93. Once Again About A Spiritual Teacher

When empires break down there is much confusion around. However, the greatest confusion is not when material empires are disintegrating but rather when illusionary empires created by one’s mind and based on meeting the profitable interests of one’s own self are cracked down within mortal mind. It is then that one’s mind might be at a loss for it does not understand what is going on within it. It has a feeling of being unnecessary to anyone, of being betrayed and abandoned. The former strivings of mind lost their meaning, since one’s inner self began to feel to a certain extent, that everything it had done before had not provided peace and satisfaction, meanwhile now it does not feel or see any new appreciable landmarks of some other path visible and known to it. Therefore, in such a situation there is a special need of a visible interpreter of this path – a spiritual teacher.    

It is thanks to him that it is possible to soften and lessen anxiety and apprehension, uncertainty and fear of material mind, when it does not want to walk on the old path any more, yet it does not know where there might be some other path. And such a soul, in order not to lose a striving for its living flight, even in very difficult and unfavorable circumstances, needs such a soul consolidator with whom the soul, having a desire ever more to open up, would be able to associate, and to get a sensation that it has not made a mistake by giving up its old and selfish path, while at the moment it would desire something greater yet it is not aware of what this might be.   

A spiritual teacher’s role will always be necessary, for there shall never be a situation in which all the mortals would grasp and experience everything in the same manner. Therefore, those who seek more intensively and more sincerely must have such a spiritual teacher who has accumulated a greater experience; not the one who has more knowledge and a well developed mind, but the one who has already himself, walked up the spiritual path, confirming his spiritual knowledge, that he could teach others by grounding his teaching on the voice of his soul which, on this path, speaks out a living word of the Father and on his own experience which is confirming and supporting the word of the Father that it would be understood by all, and that would be possible to verify by one’s own experience rather than by referring to the quotations accumulated in his mind.    

Such a spiritual teacher does not try to recall the books he has read or the conversations he has heard. He just shares his own self. And he develops himself by opening up to the Father with all his soul. It is this opening that enables the spirit of the Father, the Thought Adjuster, to pass to the soul of this spiritual teacher the words that are most necessary for the teacher to speak out to his disciple so that the latter would understand both the teacher and the vibrations of the teacher’s soul.  

Such a spiritual teacher is a living teacher who is leaning upon the Father. And he will always be able to help and strengthen a confused and lost soul even though there will be no means that this confused and lost soul could see and make use of. Such a spiritual teacher will help the confused and lost soul with these very vibrations of the Father’s love so that the soul shall feel them and calm down. And this spiritual teacher, having thus soothed the soul, will explain to it how the soul itself can very sincerely ask the Father, directly from the Father for this very calming down, irrespective of the place wherein it might find itself in, and whatever painful and hurting conditions might be for its body, and however frightening and uncertain the circumstances might be for the soul.   

The Father never abandons anyone. He is always within the self of each of you. Only to feel Him you have to open up to Him with all your soul-heart. It is these ways of one’s opening up that a spiritual teacher will teach.

The role of a spiritual teacher has never topped the level, in the course of human history, that it is still to reach. And even when among men would appear the representatives I sent, even in the human flesh, they could never reveal the truth they were aware of themselves because man’s mind and his spiritual development were on such a level that he would have failed to grasp that light of truth. Therefore, that light had to be revealed in a much dimmer light than my spiritual messengers desired to convey. They had to adapt themselves to the environment, to man. And these periods, these millennia during which you did not have any spiritual teacher at all, since the spiritual development of your planet was delayed because of the revolt against the Father and against me by your spiritual leader, who went astray, so that even this poor concept about the Father and about me was so distorted and was turned inside out, that for those of us, who really know the Father’s creation and its light, it was so painful to watch your suffering and pain, caused by you to yourselves, as you were distorting the Father’s creation and the Father himself and, due to this, you were building up fear in yourselves, and you were suffering in that darkness of fear and tormenting your children, so that even up to date you fail to realize the light of a spiritual teacher.       

And my, Christ’s, teachings are meant for all those who desire the light of spiritual teaching and are ready to follow a true spiritual teacher whom they will encounter on their path and who will be sent by me. I choose many a mortal who would carry my light. I choose such a mortal who desires to be my messenger, and desires freely to cooperate with me and carry the light of my teachings to your brethren out of love for the Father.