break a law and remain unpunished, as has been provided by your law, this person immediately violates these equal possibilities declared by this very law for all. If punishment immediately follows a violation of law, then equal possibilities for all are ensured, because the law provides a certain punishment for violating these equal possibilities for all. Since everyone has free will as to their choice to violate the law and risk losing their wellbeing, or to abide by law and gradually ensure the wellbeing for all. The manifestation of free will is always in existence, and it exists throughout creation even as on your planet.

However, when someone violates the law and remains unpunished, and it is seen by others, then, the equal possibilities are broken down. In this case the very law ensuring equal conditions of the game for all loses its meaning. Then it no longer ensures these very equal chances for all, it stops acting as the guarantee of equal possibilities for all but, on the contrary, it acts as evidence of the violation of these possibilities.

And it exposes them so clearly that it generates a desire to change these impeding laws in such a way that would not be so clear and understandable in a uniform code. And this leads to creating such laws which confuse and which can be interpreted in different ways depending upon the skills of an interpreter.     

And once equal possibilities for all are broken, a danger exists, not only for separate strata of the citizens of this country, and even for those who abide by these very laws, but also for the very existence of the state. You must comprehend the most crucial thing which has been ignored to date by both psychology and religion – the role of man’s sub-consciousness in his relationship with God as well as with other people.  

When laws are being violated by an individual or by a separate group of people and despite the fact that these violations are evident, yet no punishment follows, but rather on the contrary, those people who break laws may even continue doing it and remain unpunished, in this situation the sub-consciousness of the people accumulates the low vibrations of dissatisfaction, both with those who carry out the actions, who break laws and escape punishment, and even more, they continue to occupy their high positions and lead a very comfortable life for their body and demonstrate it to their friends while television, newspapers, and journals spread this mode of living to all others, and with the ineffectiveness of laws and the institutions which are incapable of ensuring the administration of these laws, with this inconceivable difficulty of life while abiding by the law, with one’s own personal failures which, very often, are associated with this disorder in the state, and with some wrong decisions and actions made by the family members, which man’s sub-consciousness also relates to these very negative vibrations caused by this unfavorable environment, gradually people’s attitudes even to this very state, to the whole community, begin to acquire ever thicker negative and dark colors yet inconceived on their conscious level. And all these negative impulses of sub-consciousness, these low vibrations, start gradually destroying man’s body and the whole of his nervous system from within while he does not yet feel it.          

But not a single quivering of one’s sub-consciousness vanishes, it just accumulates in sub-consciousness, and after having accumulated a sufficient amount of these vibrations and under the influence of a corresponding outer impulse, even a very innocent one such as somebody’s wrong look or word, and right then, the whole avalanche of low and negative, up to this moment consciously inconceived, thoughts and attitudes will acquire the manifestation of an avalanche of already well-comprehended, on the conscious level, and very powerful impulses to act, and to act in order to release the whole gamut of negative vibrations which press this person from within that he cannot withstand this pressure any longer. And these actions can be very aggressive and even uncharacteristic of this person. 

Therefore, you must understand that man’s sub-consciousness is a very important depository which he can replenish with both positive and negative vibrations even without feeling it. All negative, or low vibrations are from man’s animal genetic inheritance that might be increased by the concepts and attitudes of man’s selfish, or human, ego. All positive, or high vibrations are from the Father’s spirit, the Thought Adjuster, who is influencing you through your sub-consciousness and waking up your true and divine ego. And when you violate laws and escape punishment keep in mind that by this you also contribute to making a spiritual awakening of your brethren more difficult because you are leading them to falling ill, to family conflicts, social conflicts, political conflicts, destruction of the state by putting its survival, literally, at the brink of ruining it. An insignificant impulse might be sufficient to cause the progress achieved in the course of many years within the state to fall down into this abyss together with this very state.  

And this is done by those of you who violate the insurance of equal possibilities for the whole society when you break agreements-laws produced by you and remain unpunished, and continue to relish in bodily comfort.

I have already told you that the whole creation is a system and the break-down of a smooth operation of any of its links has an impact on a smooth functioning of the other links of the system. You cannot escape the operation of the principle of cause-action-consequence in this case either. Since you do not grasp the operation of this very principle you do not even think that your own behavior influences the lives of the people whom you even do not know personally. And by violating equal possibilities for all you can become the cause of the premature death of a person whom you do not know at all: by this anti-divine behavior you can push someone to committing suicide, another one, even without consciously conceiving it, and merely due to the domination of low vibrations in one’s sub-consciousness, because of your selfish actions, can experience a stroke or a heart attack and ultimately passing away, out of this material body.   

Therefore, you must get to know both creation and yourselves ever better, and you must also experience the Father within. It is only then that you will perceive that by any actions of breaking equal possibilities for all, you also do harm to the whole system. However, the greatest damage is done to yourselves. Here operates this same principle of cause-action-consequence. And it is applied to all uniformly. And its impact on each is exactly similar as in a case of bribery which I have already explained earlier. Therefore, once again, read my clarification about the impact of bribery on both an individual and the whole.  

By breaking down the environment of equal possibilities for all, without perceiving and feeling it, you ceaselessly radiate your low vibrations into the ambience. And these vibrations are felt by others, especially by more sensitive people. Due to this they respond within themselves to your actions stronger. And by this they also harm themselves, and they also start emitting lower vibrations as against those they have radiated prior to the moment of learning of some negative news that shocked them. And this is also a path to your illnesses, as well as to a lower immunity to viruses, and a nervous ailment on the part of the whole community.    

Now I must explain to you about different abilities, while even enjoying equal possibilities.

You notice already now that even little children can perform a similar job in a different way. Suppose you ask your children to tidy up the room.

One child may react to your petition immediately with pleasure while for another one it is not sufficient to urge even several times. One child can perform the work entrusted very diligently while another one can do it off-handedly. One person can read fairly a lot without getting bored while another one, just after a couple of minutes of reading, finds it difficult to focus his attention and puts the book aside. One person can explain very sophisticated schemes while another one cannot fluently explain even the way to a supermarket. And all this is due to the fact that each man, and not only man, is different, unique, and matchless. Each one is weaving one’s own pattern into the picture of the whole of all the planet, even of all creation. The abilities of each are different. And they are determined not only by one’s genes, by one’s up-bringing, by one’s education, by accumulation of one’s experience but also by one’s relationship with the Father. And there are no two persons who would commune even with the Father alike.  

I told you how I started communing with the Father once I was in the human flesh two thousand years ago. I simply did not have anyone to whom I might have addressed my questions which would rise to me, and to which I would have received satisfactory responses. And that was a new experience to me. It was the time of investigating, including the investigating of my own self. And nobody else could have either counseled me or helped me make my path easier. At that time the environment was very dark and permeated by the fear of God.

Today, my teachings will become this council for you, and they will make your path easier in the future provided that you apply them. If you reject them as unnecessary because your attention will be focused on other things, in that case your abilities will be of one type, if you really, in sincerity, read them, then your abilities will be largely expanded. Your free will is crucial for me and I shall never violate it. However, I am explaining to you that you can broaden your abilities extraordinarily while walking on the Father’s path. I am explaining it to you so that you would not make a mistake and would not mislead others by saying that once the Father, I, and you are one in spirit, thus all of us must be uniform and must think and act uniformly and by this make all creation into a uniform and dull stage for all those in uniformity. That would not be true. Creation is so diverse, there is such a versatile activity going on within it, so many different ideas are generated, there are so many different ways for everybody to make these ideas meaningful, so that there arises no thought about uniformity. This can strike your mind only because in your own environment there is only one order of life possessing free will – the mortal, or the human. However, subsequently, after the material death, as you will be resurrected in a higher form, in the soul form, which is called by a new term, in the morontia form, then, gradually, new life orders will be revealed to you ever more. And you will learn to associate with them and even to cooperate with them for the benefit of all rather than for your own.       

Today, so far, you cannot find a common language even within one life order – the human being.

And you do not find touching points not only within this life order, because even this only free-will life order inhabiting your world at the present time has also different races and different religions, thus you are unable, so far, to find a common language even within one race or religion.
Therefore, I give you these teachings of mine so that you would look into your selves and discover the Father within, and everything you receive and experience from the Father, that you would give out to all races, to all religions, and even to all creation. 

And it is only then that you will realize that possibilities differ from one’s abilities. Possibilities are equal throughout creation, to love the Father and each other, but one’s abilities differ even in the Father’s creation ruled by His love. And one’s free will determines how much each one desires to expand one’s personal abilities by equal possibilities provided.    

And when man discovers the Father within, he does not violate the manifestation of the free will of others, but rather devotes his life to his personal growth together with the Father, ensuring equal possibilities for all.