74. The Soul Dominance Within Human Mind

Then each one who has thus opened up their soul shall experience not only the Father’s love, but also shall feel ever more and ever clearer the layers of wisdom being revealed within oneself. And these layers will be so deep that they will surpass these faintly understood truths offered by science. And these layers will make up the wisdom of each soul, taken in from the Father, through His spirit, Thought Adjuster. It is this opening up of the soul that is purifying a profound mind of man, and purifying it so much that the soul begins to dominate a material mind ever more. You must realize that this domination of the soul does not deny human mind but rather raises it to a higher level onto which it is capable of seeing a broader view of all the ambience and invisible interrelations within it among the things that might seem as having no interrelationship whatever, and even it is capable of foreseeing its actions as well as the consequences of these actions and thus of making wiser decisions. And mind does not receive all this due to some university, or because of some scientific books, but rather due to a deeper relationship with the Father through the soul’s opening up to Him.

And then such a man comprehends what wise decisions must be made in the family, politics, economy, and education, to meet the higher spiritual vibrations of the society’s development, which in their turn are being developed by the highest vibrations of the Father’s love. It is only then that man will notice these brethren who can lead Lithuania along the path of the Father’s love and light so that all would feel this leading as one‘s care for all and each, by the truly spiritual relationship and service to the whole, when one’s selfish ego is totally melted within a daily manifestation of the eternal and divine personality ego bestowed by the Father, rather than by the idle programs of political parties that are very much similar, as two drops of water, since they are all motivated by receiving as much support as possible, at any cost.