150. Help Yourselves

You must ponder ever more that after having started to preach the good tidings – the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man – two thousand years ago, I continue my teaching today. And even as I have done it at that time, now again I claim that the generation will appear that will comprehend my gospel more. And there will be this generation that will live within it. And to make this happen I am addressing you for your assistance – help yourselves, turn to the Father who is within you, and after having discovered Him, you shall experience the meaning of your life. And then your mode of living shall transform into that of a member of the Father’s family. And it is only then that you will be able to share your experience with your other brethren and teach them of life with the Father as well as brotherhood among men. And by this mode of living you will help me as well as the Father, bring this moment closer when the whole of humanity will live my gospel which I brought two thousand years ago.

When I sojourned here, while on a magnificent mission in the human flesh, when I was baptized in the river of Jordan already at that time I did know that my mission would terminate tragically. I did know that a horrible death awaited my flesh. I also knew that I would do nothing to escape it even though I had a full power to make it happen so that not only I but also my brethren, hanging on the other two crosses, would step down off these awful means of physical body annihilation designed by barbarians and which also were used in a still more horrible way in the Catholic inquisition even under the cover of my name. I could have aroused such a storm of chants of jubilation and admiration for the Father which had never been witnessed on my earthly path by anyone, by only a flicker of my thought that I desired this.

However, it would have been just a momentary sight for the eyes and jubilation for the mind. And subsequently, the soul that was not awakened would have been even more suppressed by the human mind of an egoistic and low self, and would have demanded new evidences and extraordinary spectacles. And seeing none, such people not only would turn away from me, from the Father, but again would put me on this very cross. The soul that is not awakened cannot recognize the silent speaking of the Father through the higher self of man. Therefore, for a selfish human mind it is necessary to have outer spectacles, and as spectacular as possible, so that it might admire them, and only by them it could confirm to itself some of the assertions which have been heard. However, this sort of belief is not the soul’s faith which is sent by the Father. It is only the faith of the soul that is live. It is only this faith that can confirm to the soul that it is not mistaken without any outer signs, without any extraordinary deeds which arouse the admiration of the multitudes.

Therefore you can make a great contribution to the spreading of my living gospel into the hearts of men so that they would also feel its effectiveness even as you will feel it if you follow my spiritual teaching. And when you discover the Father within yourselves, by following this teaching of mine, do not keep Him merely to yourselves. Share your experiences with all those who desire it sincerely. However, if you work with little children spread to them the Father’s love, not only in vibrations which they feel very well, but also in simple words which they might understand. You not only fill their little hearts with love vibrations, but also let their higher selves develop already since their early age without providing their low and egoistic selves with a chance to gain ground.

The time will come when their heightened, and bright, and at the same time, true selves, will dominate their low selves, as the latter ones will not have time to deeply root in and suppress their true and unselfish divine selves. And that will be your contribution to spreading my gospel.

Your work will not remain unnoticed and it will not be the case that you would not be appraised. You will be appraised by your seraphim who always accompany you and care for you even as you care for others, and even more. I shall notice it as well. The Father will notice it too. And your entire good activity will also build up your character so that you would get ready for still greater deeds of love and goodness. Therefore, rest assured and be certain that each good deed of yours out of heart never remains unnoticed and is always appraised. I taught you two thousand years ago that you should not pile up wealth on earth where it might be stolen but rather store it on high where neither can it be stolen nor eaten by moths. It is your good deeds that are your true heavenly riches which shall never vanish. And when you ascend to me, after your resurrection, you will also see for yourselves that all your good deeds shall have been preserved and they all will be shown to you. Then you, each of you, will see whether or not you have worked hard during your life. And you will see for yourselves if you are wealthy after having lived this way.