102. The Bird Of The Soul Presently Is In Captivity In A Cage

My teachings should not scare anyone of you for they are meant for you to discover the true peace within you. They will scare only those who desire to devote themselves to meeting the interests of their selfish selves at the cost of others, even at my cost, as when your religious leaders under the cover of my name, even calling the religion, established by them after my name, are trying to control you and manipulate your feelings. They are keeping you locked up in a cage as the most marvelous bird which so desires freedom, which so desires to feel the motion of a real flight, for which it has been created in particular, and to experience all the pleasure of flying that fills up the soul with joy and even with an ever deeper fusion with these air currents which raise the bird to this majestic height once it spreads out its wings and flaps them. It is the air currents of the flight which are a splendid love of the Father that is experienced when a mortal discovers Him within and has his faith in Him with all his soul-heart.

It is then that all the limitations of the cage vanish. It is then that the soul can spread out its wings and rise in these air currents to such a height that it can see, from without, what a wonderful creation is and even to experience bliss within, to experience what the Father’s love is, of which it heard so much when it was still in the cage and in captivity.

The cage of the soul is nothing else but dead mores and rituals which endlessly entangle the wings of the soul and it cannot rise. And it is even afraid of listening to the stories of other souls about their flight. And your current religious leaders are in no way different from the rabbis-Pharisees of my times when they were also afraid of my words and did not allow ordinary souls, thirsty for a free flight, to listen to them. As they began to realize ever more that my teaching started attracting a greater number of sincere and common people they resorted to such actions which led to closing all synagogues to me. I was not allowed preach even the word of God in the Father’s house. And it was done by those who treated themselves as servants of God. Not by those whom they considered to be ignorant about the Jewish God – Jahve – but rather by those who called themselves Scribes and who were well versed in the Scriptures, by those who were teaching the Jews the word of God and who were demanding from them that they would follow this word, by those who had to see further and broader than the ones whom they taught. It was they who closed to me my way to the synagogues, to the Father’s house.

Your present-day Pharisees – priests and theologians – act in an exactly similar way. They keep you in captivity of dead Scriptures and do not allow anyone of you to be liberated into a free flight of your soul so that you would be able to expand, and supplement by your own experience, and by your understanding of the Father and me, the writings you call the Scriptures. You cannot keep incarcerated even the writings you call the Scriptures for a single moment. They must be free from the dogmatic interpretations and teachings of your dogmatic Pharisees – your priests and theologians. And all the houses of the Father must be open to all religions and not just to one.

Now you will never come closer to each other if you do not allow the pious believers of another dead religion to enter your churches of your dead religion with their prayers, even though they keep the wings of their souls fettered. You must invite each other and share the houses of prayer. While now you consider them to be suitable to perform only your dead rituals, others build up the houses of prayer of their dead ritual religions. And you cannot find a common language among yourselves in any way. And you shall never find it as long as you cannot find the Father within yourselves, as long as you are not linked up by the Father’s love, being really experienced within each of you, and spread out to each of you.

While the Father’s love within you is not pulsating, you must search for a smaller link, even though a dead link, that might interconnect you. Begin to share the houses of prayer among yourselves. Those of you who now believe in me and who use my name for your own religion, start doing it.

Then you will start to associate among yourselves much more. And the closer the association, the better the knowledge of one another. And the better the knowledge, the sooner will you notice that you are not different at all, and even more, you are brothers and sisters in spirit while you just have different rituals and speak different languages.

You set up earthly families among yourselves and those who are bolder manage to surpass even these very dead religious rituals and dead dogmas when your hearts are awakened by the Father’s love. It is the very same love of the Father which you direct to a definite brother or sister in spirit of the opposite sex. It is the true love of the Father, when experienced, that transforms even such a soul, which is usually full of fear, into a courageous champion for providing meaning to its love, in a new and loving family which is being born.

And you also will begin to look upon the religious rituals of each other in a more tolerant way for they are being softened by the Father’s love pulsating within you. And this love spreads out its wings even more after the birth of a new life in this very family of the two representatives of different religions. You do not want the baby to suffer while choosing one religion and rejecting the other. You believe that by doing this the child might offend one of you; and either of the parents desires, with love, to explain to the beloved child his or her best concepts about his or her religion and about God. And the little one just gets richer due to this greater knowledge. These two religions will not be so repulsive to him any more the way they would be had he been born within the family of representatives of one religion.

And the earthly loving parents do not demand that their little child choose either of their religions which represent irreconcilable and opposing religions. It is from the Father’s love that such children of God, turn into tolerant ones, and even into those who explain with love to each other and to their baby the concepts of each other’s religion.

And this is the way to bring each other closer, when you might offer your houses for prayer to each other; to share them at least at a different time. But it is certain that very many people would also stay during the prayer service of their brethren which are braided with different rituals, and which they do not dare to do at the present time. And this would be done by both parties. It would improve your knowledge of their rituals, and even of the brethren themselves. This closer relationship would also expand your outlook. Meanwhile, a common maintenance and care of the houses for prayer would allow you to communicate among yourselves not only during the prayer time, but also in a much more liberal environment, as you are not restricted by the performance of the ritual as it is during the prayer service. But this example of rapprochement would also be shown to the split sects of other religions. Keep in mind that other religions also have their own sects, and like yours, they do not associate among themselves either.

This step is very difficult for your religious chiefs but not for sincere and common believers. The chiefs will lose their influence but they will become freer and know each other better and they will also to be able to learn from each other. It will become a regular thing for you to invite each other to the services of each other so that you would sincerely share your experience and hear the sermon not only from your own priests but also from those of your brethren who lead their services in a different manner.