149. The Brain Is Given To Man To Grow Rather Than To Degrade

The brain of man is not meant for harming him and causing pain to him and thus becoming a great problem for those around him. The brain of man is the only one out of all brains of living creatures existing on the planet which was designed to develop itself to a higher level. No animal of the planet can do it. No ape, no elephant, no crocodile nor a lion at the end of its existence can leave a better life for their offspring. It is only man who can do it; because his brain is the only one among all the material creatures of the planet which is creative. Therefore it is only man who is capable of living a completely different life than that of all other animals by leaving a better ambience for new generations to live in so that they would continue this creation and would leave a still better environment for the generations to come.

And to have your living environment being developed this way, it is necessary that the cumulus cloud of your thinking would become more intensive with high frequency vibrations so that they would get denser within this cloud of thinking and eventually would dominate completely. It is just then that your brain sends only such pure impulses, free from stress that each cell receives such an environment for its activity which has no stress, no side affect which currently so exhausts and coerces it. Then, all brain activity will be harmonious and without any irritants of artificial tension which presently you call just the opposite tranquilizers of tension.

Any means of narcotizing – tobacco, alcohol, drugs, the preparations of chemical doping – are not sedatives, but on the contrary, an additional stress for the brain and for each cell of a physical body.

Having used such artificial means you tranquilize yourselves, not by removing stress, but rather by intoxicating your brain so that it cannot normally react to the environment in order to turn on its protective means at a proper time so that you would just stop working and start resting. Or in the moments of stress, that you would start to commune with the Father, so that He would remove the stress of the moment, just like a vacuum-cleaner sucks in all dust, so does the Father suck in the stress that is too much for your brain to bear.

Meanwhile, when your brain is intoxicated, and when it cannot perceive and truly assess the whole of the ambience and its impact, it continues the activity harmful for itself, and to the whole body, and by this also exercises coercion upon itself and upon the whole body which it controls. And when the situation ends, it is merely due to this that you feel exhaustion, low spirits, and even physical pain, because your activity was physically coerced. And fairly often you start to reproach yourself for behaving unwisely. And you console yourself that others behave in a similar way and that is why this sort of behavior is considered normal.

You can design a great many unwise explanations to console yourself, but all this will not change the reaction of your body. If you continue to force it to act this way, undesired consequences will follow all the same. And you will fall ill, or even die in such a moment when leading a normal life, you would be at the very peak of your strength and would make your contribution to creating better conditions of the environment for the coming generations by enlightening yourself and others by your daily living.

Being the most intelligent of the creatures among all animals visible to you on this planet, by your behavior, you do not match these very same animals which are not as clever as you are. You annihilate yourselves, your children, the future generations, other animals, and nature. Your current mode of living is focused only on outer irritants and on searching for peace by using them. You must absolutely change the cumulus cloud of your thinking by filling it with the sort of thinking which is tinged with creative love vibrations of the Creator, and saturated just with them.

The Creator has given you freedom of thinking and choosing. But at the same time, He also provided you with freedom to choose wisdom which is radiated by Him and which you can take in directly from Him through His spirit, the Thought Adjuster, who indwells this multicolored cloud of your thinking.

It is the Father’s spirit that influences you through this cloud of thinking. He desires that you would ever more fill this cloud of your thinking with high frequency vibrations of the Father’s love, which are channeled through this spirit with the thoughts which sow the seed of love, beauty, and goodness. At the same time these thoughts, as soon as they start to reflect themselves more clearly in this cloud of thinking, also will ever more manifest themselves by similarly bright deeds.

It is then that you will begin to feel that you desire only good and beautiful thoughts which sooth you by themselves, for they are all from the Creator. And as soon as you begin to sense with your entire cloud of thinking that it is filled up with His thoughts and strivings then you, each of you, will begin to act following the Father’s leading. He leads you while filling this cloud of thinking with His vibrations so that your soul, emerging ever more, begins to feel them. Your soul does not desire any outer irritants any longer but rather it desires an ever greater and closer fusion with the spirit of the Creator who ever more fills the human thinking with his own vibrations through an ever greater opening up of the soul.

My teaching has the purpose that you, after having gotten acquainted with it, might choose between either continuing your short-sighted mode of living, or following the direction of my teaching to progress on to the light of a profound opening of your inner self, under definite conditions, and in a specific ambience to each of you, but everywhere and always trusting and relying upon the Father. It is only then that you will realize that your life acquired meaning and you will no longer be frightened by the idea that you are not necessary for anyone, that nobody understands you, and that you remain lonely.

To prevent this from happening there is a magnificent path awaiting you through the opening and knowledge of your higher self. Without this you are doomed to great suffering and perpetual disappointment since the vicissitudes of your life will not transpire in the way your lower and animal self desires to turn them for its own benefit. Therefore it will experience permanent pain and hardships, since the lower animal selves of other people also will strive for the same purpose as your own self – to adjust and shape one’s life according to one’s own self. Imagine how many life models there must be, so that each one would look at each other only through the vantage point of their own self, while completely neglecting the approach and thinking of others.

Therefore you must begin to reshape your personal life starting with the opening of your own higher, divine self. And it is only when you do this, that you will be able to help others do the same, by presenting such teachings even as I am now presenting them to you. And when you begin to really experience the Father within yourself, when you begin to commune with Him, then you will begin to feel the unquenchable desire to do exactly the same, not only at home within your family and among your friends, but even there where you work, and with whom you associate.

And those of you who work as high school or nursery school teachers, tutors, or politicians, will also begin to feel the unquenchable desire to share your experiences, colored by your own attitude, with the environment; especially with children. And you will do your best, that your activity, full of love, would be pouring out of you and by this, not only reshape your previous activity, but also change the attitude of the environment to this very activity. Your association with little children, with high school and university students will take on absolutely different qualities which have not been seen by anyone before. And this will be instantaneously felt both by the children, by the pupils, and by the students. They will sense, in their higher selves, the love vibrations radiated by you, and they will respond to you in a similar way; without even consciously realizing it.

Know that the vibrations of love are the most piercing so that even the most cruel criminal, without realizing and recognizing it, still desires that he would be loved and that he would feel comfortable; even though he perceives this love and goodness as the very lowest form, the form of physical pleasure. However, his soul also desires the very same thing, even as does your soul – the Father’s love vibrations and bliss, goodness and peace.

Therefore, after having revealed yourself to the Father, having discovered Him within yourself, you will not be afraid any longer of taking this step in your office, even though just a moment ago these very same proposals, to tread in this very direction of love and goodness, scared your low animal self. Therefore, it was shrinking and finding excuses for not taking these practical steps. And now, boldly and resolutely, he does it in the presence of all. And for others, this step provides help or causes fear. For those who are themselves very close to revealing their own higher selves, this step strengthens and confirms their subconscious aspirations to continue to walk along this path of truth. For others, who still live exclusively within the ambience of the vibrations of their own low selves, this step intimidates and scares them and they desire not to take this step, and in the presence of all at that.

However, irrespective of the circumstances, the victory of your higher self over the lower self was determined by the Father. He prepared the path and program of the victory of your higher self over the lower one for you; for each of you. Therefore you must be certain that a soul after having opened up, at least a little bit, is certain to win against its lower and material part, your egoistic self provided that it will lean ever more upon the Father. And in order that this leaning would occur at an earlier age you must boldly and resolutely reshape your entire thinking and the operation of your entire educational system.

However, what educational system would suit you best under the present circumstances, you will decide by yourselves. Here I cannot offer you any definite recipes. Meanwhile, having discovered the Father within yourselves, you also will find these definite ways of how to change your present scholastic educational system, which only stuffs you with information which is exclusively directed to satisfying the interests of your lower selves during the life span of the present body, into the educational system of living cooperation and association, which is dominated by the Father as a spiritual foundation, and a connecting ground among all, and uniting all into a brotherly family. It is only this sort of transformation of the educational system that will give it meaning. And it is only then that children, from very early days, will start to learn brotherly association and service and, at school, they will accumulate knowledge not as material products to be stored in their warehouses in order to get richer materially, but rather to be able to apply this knowledge for the benefit of the whole, taking into consideration the inclination of their souls and their ability to feel the Father’s leading from within. While only those, who will feel a need to continue their studies to acquire a higher qualification for the application of their knowledge accumulated for the benefit of the whole, will go to the universities. And within this type of society the young people will choose their professions being led by the voice of their soul rather than seeking after the outer fashions and popularity.

The service of all, and of each of you, will be valued as the most magnificent contribution to the development of society and to revealing one‘s inner self for the benefit of the whole. Therefore, no longer will there remain popular or prestigious professions. Then there will prevail an approach such as is dominant in the present day loving and large family in which a brother or a sister loves his or her brother or sister, irrespective of one’s rank or one’s non-prestigious profession. And they love each other out of heart. And they talk to each other as equals, and they assess their jobs as their contribution to their family. Each one is happy about the others’ fairness and careful attitude to one’s work, irrespective of the status of the work – whether or not it is prestigious from the human vantage point.